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As we don't own a physical shop yet, this Online Store is to display what we have available for immediate purchase, without pre ordering. If one hamper interest you, feel free to call (+248) 2557759 to collect it or have it delivered anywhere. I hope our online store serves you in a more comfortable way. Happy Shopping!

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Welcome to our Online Store

Pamper With A Hamper 

Teddy In Tub (Pink) 


Includes Mini Tub, Teddy, Hand Towel, Rubber Ducky and Cussons Baby items

 Potty Hamper(Pink)


Includes Potty, Lil Peeper the Turtle, Rubber Ducky, Pommette Baby items

Blue Bunny Hamper


Includes Mini Tub, Bunny, Bottle, Rubber Ducky, Pommette Baby Items

McQueen Gift Bucket


Includes McQueen Bucket, Towel, Lunch box & Bottle, Candy Box, Rain Coat

Mickey Mouse Gift Bucket


Includes Mickey Mouse Bucket, Mickey Mouse, Towel Lunch Box & Bottle



Chocolate Tray


Includes assorted chocolates and candies


Featuring Woody



Includes Woody from Toy Story, Fit-In-Shape game, Pommette Baby Items, Bottle, 2 Baby Books, Flanellete




Tricycle Treat 


Includes Tricycle, 2 Twix Bars, Skittles, Bath Sponge, Bubble Bath

Mini Men Hamper


Includes Teddy, Bath Sponge, Shower Gel, Mixed Nuts