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Mothers Against Drunk Driving

M. A. D. D.

MADD was founded September 5, 1980 in california. MADD is an organization that slims down the numbers of drunk driving. MADD also collect donations to help save lives everyday.  It also prevents underage drinking and also support those who were affected by drunk driving. 


In 2015 itself, 10,265 people died in DUI crashes and 209 (16%) of deaths in the US involved a driver under the influence

Annual survey on drunk driving:

Of the 5,050 individuals surveyed by the online poll, 5.5% said they had driven impaired often or very often in 2016, compared to 4% in 2015. In addition, 11.7% of respondents said they had driven when they thought they were legally impaired at least once in the past year, compared to just 8% the previous year.


every 2 minutes someone is ijured by a drunk driver

every 51 minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver

2 out of 3 people will be affected by a drunk driver in their life