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The Untold Story of Hafnium Man


This is a story of when a hero was born. The story of Hafnium Man!!

There once was a young boy named Harry, and he was 17 years old. He lived deep inside of Queens New York. Queens was full of horrible things, and bad people, but this story does not begin on the good side of things, this story will begin on the bad side. Harry was one of the bad things going on in Queens, because he was a part of a gang called 6-gang, and was really up to know good at all. He would go around making big drug deals in town and was really known for it. Everything couldn’t be better for him, he was living the life. Until one day everything didn’t really go as planned.

One day a big deal was happening with another top gang in the area, and Harry was there with his best friend Jason who was also the same age as him. When the deal was in the middle of taking place, the gang they tried making deals with tried to pull a fast one on them and ended up pulling a fast one on them and pulled out a gun. A shoot out had gone down and the police showed up from out of nowhere and Harry, and Jason started to run toward a place where a science project was taking place, and as they were running inside Harry slipped and fell down a long ways down, that Jason couldn’t get to him. The bad thing about this all was that the experiment was not going well and was about to explode. So he told Jason to go on without him because there where both be caught in the blast. Jason had no other choice, so he decided to escape in time, and then the whole place exploded. The next few weeks had past and Harry woke up and was told he was in a coma for 3 weeks. But something was very different about him. He noticed that he wasn’t in a regular hospital. That he was in a mutant hospital by the government.

He later understood relived that half of his body was covered in weird material called hafnium. That main reason why he was there was because they know how dangerous hafnium, and if he couldn’t control it could mean the death of them all. So there were going to try and help him figure out his power. What his power is, is to be able to control nuclear rods. But he never wanted this power, he was just trying to live the normal life that he had in the first place, but one day he was told that his old friend Jason had got powers himself. How he got the powers are unknown to everyone, but they think that Harry would be the only person to stop him sense they would old friends. So 1 months had past buy, and Harry was fully able to control his power, but his friend has still been causing chaos around the whole city. So now finally he was ready to face him.


So harry headed to the city ready to face his long lost friend, and he wasn’t sure how he was gonna stop him. When Harry finally saw him he tried talking him into stopping, but he would deny it every time. So they started to fight up, down, and all over town. But harry was having a very hard time with Jason, that he was almost at his limit. Then Harry figure out what his power was being to control electrons, and electricity. So he found a way to lead him towards a water factory, and trapped him inside. Then with a final blow splashed bush of water on him, and it was able to knock him out long enough for the police to arrest him. But when the police came Harry was nowhere in sight. The world now knows about him, and begins to wonder if this was just a one-time thing. People still want to know who is this mysterious hero and where did he come from.