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The Oil Club International

Founded in 2010. The Oil Club has evolved from a fraternity of pro-minent oil men and senior traders into one of the finest independent clubs in Asia.

Crude Oil transactions are exclusively controlled by The Oil Club International and do not fall under Business Class Licensing Terms.

HANSE Corp Lobbying

HANSE has a right and responsibility to advocate on proposed policies that will affect the group's ability to meet the growing demand for energy. We lobby ethically, constructively and in a bipartisan manner trhough direct communication with public officials.

We also encourage our employees, retirees and others to communicate with officials when permittted by law. We comply with all registration and reporting regulations related to lobbying activities.The recommendations include promoting energy and oil efficiency

Joint Venture operation owned and headed by The Oil Club International and OTC Oil Trade Consortium Singapore

HANSE & OTC Banking Asia

We provide a variety of services to bring investors together focused on energy and oil projects, and/or organizations in need of capital.

HANSE OIL Refining Asia

HANSE OIL Refining is a joint operation of the OTC Oil Trade Consortium, HANSE OIL and 'The Oil Club International'. The refinery produces specialty products, which gives it a higher refining margin than units of similar size. 

In November 2011, OTC and HANSE startet commercial production at the new Base Oil Unit in Malaysia. The small joint venture plant produces premium quality VHVI (Very High Viscosity Index) Group III  Base Oils for use in blending top-tier lubricants 

The Foundation was founded on the belief that children are the world's greatest natural resource. In that fundamental principle is the indisputable right of each child to be nourished, loved and sheltered, ideally by his own family.

The HANSE Foundation Asia

Head Office: 018983 Singapore, Marina Bay, Financial Tower 2

HANSE Global Invest

Global Investors is the platform for our group's total businesses worldwide to proactively network and engage in oil, gas and petroleum transactions.

Together with our investors spread across 55 coun-tries, HANSE Global Investors is constantly expan-ding its reach and enhancing opportunities for engage-ment and for the benefit of our investors.