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Everybody pack your bags, 'cause the Gupta Festival of 2017 is coming up! I'm guessing most you all need the name of the festival so you can put it in your GPS, ( yeah I know you use one too. ) it's called the Gupta Wonderland.. Jeez, they're really running out of ideas... Anyway, I hear it should be one of the best experience in human history! Hehe, see what I did there. History and the guptas, yeah y'know! This is a experience for everyone. - Golden Age Newpaper


Food: Corn, Beef, Funnel cakes and.. Pie.



The festival will be including rides that are generally based off of achievemnts that the Gupta Empire did. Such as, " The Arabic System of Terror ", and the " Eclipse of Doom ". Wow those are, odd names. But let's take alook at these ratings of the festival, holy-moly! The reviews are almost completly positive! Except for a random person saying follow me on social media.

Gupta Wonderfield Brochure!