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The BN Guide to Naturism

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0202For a quick overviewof all we do, million Naturists in the UKIt’s growing fast - that’s 14% of the adult population according to an Ipsos poll commissioned by British Naturism in 2022Sign up for our newsletters

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CONTENTS03040607081415161718202122232526What is Naturism?About British NaturismBritish Naturism: SunfolkLive EventsOnline EventsLocal Events60th AnniversaryWhere to go in the UKFAQsThe Great British Skinny DipNaked Heart WalksHealth, Well-being & sportFamiliesWomen in NaturismYoung British NaturismVolunteering with BNCampaigningBecome a MemberNaturist HolidaysBN ShopContact UsImage Credits: Nirish Shakya, Paul Gregory, Jon Williams, Colin Brundle, Mark Bass, Zuiver Spa, John Lower, Western Sunfolk, Gary Major, Tim Linter and ARB272830313236

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04 aturism is the practice of going without clothes. It’s good for you – our bodies were not designed to be wrapped up in clothes all the time and subjected to articial heat, light and air conditioning. Millions of normal people have discovered how good it feels to have the sun and breeze on their skin and feel better, more relaxed, less self-conscious and de-stressed as a result. Poor body image is improved when you realise that no-one has a “perfect” body.It’s very sociable. Naturists are happy, friendly people who treat everyone with respect and as equals. It takes no time to forget you are naked and that others are too. It’s not sexually stimulating - Naturists do what you see anywhere else, only without clothes.No-one is forced to undress and can easily experience Naturism even if they are not sure if it is for them - and then get involved at their own pace. When the weather cools, we get dressed. Naturist places usually have indoor and outdoor facilities and many are open all year round.Naturism is for everyone - from babes in arms, children and teenagers right up to the elderly. Irrespective of background; body size, shape or appearance; ethnic or cultural origin; sexuality or a disability, everyone is welcome. A national survey by Ipsos in 2022 revealed that there are 6.75 million Naturists in the UK.It’s legal too. The law in the UK is clear that nudity itself is not criminal, unless there is a sexual context or intent to cause alarm and distress.NWhat isNaturism?

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05All that’sdifferentis thedress code“Loving every moment, acknowledging my own Naturism has, it turns t, been a big moment in my own pernal life jrney, and my BN membership has been a huge help in geing my head arnd it a.”

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06 ritish Naturism (BN) is the internationally recognised UK national Naturist organisation. We exist to unite and support Naturists, to protect, and provide more Naturist venues, to make social nudity acceptable in the UK and to provide comprehensive information on Naturism and Naturists around the world.We run events in brilliant locations in both summer and winter, including online; help new groups and Naturist venues to get off the ground; liaise with (and challenge!) government and other authorities; overcome misunderstanding, prejudice and discrimination via the Media; support individuals in trouble and places under threat; provide a point of contact for information and advice; and in our campaigning, work hard against the ever-changing environment that throws up new threats – even for Naturism in private places. We celebrate our 60th anniversary in 2024!We are the UK member of the International Naturist Federation (INF), which has similar purposes to ours,but operates across the world.

Page 7 mins from the M25 Near St AlbansOnly 30 mins from LondonNewly re-developed!Re-opens in Spring 2024

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YourNaturistYearAheadEvents are the heart of the Naturist community. From large-scale festivals to local events and swims, nude events will be happening all over the country.There is something for everyone—whether you are young or not-so-young, a first timer or have been doing it for years.If an event shows the above icon please book online.08

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NKDNKD is the family and youth event for British Naturism, it has quickly become a permanent fixture on the Naturist calendar, but you don't need to be a seasoned Naturist to enjoy it! Started in 2018, the festival has already encouraged plenty of families and young people to explore Naturism for the first time.This unique clothes-free festival is held at a site in Dorset – a beautiful location surrounded by woodland, open fields and wildlife. It’s the perfect place to leave the outside world behind, meet like-minded people and have loads of fun! more

