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This booklet is about the development of the life and times of the people that take refuge in Slam Zone.

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The Book of Slam

In the beginning, there was one tribe and one shiny rock. Four men claimed the rock, and ended up in a 72 hour standoff, known now as the Schism, to determine the actual owner. One by one, the men left, and walked hundreds of miles in their rage to get away from each other and the rock. The shiny rock was known down the years as the devil rock, and became the beginning of the primate city Hell.

Year after the Schism, after the fathers had died, the families of these men decided to go back to the original settlement, but it was too late. By then, they had been lost for years in new territory, and the way back had long been forgotten. One group were trapped in an arctic wasteland, another in a sea of tall pine trees, and a third lost in the sandy desert. As these groups realized what had happened, they resigned to their fate and settled in what would come to be the cultural hearths of their respective regions.


“It’s not about the friends you have; it’s about the enemies you don’t.”

- an ancient Slam Zone proverb



The people in the arctic wasteland lived off of fish and ice for many years while the population grew. Eventually, they became bitter and cruel from the cold, and their loose government reflected that. As a real government formed, the people of Blykland realized they would have to change their outlook on life and everything else. Warming up to contact with the outside world with its non fish and ice related products, the native Blyklanders became avid traders. As the Blyklanders extended their trade routes throughout Slam Zone, they also spread their nihilistic religion whose teachings were adopted by other cultures in Slam Zone. With its status as a centre of trade, Blykland later became a major manufacturing power on Slam Zone as many railroads fed into it. Fueled by trade and export, Blykland’s economy quickly advanced and became service based.


Green Trees and Grass

The Green Trees and Grassians don’t have any religion and a uniform culture making it a nation-state. The government is relatively small, however the consumerist market is large and the government encourages it strongly. It is enclosed with a wall so other people can’t come in helping to keep it a nation-state. Green Trees and Grass manufactures several products such as furniture and mostly sells to Blykland but conducts trade with all the other countries within Slam Zone. Slam Zone was once heavily forested, however due to deforestation mainly because of the woodchip and furniture industries were booming. Now there are several roads connecting cities of Slam Zone and trains are the main way of transport for materials.


Omnipotens State

The nation-state known as Omnipotens State is a Democratic Republic, with people that are primarily Octanshunush. These people have a heavy importance placed on nature, so they work with the strong government to protect holy places like meadows and fields. Although most of the economy of Omnipotens State is based around mining, the people of the nation also continue to strengthen their strong trading infrastructure. There are several railroads and ports found in Omnipotens State to not only share their resources to other settlements and continents, but to also ship off all of the people that do not comply with the religious practices of the settlement as a whole. This not only works to maintain the settlement’s nation-state status, but it also works to keep peace and minimize religious conflict within the region.



The NotYugoslavians have lived on the original settlement by the Mouth River since the beginning of Slam Zonian life. They won the original argument over the shiny rocks (now shown to be pyrite, or Fool’s Gold) and began their own city there, a capital of the region called Hell. NotYugoslavians have a religion that branched out from Blykland’s nihilistic one, where they decided that the gods were dead and realized that they had to turn to earthly powers (namely the 1996 movie Space Jam) to protect them. Most of the citizenry follow that religion, but some follow the major religions of the surrounding countries. Trade is open to the nearest countries as well as some overseas (due to ample access to oceans), and NotYugoslavia mainly trades with Blykland and the Omnipotens State. Green Trees and Grass is closed to trade. The government regulates things liberally, with private enterprise illegal. Technology industries are booming, and NotYugoslavia collaborates with the nearby allies to advance the technological attributes of the entire region.

The nations on Slam Zone aren’t very similar geographically, but a centripetal movement has begun in an effort to unify the region as well as promote alliances and friendly politics. Supra-national trade agreements have been formed, and a union between the four countries has been formed, named the InterNational Basketball Association (INBA). The INBA focuses on unifying forces to focus the nations, mainly the sport basketball, an image of Michael Jordan’s face, a jersey with the number 42, and the idea that dinosaurs are not in fact extinct, but are living under the earth and eating worms to survive.

Slam News Today

Slam Zone Boundaries

The above maps represent the cultural and political divisions of Slam Zone. 

Like the Space Jam theme, if they said Zone instead of Jam.

Slam Zone Anthem

Holt: Welcome back from commercial, I’m Holt Sawtooth and this is Qasim Bricklayer, and you’re watching Slam News Today.


Qasim: thanks, Holt. Today, it’s a warm 117 degrees and extremely humid in the majority of Omnipotens State, but a contrasting -43 in Blykland. Green Trees and Grass remains in its dry spell due to the rainshadow effect over the hippo range in the south. Lightning storms have been all of NotYugoslavia recently, pouring rain and hitting buildings.


Holt: Speaking of lightning, we have some shocking news in from Blykland right now. 23 people have been reported dead in a combination suicide bombing drive-by, as the country has recently legalized terrorism as a means of protest.


Qasim: Good thing our news station is on an isolated island 70 miles off of NotYugoslavia.


Holt: Nothing is happening currently in NotYugoslavia.


Qasim: desertification of the two remaining forests in Omnipotens State has caused environmental uproar within the Congress. The tree-dwellers in these forests were recently killed by the migrating desert snakes. The remaining people attempted to emigrate to Green Trees and Grass, and were immediately shot down at the border. Politicians of the area have yet to comment.


Holt: In Green Trees and Grass, environmentalists are up in arms about the leveling of the massive pine forest. The growing lumber and furniture industries contribute to the losses of these trees. Protests are organized outside of the government buildings, and citizens get more uneasy with the growing threat of retaliation from their leaders.


Qasim: And still nothing dramatic happening in NotYugoslavia.


Holt: This is Holt Sawtooth


Qasim: and I’m Qasim Bricklayer

Holt: And this has been Slam News Today.

Slam Zone Script