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Dancing Dolphins!

By Mae Hawkins

A Book of Cetacean Compositions

Dancing Dolphins!

A Story Of Cetacean Compositions

Written By Mae Hawkins

For my silly family who always supports me.

You take a trip to the aquarium. You go to the open ocean exhibit. You see a big ocean mammal gliding through the waters like a speedboat. It comes up and waves its fins. You start wondering “What is this beautiful balletic mammal?” Well, its a dophin. Dolphins are known to be very friendly mammals. They bring joy to humans whenever they are around them. You can see them in almost every ocean jumping high into the atmosphere like a rocket.

Even though there are almost 40 species of dolphins, they all have one thing in common. From birth with their mothers to death with their mates, dophins live an interesting life. Dolphins also have numerous abilities. They can jump 15 feet in the air and even rotate their heads 180 degrees. Read on and see what it would be like to live like a dolphin. Glide, jump and soar with the dolphins.


A Dolphin's First Sonnet

Yay! Yay!

I’m almost out!

I can’t wait to swim free,

That’s what I’m all about.


I’ve been in the womb

Oh, such a long time,

Almost 12 months,

It feels like a crime.


My tail has gone out,

Then come my ffins,

Surrounded by my pod,

They all have full grins


I finally came out ,

Now I”ll be guided to the surface,

To inhale my ffirst breath,

The females in the pod

Tend to do it on purpose.

I can already swim

Rather smoothly,

I stay close to my mother,

Genuinely beautifully


A Calf's First Hunt


I am now a calf,

I am now a calf,

And I shall eat

From my mother’s teat.


For now I get meals

Directly from my mommy,

It’s truly delicious,

SO much better than salami


I attempt to keep up,

With my enormous speedy pod,

As they ffiercely hunt down

Small cephalopods


Ballet of the Dolphins

With my large lovely pod

I continue to dive,

Hunting down cod,

We all feel so alive


We leap so high,

Like planes in the air,

Almost 15 feet up

I’m not even aware!


Back into the water

Splash! We land

Just like ballerinas

Doing a jete that’s grande

The Escape Plan

Swim away quick!

Scatter, Scuttle!

We’re about to be eaten,

It’s the opposite of subtle

Predator Riddles

An enormous white beast

About to have a feast

Of blubber covered dolphin,

Go away, take caution!

If we don’t we’ll end up

In a place so dark,

Inside of a huge  _____________.

Great White Shark!

Although he’s a dolphin,

He will still attempt to eat us,

Like a rotund newspaper

Making such a fuss!

A gigantic monster,

We are quickly getting pale 

As we are about to see the stomach of a __________.


We’ve tried hard,

So hard to skedaddle,

It has all of a sudden

Become a battle.


The Next Phase

Mother and I have been together

A full eight years,

It’s now time for me to leave her,

I think I might weep ocean tears.


Now away I go

Looking for a mate,

It won’t come easily,

But I’ll have to rely on fate.


I’ve been searching,

Thoroughly searching

For almost a year,

I can't ffind a mate!

I’m beginning to have fear!

Don't Be Blue, Be Mine!

I see, I see,

I see a mate!

I’ve been searching forever,

This is so great!


Please, Please,

Please be mine,

Please don’t whine,

Just PLEASE be mine!


I love you,

I love you,

I must admit

There’s no other like you,

Who has such wit


I like everything about you

Your blowhole, your blubber,

The way you leap with the breeze

I even adore 

The way your head turns 180 degrees!

Along the big ocean

I glide with my mate,

The water feels pleasant,

70 degrees fahrenheit.


Shellfish, Squid, Plankton, Tasty!

I can’t wait to hunt them,

I'm so hasty!


We find some friends,

All cetaceans,

To create a new pod,

For us, it’s an occasion.


Back to our homes,

Away we swiftly glide,

Around the ocean we roam,

All filled with great pride


The Final Adventure of the Day

About to sleep,

The sun finally sets

I shall start counting my sheep,

With no regrets.


I love my life,

Oh, yes I do,

I have no strife,

With it I’m never blue.


Sleep sweet dolphin,

Settle down your emotions,

I will always adore my home,

Forever in the Ocean

Appendix 1


Dolphin Species

The Hourglass Dolphin is very unique because it is very hard to find and it has only been spotted a couple of times. It lives in a lot of cold polar regions. It eats squid, fish, and small crabs. They can grow to be about 245 pounds and almost 6 feet long.

There are almost 40 species of Dolphins. 38 of the species live in freshwater or saltwater, and 5 of the species are River Dolphins, which means they live in rivers. Here is some information on some of the species.

The Bottlenose Dolphin is one of  the most commonly found dolphin. It is found in most of the world except in the parts of the world that are freezing. They eat small crabs (referred to as crustaceans), small squid, and fish. They weigh about 330-1,350 pounds and can grow up to about 10 feet. They are very friendly and active mammals.

Chinese White Dolphins are another species. They are very pretty and they have a very unique skin pattern. They can weigh  up to 500 pounds and can grow up to 3 meters. They live in saltwater and freshwater. Their diet is mostly fish because they are very picky eaters.

Even though they are known as the Killer Whale, they are actually a dolphin species. They are one of the biggest dolphin species. They can weigh up to almost 12,00 pounds and they can even grow to be 21 feet long! They mainly eat fish, squid, octopie,  penguins, and almost every dolphin species except the River Dolphin.

Appendix 2

The red dots represent where the Amazon River Dolphin can be found.


The green dot represents Southeast Asia, where Irawaddy Dolphins are mainly found.


The black dot represents where the Baiji dolphin is found, which is the Yangtze River in China. 


The yellow dot represents where the La Plata Dolphin lives, which is near South America.


The blue dot represents where the Heaviside's dolphin lives, which is in South Africa towards the west coast.







Where Dolphins Live

The blue part on the map represents where dolphins live in the world