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NUDEFESTThe biggest festival in the Naturist calendar is back! Nudefest returns to the cider groves of Somerset for a week-long party packed full of entertainment, live music, sports and some fabulous excursions. Early booking is more

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11EveryBody promotes freedom, equality and body positivity. EveryBody has several events, and a festival, for like-minded adults to come together, have fun experiences, meet new people and feel positive - all in a non-sexual, non-judgemental environment where you are free to be

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12THEGREATINDOORSThe GatheringOur annual three-night Naturist break in Scotland located near EdinburghAmsterdamA three night break at one of Europe’s best spasBournemouthA lively three-night winter party weekend at one of Bournemouth’s best moreAmsterdamLook out for members’ only hotel weekends and waterpark events!

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13THEGREATOUTDOORSHighland Walking AdventureStunning scenery and great walks in the Scottish HighlandsWindermere Woodland WeekendA holistic weekend in the Lake District with fell walks and skinny-dips a plenty.Various beach days and lido swims around the country

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14ONLINEEVENTSDid you know British Naturism now host over 100 online events per month? Choose between our community and Naked Fitness events – there is something for everyone…COFFEE MORNINGTHE FORUM LIVEBOOK CLUBPARENTS CHATYBN MEET-UPTHE BIG QUIZFRIDAY NIGHT PUBKEEP FITSUNDAY BRUNCHWOMEN UNCOVERED+ LOTS MORE! moreYoga, Aerobics, Fitness, Meditation+ DanceOnline classes daily: PAYG or discounted fitness plansavailable.

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LOCALEVENTSThere’s plenty going on! You are never too far away from a Naturist – find out what’s happing in your area.Find the full list at forBN membersBODY POSITIVEBEACH DAYSWILDLIFE PARKSGARDEN DAYSNAKED DININGSINGLES WEEKENDSCLUB DAYSNAKED BOWLINGADVENTURE HIKESART GALLERIESNAKED SOCIALSSWIMSSPORTS EVENTSCANAL BOAT TRIPSWEEKEND BREAKSCAMPING TRIPSNAKED WALKSFAMILY MEET-UPSMUSEUM VISITSRIVER BOAT TRIPSLADIES DAYSPÉTANQUE COMPETITIONSSKINNY DIPSFESTIVALS+ LOTS MORE!15Fancy travelling with a group of like-minded people? We run a full programme of Members’ Holidays that take place both in summer and winter, in Europe and sometimes beyond. There are beach holidays, spa weekends and more...

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2024 is a big year for Naturism and British Naturism, marking the 60th anniversary of British Naturism and the centenary of club Naturism in the UK. To support the goal of Naturism being about coming together as a community to make our lives better by shedding our clothes, we have created ‘Challenge 60’. The aim is to try new things – or revisit activities we have done before, so we all have more fun and make new friends.Challenges include sporting and social activities, those that help share the joy with friends and some that you can do at home. We hope that people will find opportunities whether new to Naturism or have been involved all their life. Visit our website to find out more and start ticking things off the list!Challenge 60!Come and celebrate 60 years of British Naturism with four nights of live entertainment, daytime activities, swimming pool, saunaand more...A four-night entertainment break near Hay-on-Wye, Wales16

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n addition to all the fabulous events available the UK has in excess of 100 Naturist clubs and swims. Well established over many decades - a large number have celebrated 70th, 80th and even 90th birthdays, they provide an excellent escape from the stresses and strains of daily life for their members and visitors.Clubs & SwimsSometimes called “sun clubs”, they are all around the country. Some have their own land, others hire local swimming pools or leisure centres for weekly or monthly sessions. Clubs with land will usually have well-tended grounds centred around a club house, with facilities such as a swimming pool, sports facilities, sauna, children’s play area, camping, holiday accommodation and social events.BeachesBecause there is no law against nudity in public, it follows that every beach in the UK is a Naturist beach! However, some places have a long history of nude bathing and are sought after and busy spots for Naturists. British Naturism and Naturists have worked closely with landowners or local authorities to ensure they are safe places for everyone.Find details of all UK Naturist places at go inthe UKI17

