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Curriculum Packages A Note from Sarah Bennett, Developer: “These HCOS Curriculum Packages are designed to give you everything you need to cover your grade level while enjoying the benefits of homeschooling together. I’ve chosen a variety of materials to allow you to experience some of the best resources available for homeschoolers. You’ll love some of them, and you’ll hate others – and that’s Ok. I hope your first year of using the packages will help you to learn what works for your student and what you’ll need to approach differently the next year. Most of the resources I’ve chosen are very explicit. They include instruction and assignments. Some of the resources do not. There are a few ways to approach a resource that does not include specific assignments. You can discuss the book with your child (and be sure to mention the discussion in your weekly email so that your teacher knows the topic was covered), you can choose to do a project or some additional research, or you can take a look at the Learning Outcomes page (under Family Resources on the HCOS website) for assignment ideas. Your teacher will also be able to give you ideas.

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