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           by Louis Froehlich 


What is it,

Some people my ask what are carbohydrates, what do they do to help the human body, well the answer is simple, they are a large group of compounds occurring in living tissue and when it is in the tissue all of those carbohydrates come from the food that you eat. Carbohydrates are molecules consisting with carbon atoms and more. You can mainly find carbohydrates in sugar, starch, glucose and even more. They mainly contain a large amount of oxygen, hydrogen and water.

How does it help the body,

Carbohydrates help the body supply energy. Cells on the surface like sugar, glucose and more are made of carbohydrates. These cells are essential to the human body so that it can recognize the different parts of the human body, so that it can work together. 

How can it hurt the human body,

If you have to many carbohydrates it may lead to having bad heart health. When your body digests this quicker than you think they do, and if you have too much of it it may lead to inflammation and can raise your blood level. Some people eat 22 teaspoons of sugar every day and that should be lowered to around 6 teaspoons, many things like energy drinks, soda, and coffee you should get rid of because that has a lot of sugar in it which makes it have a lot of carbohydrates in it.

How much should someone have this,

The amount of carbohydrates in a day is 45 to 65% of the total amount of calories. Let's say if you have 2000 calories almost half of that is from carbohydrates, so that all equal to around 290 grams of carbohydrates you have each day. A good way to control this is to look at the food labels. 


Did you know there are 13 grams in one slice of bread


What is it,

Proteins are complex substances that have many amino acids in them so it reduces peptide bonds which is the  two linking bonds in the peptide chain. Protein is in food and it gives you good calories so you can have energy. Protein is in many foods like eggs, milk, meat that you need to live a healthy life. 


How does it help the body,

Protein helps repair the tissues protein also helps make a build up enzymes and other chemicals your body needs. You need protein to help strengthen bones and muscles in your body to live a long and healthy life. It helps your hair and nails become more healthy. Skin and blood is another thing protein helps. Protein has many vitamins and minerals that it helps with your body to be healthier. 

How can it hurt the human body, 

Some people may say that if you have too much protein it could possibly blow out your kidneys, people highly suggest that if we replace high fat foods with more heart healthy foods like fish, beans, nuts and more you could be able to help prevent heart disease.

How much should you have protein,

The recommended amount of protein you should have is around 0.5 to 0.10 grams, most american woman eat around 70 grams of protein per day. When you eat 1.5 grams of protein after 4 days you are able to rebuild muscles. Per every day snack there is at least 100 grams daily.


Protein comes from the Greek word protenos


What is it,

Water can be found almost anywhere, water can be in lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas. When water is cleaned humans can drink it and it will help with dehydration. Water is a colorless, tasteless, liquid. Water can be used for drinking, plants, and like i said oceans and rivers so that animals in the sea have somewhere to live. But we are talking about human water. We drink water when we are thirsty and when we feel dehydrated.

How does it help the body,

Water helps the body when we drink it, basically gives us fuel and when we are sweaty we drink it to cool off. Water helps maintain most of the your body fluids. One of the most important parts of water is digestion, another good part of water is that it controls body temperature so it lowers the chances of getting dehydration. 

How can it hurt the body,

Some of the bad things that can happen when you drink water you might choke and that would not feel that good. If you don't drink enough water it could be very dangerous. If you over hydrate it could also be dangerous because if you do it could lead to water intoxication. The main cause of over hydration is called hyponatremia is when sodium levels become very low.

How much should you have water,Per day you should at least have 3 to 10 bottles of water per day just to stay hydrated so then you wont get dehydrated and you won't have too much to overhydrate it basically all depends on how much you have an what the situation is. People mainly recommended that you have around 105 ounces of water per day, thats so it is still safe an you might not get dehydrated or overhydrated.

Facts,Only 3% of water on the planet in freshwater


What is it,

Vitamins are a group of many organic compounds that you basically need to be able to live and to have regular growth and nutrition and it is also important to know that you should take in small amounts and if you take them in big amounts you could end up sick.

How does it help the body,

Vitamins help the body by helping wounds heal, and they also help out your immune system, vitamins also convert your food that you eat into energy, and they also repair cell damage in mostly the brain and also in skin and bones.

How can it hurt the body,

Vitamins can hurt the body if you take too many of them, if you have too much vitamin C or even znc it could cause really bad nausea, diarrhea, and also very bad stomach cramps. Sometimes if you have too much if could also lead to hair loss, and also mild nerve damage.

How much should you have vitamins,

You should have as many vitamins as what your prescription says to be able to keep you healthy you should take your vitamins at least once or twice a day. 