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Nobody wants tosee me naked!Actually, no one is looking at your body; in fact, newbies tend to avoid looking as if their lives depend on it!This is about YOU as a person, which is not de ned by what you look like, because that’s the point! Naturism is one of the best ways to become more con dent! Equally, you should never be ashamed to let people know how con dent you are about yourself. What we do is safe, legal, and healthy; there is no need to “confess” to enjoying naturism. Naturism instils the true values of body acceptance and shows us that nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of and is in the truest sense natural.Won’t I getarrested?No not at all. Naturism is perfectly legal and the law is on your side. We have worked extensively with the college of policing to make sure that the police are very aware of the law around Naturism.Body conscious?Being nude with others is not embarrassing. First-timers often remark how quickly they feel comfortable wearing nothing and seeing others unclothed – in fact, it’s easy to forget that everyone is naked…and just because they are, doesn’t make for a sexually-charged atmosphere either.I’ve never triedNaturism before!That’s not a problem. We understand that your visit to an event could be your  rst Naturist experience. There is no pressure to undress so it’s a great way to try. Many people have been apprehensive undressing on their  rst time, but once they’ve done it wonder what the big problem was in the  rst place!PhotographyAs you can see from the images in this brochure photography is an essential part of showing what a great time we have! In general you are not permitted to take photos in public spaces and you must always obtain the permission of anyone who appears in a photo.We have of cial BN photographers at some of our larger events. You will only be in images if you give us permission. 18Naturist FAQs

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What about when Ihave my period?You are not alone and there are several ways to make your Naturist experience more comfortable. Ultimately it is down to personal preference, some ladies preferring to wear bottoms others just using products. Either way it’s about your personal comfort. You won’t be judged.‘Standing out’as a male...The most frequently asked question posed by men!Honestly, it very rarely happens, a Naturist environment is not one that is sexually charged. If nature does take its course then take a break, sit down and relax - ultimately be discreet.SexYeah – you read that right!If you think you are coming to some weird seedy place then think again – wholesome family fun and a zero-tolerance rule for any funny business.19 NATURISM IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO BECOME MORE CONFIDENT!

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20where are yougoing to dip? your local dip -or host your own, and:→ Encourage acceptance and participation in Naturism across the nation and beyond!→ Promote greater understanding of Naturism and social nudity→ Promote the benefits of Naturism including body confidence and wellbeing→ Raise Funds for the British Heart Foundation

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21British Naturism named British Heart Foundation (BHF), as our Charity of the Year in 2020 and has been working with them since, raising funds and awareness.The health and well-being benefits of a nude lifestyle are well-known to Naturists and the BHF also place emphasis on healthy living and lifelong wellbeing, so our relationship is a natural fit. We’re delighted to be able to raise money that will directly benefit the population and combat diseases that could affect any of us. where are yougoing to dip? HeartWalksSponsored clothes-optional walks in stunning locations across the country!Find out where you can join in at - bring your friends!

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22 espite taboos and social conditioning, spending time naked, especially with others, is really good for you! It brings improvements in physical, mental, and emotional health, including the ability to cope better with stress, overcome body image issues, becomepart of a great community -and have a lot of fun in the process!DWant a great life?Then get naked...Scientific research has proved that social nudity boosts self-esteem, happiness and life satisfaction.It’s not all about getting an all-over tan around the pool, either! Health and well-being activities, plus a wide rangeof sports are offered - without the need for the usual ‘kit’.

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23Health andWell-beingClasses are available at events and online - keeping you ne-tuned (mentally and physically) throughout the year. Sessions include a variety of types of yoga, meditation, tness training, GroovX, Zumba and even ballet.British Naturism sportsWe run a variety of sports events, ‘taster’ days and competitions - people even qualify to represent the UK overseas! In 2024, events - and some tournaments - dedicated to running, hiking, swimming, volleyball, Miniten (our own version of tennis, playable by all ages), Boules/Pétanque, squash, badminton, golf, table tennis, cycling and water polo, are available.

