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Zak Gutzwiler & Bobby Johnson • A1 Health • 4/10/17

The Right Choices (Avoid A Hookup Hangover)

Drugs and alcohol can be a disaster on there own you can end up doing things you wouldn’t do and even end up hurting people. When you throw alcohol into the mix with sexual activity it can affect the rest of you life with STI’s, sexual charges against you, and even an unwanted pregnancy with someone you met that night.


January 2010 • Volume 36, No. 5

●Myth: Alcohol & Drug use will make you look cooler to potential romantic partners.


Fact: Probably not. Recent studies at Loyola Marymount University found that girls may drink to earn a guys' respect - but the guys aren't impressed.

Myth: Using Drugs or Drinking Alcohol makes hooking up OK because you are "So Wasted"


Fact: When everyone is under the influence you might think you have a free pass but it only makes things worse. 'Blacking Out' means you've been posioned temporary and the neurons make false memories.


●Myth: Drinking & Drugs make you more comfortable with your body.


Fact: Not for long, because they can lead to all sorts of unappealing body functions.


Myth: Drinking and drugs make people want to get Physical.


Fact: All drinking and drugs do is silence the concious that warns you not to. It also make it harder for men to get and maintain an erection. Along with some drugs have a internalizing effect making you want to stay home and sleep.

●Myth: A High or Drunk partner is easier to persuade into having sex.


Fact: It may be true but there are serious downsides. It leads to serious questions such as was your partner actually attracted to you or was it a result of the substance.


In the end of it all drinking is not worth it, every sip you take is killing you and deteriorating your body. You can end up doing things while under the influence, you will have to face the consequences for the rest of your life and you might not remember what you did the next day so why not just find something that actually is good for you and won't leave you regretting it the next day?