Vitamins are in everyday food like oranges


What is it,

A mineral is a solid substance of natural occurrence. A mineral is a chemical compound, minerals can be found in foods jst like in lemons which have acids in them, also salt, sugar, and also oxide.

How does it help the body,

They help your body grow, stay healthy and develop information, the body needs and uses minerals to form many other different functions, it also helps with building up your bones to be able to grow and stay healthy. Some minerals are used to be able to make hormones and they are also able to help maintain a normal heartbeat.

How can it hurt the body,

There is not much that minerals can damage, although it could lead to improper brain function, and also low bone density.

How much should you have minerals,
Minerals are about in everything you eat and they are mostly in fruits like oranges, and many more. So if you eat a lot on a regular basis then and there is half that you eat fruits then you will have all of the grams of minerals that you have just eaten. 


Minerals can be found in fish


Carrots $1.76 

Trail mix $4.98

Eggs $2.96

String cheese $4.88

Yogurt $1.34

Oatmeal $3.98

Pumpkin seeds $13.99

Banana $ 0.52

Celery $1.75

Avocado $1.27


Fruit roll ups $4.96

Ice cream $5.49

Gushers $4.96

Doritos $3.99

Skittles $1.00

Ruffles $2.98

pop tarts $3.68

Rice crispy treats $3.68

Twinkies $1.65

Kit-Kat $1.79

trail mix

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Image result for carrots label

trail mix is good for you because it has good protein, it has a good mix because it has things like nuts and etc, and all of those ingredients have good protein for your body and brain.

it is healthy because it has good nutrients and helps your eye sight, it helps your brain function. 

string cheese

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Image result for eggs label

string cheese has good protein in it just like any other ordinary cheese, when you eat string cheese it has protein and once you eat that protein in the cheese your body turns it into energy.

eggs have a lot of protein is good for a long day and good to eat for breakfast, they are good for your body because of all the protein and has good nutrients.


Image result for oatmeal label


Image result for yogurt label

oatmeal is a great breakfast choice because it has a good gel in it that helps lower your cholesterol in your body so you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

yogurt does have a lot of sugar in it but it is also a dairy product, witch means it has protein and it would be great breakfast choice and it will kick off your day with energy.

pumpkin seeds

Image result for pumpkin seeds label


Image result for banana label

pumpkin seeds have protein and also zinc in them so that it is good for the body because you need protein to help you get on with your day and have a good amount of energy

bananas are great to have for breakfast, a daily snack and also for a bed time snack because they have just the right amount of protein and nutrients to help you live a healthy life.


Image result for avocado label


Image result for celery label

it doesn't have that much protein in it but it has carbohydrates at 3g and only has 16 calories witch is good because you still have a good snack to help your body posses information. 

an avocado has great a great amount of protein, fibers, carbohydrates, and also sodium it is just a great side meal to what ever you are eating at the dinner table and will help maintain information and you will be on your way to a happy life.

fruit roll ups

Image result for fruit roll ups label

ice cream

Image result for ice cream label

ice cream has way too much sugar in it but the calories are alright for that kid of serving but it still does not do your body any favors for you to be healthy.

for fruit roll ups it is just way too much of an unhealthy snack it does not play any part in being healthy and helping you body.


 Image result for doritos label


Image result for gushers label

even though you think that Doritos are fine they are just bad for bad for your body and does not help your brain function and they are just bad for body in general.

gushers are just a terrible choice for a snack they have way too many sugars in them and the coloring of them is just way too unhealthy 


Image result for skittles label


Image result for original ruffles label

ruffles are really good and all but over all they are really oily and very very fatty kind of food. they do not really help your body that much and do not help your brain function ether.

the calories and the 30g of sugar in one small pouch, that is super crazy and unhealthy. they do not help your body at all and just so unhealthy for your body.

rice krispy treats

Image result for rice krispy treat label

pop tarts

Image result for pop tarts label

even though pop tarts are really good they have so much sugar in them it is not even good, even though pop tarts do have a little bit protein in them it doe not make a difference. it does not help your body at all.

rice krispy treats have so much sugar with all the marshmallows and the rice and you may be thinking that they still have protein because there is rice in them. it does not help you posses anything. so it is a big thumbs down.


Image result for kit kat label


 Image result for twinkies label

twinkies have so much sugar that there is 18g in one small cake that means that 2 have around 35g of sugar and and they have more than 200 calories in them, not a good choice at all.

even though kit kats are better than skittles sugar wise, they are still bad for you and not healthy, they do not do any favors for your body.

the end