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“In a  rld where body positivity and respect are  often lacking, I am keen to show my children a diff erent  y – a be er  y.”Duncan24There are thousands of Naturist families - some into many generations - who find that they get on better with each other through their shared experience and openness. Children brought up in Naturism often say how they grew up without the usual hang-ups about their bodies - and carry on when they reach adulthood.With children so often engrossed in computer games or mobile phones, giving them access to fresh air and healthy activity becomes even more important.Naturism also gives children the opportunity to grow up with a realistic knowledge of what human bodies look like. Children who are brought up by Naturist parents mostly have greater body confidence and feel much less shame about their bodies compared to their constantly-clothed peers. Naturist swims have no need to segregate males and females in changing rooms (what’s the point?) so families can stay together and children can be well supervised.Meeting up with other families at a club or event will help your children feel that there are plenty of other children ‘like them’ and, once they have made Naturist friends, are more likely to want to visit Naturist places to be with them. A number of clubs organise family weeks during the summer holidays where activities are specifically designed to appeal to younger people. Naturist families frequently report that the family values of respect, inclusivity and friendship and the knowledge that their children are in a safe environment are important factors in ensuring that they continue to be part of the Naturist

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25Women in NaturismIn a society where social media and societal standards of beauty make what we look like more important than our skill sets and core values we may possess, it has become much harder for women, especially the younger generation, to break away from these shackles to contemplate social nudity or even understand what it is. Encouraging more women into Naturism and to normalising nudity is the aim of our Women in Naturism campaign. We want to reach out to women who are nervous or unsure, about being naked and help them overcome those concerns. Millions of women around the world already have discovered the delights of being naked and are having a wonderful time! Naturism is so liberating.It is well documented that Naturism has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, and many women become passionate advocates of the benefits it brings, and never look back. Every ‘Body’ has a story to tell and learning to accept your body, warts and all, leads to a healthier relationship with yourself no matter your gender. Naturism does wonders for self-confidence and many women enjoy being part of a safe, friendly, non-judgemental and welcoming community having discovered freedom and expression of simple nudity, We organise gatherings for women and help women to speak about Naturism in the media. We actively encourage women to bring their friends to events and clubs to experience Naturism for themselves. The core values of Naturism - respect, equality, understanding diversity - are a perfect fit for women in naturism. And being naked with others doesn’t have to be scary or weird! Come and join us! Find more resources - and volunteer to help - on our website at

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“I sn’t sure what to expect when I joined last year, but everye has been  friendly. I wish I’d joined earlier!”Have you ever considered Naturism, but not sure whether there will be anyone near your age? Worry not. Young British Naturism (YBN) is exclusively for those aged 18-35. As part of the wider British Naturism family, YBN helps to ensure that our younger members are supported to find a community within Naturism. This includes organising YBN only get-togethers, trips to international Naturist destinations, and visits to clubs across the country. Not only that, YBN has its own part of the British Naturism forum, so everyone can easily keep in contact. Members of YBN come from all different walks of life: some people grew up in a Naturist family, others have their first Naturist experience at a YBN or British Naturism event. Whichever you are, YBN allows the opportunity to enjoy freedom from wearing clothes, in a fun, friendly and safe environment. YBN is working towards challenging the perception that Naturism is a lifestyle of an older generation. We have a thriving community of young British Naturism members who are keen to meet like-minded people and enjoy all the benefits social Naturism has to offer.So why not come along and give it a go yourself?“I’ve made  many friends in YBN – I never expected to nd a grp of people  welcoming” “I lk forrd to going to as many events as poible!”

