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Map of Guyana


Flag for Guyana

local restaurant in Guyana

  1. The Capital City of Guyana: Georgetown
  2. The Population of Guyana: 773,303
  3. The Overall Size of Guyana : 83,000 mi
  4. The Absolute Location of Guyana: 5 N, 59 W
  5. The Flag of Guyana:

Information about Guyana


  1. What Kind of Government Does Guyana Have: Guyana has a Democracy   
  2. Who Is The President of Guyana: David A. Granger 

The President of Guyana

  1. Pakaraima Mountain
  2. Termite Mound
  3. Amaila Falls


Amalia Falls is 196 feet tall 

A termite that builds a mound is nicknamed a "mound builder".

 Pakaraima Mountain is 9,220 ft above sea level

  1. The average Temperature in Guyana is 81°F to 82°F.  
  2. The weather is warm and tropical throughout the year, but the rainfall is high for most of the year, about 88 inches of rain fall each year.
  3. Guyana has two rainy seasons in May-July and November-January.
  4. The Warmest part of Guyana is Lethem town. 
  5. The coldest part of Guyana is Kamarang Village. 

Climate in Guyana

Kamarang is the coldest part of Guyana at 75 F Kamarang Village is located in the south western part of Guyana. Lethem is the warmest part in Guyana at 82 F and is located in the southern part of Guyana.   

Man Made Features  

The statue was unveiled on May 23, 1976.

  1. St. George's Cathedral
  2. Cuffy Statue
  3. Georgetown Lighthouse

In 1942 damage was caused by bombing.

This lighthouse was built in 1801.

  1. Rice 
  2. Sugar
  3. Peanuts  

In Guyana the make a lot of peanut products.  


Rice is a big crop to grow in Guyana. 

More than eight sugar factories are in Guyana. 

  1.  sugar
  2. bauxite 
  3. rice

Bauxite is the world’s main source of aluminum.

Natural Resources in Guyana

More than eight sugar factories are in Guyana.

Rice is main crop to grow in Guyana.

More than eight sugar factories are in Guyana  

More than eight sugar factories are in Guyana  


  1. Jam
  2. Aluminum windows
  3. Rum

Bauxite is used to make aluminum, which is then made into aluminum windows.

  1.  sugar
  2. bauxite 
  3. rice

Some jams in Guyana are made with bananas and honey. 

Sugarcane is a natural resource found in Guyana and is a main ingredient in rum.

  1. Most people practice Christianity.
  2. People from Guyana celebrate Christmas.
  3. Easter is a holiday celebrated in Guyana.


More than 63% are Christian 

Christmas and Easter are the most celebrated holidays in Guyana