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This is a presentation about the setting or the main location where the story takes place. The character Brian is stranded in the wilderness and my presentation will show you each important place he connects to.

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The Forests Trees

This picture represents Brian's environment and where most of his survival takes place. The forest is where the entire story takes place. It is the areas within the forest that connect with Brian. Without the forest he would be in open field. When he first crashed landed in the wilderness he noticed one thing when he got there. The trees snatched his attention when he was officially stuck and stranded in the wilderness.

The Berry Bush

This bush was one of the food sources Brian had for survival. He did not have the best experience with these berries but he was still learning. In the book it mentions how Brian tried a bunch of berries and having a stomach ache right after. This was not the best food source he had but it would hold him off when he had an empty stomach. This had a big impact on Brian because this was a food source and was one of the ideas he came up with when he was struggling to survive the forest.

The Tree Beside the Lake

This was a very important place in the woods,especially for Brian, because this is where Brian took his first breather. He was struggling on what to do and he took the time to sit down beside a tree across from the lake. He had that moment to think and thought to himself about surviving. He was strategizing his survival in that forest. But the only he would be able to do that is to calm down and think in a soft manner.

The Lake

The lake was one of the most important locations of the story. It was one of Brian's key to survival. The story showed how he connected with it so well. It was like the lake was apart of him."BRIAN STOOD at the end of the long part of the L of the lake and watched the water, smelled the water, listened to the water, was the water"( Paulsen 115). Brain is starting to get more wise and aware of his surroundings. He is starting to become one with his environment. He is now learning new ways to live and finding positive attitudes to survive.

Animals of the Forests

The animals of the forest were very important in Brian's new environment. Brian develops his survival skills and becomes a fine woodsman. But these animals do become very difficult. The deer is representing the animals that roam the woods around brian. These animals include mosquitos, porcupines, bears, skunks, moose, and wolves. He has a tough time adjusting to his new neighbors in many ways. For example, he had some difficulties with a skunk. " He was going to say more, some silly human words, but in less than half a second the skunk had snapped its rear end up, curved the tail over, and sprayed Brian with a direct shot aimed at his head from less than four feet away"(Paulsen 126). He was learning how to cope with these new neighbors. After some thinking he finally found a way to deal. Next thing you now he was becoming one with these animals. " But the fear moved then, moved away, and Brian knew the wolf for what it was- another part of the woods, another part of all of it. Brian relaxed the tension on the spear in his hand, settled the bow in his other hand from where it had started to come up. He knew the wolf now, as the wolf knew him, and he nodded to it, nodded and smile"(Paulsen 117).