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Memorial Elementary School

2016 -2017

Mrs. Long's Classroom Guide


Name and behavior will be recorded in a notebook for the purpose of tracking poor behavior choices.




  • Verbal or nonverbal cues
  • Conference with student
  • Time Out
  • Conference with principal
  • Parent Contact




  •  Be Responsible
  •  Be Rescpectful
  •  Be Patient
  •  Be Honest




There will be an "if needed" restroom break during morning




Additional class restroom breaks at 10:00 after reading and at 12:30 after lunch and recess.  


If further restroom breaks are needed outside of instructional time the student will sign out. This is meant to help deter students form using the restroom to get out of class.



1) Put personal items away.


2)  Mark lunch choice.


3) Eat breakfast.


4)  Use restroom if needed.


5)  Begin morning work.





Below is a list of educational activities that can be done at home at any time.


  1. Practice math facts.
  2. Practice list of commonly misspelled words.
  3. Study word study words.
  4. Read aloud or silently.
  5. Research Project (Pick a topic you are interested in and research it. Then create a slide show to present to the class) 
  6. Online Programs


          Read Theory



          Moby Max

         Education City





Most school work will be completed at school.  If a student falls behind in a particular area or with an individual skill then extra work will be sent home with that individual student. Anything that goes home will not be used as an assessment (aka a grade). 



If a student is too ill to attend school, I assume that he/she is to ill to

complete work at home. I will not send work home for a sick child.

The important thing is to get well and return to school. Any work that needs to be made up will be done at school.



If a student misses school for a family trip or vacation I will not send

work home before or after the absence. Any work that needs to be

made up will be done at school.




What If I Want My Child To Have Homework 




Attendance is the most important factor to being successful in school.  When a student is absent he/she misses out on lectures, read alouds, class activities, online activities, group discussions, games, and other forms of class participation. This can not be recreated in a take home activity. 


It has been my experience that there is a direct relationship between school success and attendance. To do your best, to be your best, you have to show up.





Students should make every effort to be at school on time. Students who are chronically tardy will be asked to sit in the office until there is a time to come to class that is not disruptive. The missed work will be made up during recess.




It is important to have everything you need for class at school. In addition to the standard school supply list students may have the following:


     pencil sharpener 

     jacket / sweatshirt to leave in your locker

     mechanical pencils




Any assignment notebook is fine. Students will fill their notebook out each day. It will not only keep you informed as to what is going on in class but it is an excellent tool to help students learn responsibility.



We will be going outside as often as possible during recess. It is important that children dress for the weather. Keep in mind that the temperature at one recess may change for the next. 


Clothing should be school appropriate. Clothing should not have references to alcohol, smoking, or other adult themes. A students clothing should not be a disruption to the classroom. This includes being clean. 






If a student brings a cell phone to school, it should remain in the students backpack. Students are prohibited from using cell phones in any way on school grounds. This is a district policy for elementary school and can be seen in the school handbook online. 






Toys, cards, etc. need to be left at home. They become a distraction in class and cause problems at recess.




Invitations may only be passed out at school if everyone in the class is invited. It can be all the girls, all the boys, or the entire class. 


Invitations that only invite a few need to be distributed outside of school. This is not negociable.

Medication/Medical Conditions


ALL medication take at school can only be administered if there is an order from your child's physician. This includes Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, and other over the counter drugs. 


Your child will only be allowd to to sit out P.E. or stay inside for recess one day for each "illness" with a note from a parent. If more than one day is needed your child will need to have a note from the doctor.


If your child sits out P.E. with a note he/she will also sit out recess, and vice versa.


Please fill out the health form that will be sent home in the next few days. It is for my own use so that I know of any medical conditions that may affect the classroom. 


Water bottles may only be used if your child has a medical condition that prohibits the use of the water fountain and must be verified with a medical note. On occasion students have a lingering cough that is helped by using a water bottle and this is allowed as a temporay need.


Web Sites




 Read Theory

 Moby Max




 Education City





 Turtle Diary