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VolunteeringAs a volunteer-led organisation, British Naturism recognises the value volunteers bring; the time, energy, skills and knowledge they contribute; and the important role volunteers play in: enabling the organisation to function and deliver its services; developing, enabling and supporting opportunities for people to practise a Naturist lifestyle; promoting understanding and acceptance of the practice and benets of Naturism.Our vision is that people feel inspired to volunteer, have the opportunity to do so, and have excellent volunteering experiences within British Naturism.Our volunteers make amazing things happen! They plan, organise, support and deliver opportunities for people to engage in a wide range of activities. Our volunteers also do a great deal to ensure that the practice and benets of Naturism are widely understood and accepted.British Naturism recognises that people volunteer in different ways to suit their personal circumstances, their interests, motivations and the skills, knowledge and experience they would like to contribute. We have created different approaches to volunteering to suit everyone:→ Formal VolunteeringSpecic roles with ongoing responsibilities for the governance, organisation, management and/or delivery of activities within the organisation.→ Micro VolunteeringOne-off, occasional or short-term volunteering assignments, such as leading a Naturist walk, helping at an event or undertaking a piece of research.→ Volunteer BankA register of members who are happy to be approached for particular types of role and/or micro volunteering assignments.→ Skills BankAn online listing of members prepared to offer their skills and of skills wanted.Find out more about how YOU can become a British Naturism volunteer on the BN website.→→→27

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CampaigningThe Roadto Freedom s the representative body of Naturism in the UK, British Naturism actively works to promote and protect Naturism and over the last few years we have seen many positive advances.Owing to our hard work, the law is clear that nudity is not itself criminal if there is no sexual context or intent to cause alarm or distress. This is A“The amnt of rk de to provide protecti to Naturists is tstanding”28

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29confirmed in Crown Prosecution Service guidance which has been recognised by the College of Policing. Those who participate in free hiking can testify that nearly all public encounters are positive, though a small handful of people still react negatively and aggressively because they are surprised and simply misunderstand Naturism. British Naturism works with the police and exerts pressure on the government and councils to protect the rights and freedoms people currently enjoy. Our positive media campaigning improves understanding of Naturism so negative reactions become increasingly rare and the law is followed if they occur.Our high-profile work with the media and visible events are also a strong tool for persuading the public that Naturism is not only a respectable life, it is a great life. Ipsos polling tells us that one in seven people would describe themselves as a Naturist or Nudist and over a third of people have participated in naked activities such as skinny dipping (Ipsos, 2022).Social nudity is a powerful means to improve self-esteem and mental health, so we are working to promote body positivity through Naturism. One in four people experience a mental health problem every year (NHS). Naturism offers a solution and our research work with leading academics is allowing us to target our efforts to where they have maximum effect and are needed most. We are creating more opportunities for young adults, where mental health challenges are even more prevalent and have seen a surge in uptake with half of young adults saying they spend time naked with friends (Ipsos, 2022).Our extensive work with the Law Commission and on human rights addresses how Naturists can be protected from criminal abuse. This work is not limited to Naturists, British Naturism is committed to equality and diversity and is working for the protection of all minority groups. By encouraging respect for ourselves and respect for each other, British Naturism aims to make the world better for Naturists and better for everyone.

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30Easy access to information, advice, downloads and useful guides that will help you to practise NaturismFour issues of our full colour, information-packed magazine with news and views from the UK and overseas, delivered to your door and available to download and read online Access to the BN Members’ Online Community Free entry to many online events and access to discount packages for others25% off the ticket price of real events - some also exclusive to members15% off all prices in the BN ShopAccess to a helpline for free legal advice from a solicitor for members who run into difficulties with the criminal law or the policeA photo ID/membership card – proven to be useful in establishing your credentials with Authority figures, if ever your Naturist activities are challenged. It is also an International Naturist Federation (INF) card – essential for access to some overseas Naturist places, and discounts in others Be part of a vibrant community with and connect with like-minded people Knowing that you are helping to support the practice of Naturism, so that it continues to thrive.Become aMemberFor a quick overviewof all we do, become a member, visit

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31GREAT ADVENTURES TO LOOK FORWARD TO!There may be a smaller choice of places compared to the bigger, clothed market, but that gives it exclusivity and the benefit of knowing that you will meet like-minded people.And there’s something for everyone. Newcomers are always amazed at the variety. You’ll find resorts with upmarket facilities like swimming pools, bars and restaurants, shops, wellness facilities, sports, evening entertainment, a full programme for children, and walking trails.They’re on the beach, in the mountains, on rivers, surrounded by greenery, or close to vibrant towns with nightlife, history and popular tourist attractions. Stay in top-class hotels, including all-inclusive. Opt for camping, away from civilisation. Take a self-catering bungalow on the beach, a villa on a complex, or luxuriate in a spa break. Select a pitch with a view for caravan or motorhome. Rent an apartment owned by a fellow BN member. Take a holiday on a cruise ship and other boats.Find out more at Holidays

