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Street Address
Address 2
City, ST ZIP Code
Phone: 325.555.0125
Fax: 325.555.0145
E-mail address
Phone: 325.555.0125
This is a good place to briefly, but
effectively, summarize your
products or services. Sales copy is
typically not included here.
Back Panel Heading
Company Name
Your business tag line
Company Name
Overview Headline
When readers open the brochure,
this is the first text they will see,
making this a good place to briefly
but effectively summarize the
products or services that you offer.
Make this text compelling and
interesting so that readers will
want to read the rest of the
brochure. Be sure to keep the
scope of this introduction narrow
enough so that you can adequately
cover the concepts you raise here
in the limited space of the rest of
the brochure.
Main Inside Heading
Structuring Your
You have a number of alternatives
for organizing the content of your
brochure. You might choose to
devote each column to a separate
point or theme, such as quality
and value. Remember, these
points should tie in with your
introductory text on the first page
of the brochure.
An Alternate Approach
On the other hand, you might
want to organize your information
as a continual stream of
information broken up into smaller,
“easy to chew” chunks. These
smaller chunks can be separated
by a descriptive subheading, like
the one that begins this paragraph.
If this is the approach you prefer,
you can make use of linked text
boxes, which allow text to flow
from one column to the next.
A text box offers a flexible way of
displaying text and graphics; it’s
basically a container that you can
resize and reposition. By linking a
text box on one page with a text
box on another, your article
automatically flows from one page
to another.
Caption describing picture or
Caption describing picture or graphic.
This area can be used to give
the reader clear instructions for
the next steps that you hope they
will take. It may be a number you
want them to call, a Web site you
want them to visit, or information
you want them to fill out.
Whatever the case, this
information should be clear, brief
and engaging enough to
motivate the reader to make that
small decision to move forward.