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My dad's past battles

Boggs, Taylor. personal interview.13 Dec 2016.

Boggs, Heather. personal interview. 8 Dec 2016.

Boggs, Lee, personal interview. 14 Dec 2016.



Mom had to bring a stroller , snack and diapers to every test and treatment. When they were home Copper, their dog knew somethong was wrong. Copper was alwas following dad and cuddling him(Boggs,T).

 Their child was to young to understnd what was happening. Dad made it through sane only becouse of mom(Boggs,T). Thourgh most of the time dad had a lot of bad thoughts. Like "will I make it?""will I keep providing for my famliy?"(Boggs,T). It changed him on all levels. He was in the quality of life program to try to find new treatments for cancer. My dad's tretment was high doses of radation(Boggs,T). He had about 20 x-rays worth of ration every day 5 days a week, for 3 mounths(Boggs,H). He says the radation felt like millions of ants crawling through him. The doctors had to make lead plates to protect his heart and lungs(Boggs,T).

My mom often wondered if this is the one that takes him(Boggs,H). She also wondered why this happens to him. But she had to be stonge for her kid 


This is a story about my dad's past battles, it is mostly on his first battle. My mom, dad, and grandpa were all scared for the cancer happened when my dad was only 19. My mom and dad were newly married and they later had a child. It was hard on every one. My mom and dad were on there own at this time and my grandpa could not get to them. My grandpa was living kind far away at the time and he could not afford the trip to dad. This led to many fights with his wife wether to go or not(Boggs,L). This made life hard for grandpa. At mom and dad's house mom had to do everthing becuse dad was to sick.