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32British Naturism Shop12391. Stainless Steel Water Bottle 2. Doormats 3. Beach Towels 4. Cotton Cap 5. Tshirts6. Enamel Mug 7. Sweatshirts8. Zip up Hoodies 9. Polo shirtsMost products are available in a selection of colours, with a BN logo or a slogan. Check out for the full product range.5476815%discount for allBritish Naturismmembers!

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33Thanksto all ouradvertisers!www.naturistcanaries.comFour Naturist Apartments in Sunny Costa Calma33

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CypressCoveResort.comCypressCoveResort.comCypressCoveResort.comclose to walt disney world® universal studios®sea world® and all orlando attractions Your US Naturist Holiday Destinationclose to walt disney worldHoliday Destinationclose to walt disney worldHoliday DestinationYour US Naturist Holiday DestinationCypressCoveResort.comLa grande métairie36800 Luzeret - FranceTel. 0033 (0)254250578www.lapetitebrenne.comSurrounded by a beautiful naturepark called ”Parc Naturel Régionalde la Brenne” or ”The land of the thousand lakes” you’ll find ournaturist resort on 105 acres.• outdoor swimming pool • large trampolines• covered swimming pool • horses• restaurant / bar • sauna• activities organised • hiking trails• lake & beach • labyrinth• chalets & mobile homes10 km from Argenton sur Creuse(A20)

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35RennesNantesBordeauxToulouseNice99 ffrreenncchh nnaattuurriisstt ffaammiilliieess wweellccoommee yyoouuPALLIETER1 La Ville Meunier22130 BOURSEULTél : 02 96 83 05 15mail@pallieter.frwww.pallieter.frL’OLIVERIELieu dit L’Oliverie79200 SAURAISTél : 05 49 94 61 05info@oliverie.comwww.oliverie.comMANOQUESLes Manoques82150 VALEILLESTél : 05 63 95 24 06xavier.fabienne@lesmanoques.comwww.lesmanoques.comSARRAUTESarraute32460 Le HougaTél : 06 02 27 50 77contact@domainedesarraute.frwww.domainedesarraute.frHAUT CHANDELALAR725 Chemin de la Loubre-Bartouille06850 BriançonnetTél : terroirsVILLAGE DU BOSC5 Chemin de RICAZOULS34800 OCTONTél : montée du château d’eau13610 Le Puy Ste RéparadeTél : DE LA BALMARoute de Taulis (D.618)66110 MONTBOLOTél : 04 68 39 08 88info@labalma.frwww.labalma.frMAS DE LIGNIÈRES2chemin de la sourceMontcelebre 34210 CesserasTél : 0468912486lemas1@wanadoo.frlemasdelignieres.frMarseilleMontpellierLa RochelleNNaattuurriissmmee eett tteerrrrooiirrssllaanndd ooff nnaattuurriissmm Wonderful naturist CampsiteON THE EDGE OF THE MORVAN, BURGUNDY1.430.9Domaine de la GagèreRentals: fully equipped tents, caravans, mobile homes and chalets.More information:0033 386 30 48 11 Gagère, 58170 Luzy, Franceto the fullest.Largest naturist holiday park inthe Netherlands.Enjoy the various saunas andswimming pools.Located in a beautiful area withplenty of water and forests.en.flevonatuur.nlNaturally.Wielseweg 3, Zeewolde, the Netherlands | +31 (0) 36 - 522 8880 | info@flevonatuur.nlVacation park for naturists

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British NaturismBeckett House, 14 Billing Rd, Northampton NN1 5AW01604 further free copies of this guide, please order from the BN shop at where you will also find the link to an online