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Caring for Adult Populations 

An Electronic Handbook for Instructors 


Karis Casseus MSN, RN 

Course Coordinator


Chapter 1 - Introduction                            3

Chapter 2 - Course Syllabus 

Chapter 3-  Student Handbook 

Chapter 4 - Clinical Assignment                

Chapter 3 - Roles and Responsibilities    

Chapter 4- iCollege

Chapter 5 - Clinical Resources 



Thank you for your willingness to teach in the Caring for Adult Populations Medical-Surgical course (NURS 3510). This book includes valuable information regarding the course. For consistency amongst instructors, please use this book as a reference throughout the semester. I am also available and accessible to speak to you for any questions and/or concerns you may have throughout the semester. My cell phone number is 404.422.1582. I am open to text messages as well as calls after 5pm.  My e-mail is

The first day of class for GSU students will be on Monday January 8th, which is a  a mandatory preclinical day for students. During pre-clinical students will practice their critical thinking and clinical judgement skills as an attempt to prepare the students for their first day of actual clinical. This is not a mandatory day for instructors but all instructors are more than welcome to attend if you would like to meet your students prior to the first clinical day. 

Welcome to the Medical -Surgical team! Again, if you have have any questions at any time please call, text, or e-mail me. I look forward to working with you throughout the semester. 

Your Course Coordinator, 


Karis Casseus MSN, RN
Clinical Assistant Professor 
Epsilon Alpha Chapter of STTI-President
Georgia State University 

Link to the Undergraduate Nursing Handbook 

Student Handbook- Click Here

Roles and Responsibilities 

Student Responsibilities

To maintain consistency between the instructors, I would like to provide you an update regarding what every student in med-surg clinical should be responsible for:

By the end of the med-surg clinical each student will:

I.  submit 2 care plan/databases - instructors can decide the due dates but all care plans should be turned in to the instructor in a week. Please do not assign careplan due dates during the last week of clinical. This could delay grade submission. Please find the careplan/database rubric in the syllabus.

II.  complete an individual evidence based practice presentation and each student should receive an individual grade. This presentation is now worth 25 points. Please find the evidence based practice presentation rubric in the syllabus. 

III. complete pre-clinical preparation which includes: reviewing assigned patient information, meds, labs etc..., the day before clinical. Each student should pick up their own assignment.

IV. attend simulation- see clinical assignment sheet found on page __ of this handbook. 

V. maintain professionalism which includes following GSU dress code, attending clinical on time and all hospital policies.

Roles and Responsibilities cont. 

Instructor Responsibilities
Instructors are responsible for:

I. Explaining expectations to the students (i.e. what time the student should arrive to the floor, where and when they should pick-up clinical assignments, what you expect during medication preparation and administration, what the students should expect regarding completing skills {IV insertion, NGT placement, dressing changes etc..}, assessments, what they are allowed to do on their own {bed baths, vitals, head-to-toe assessments}, etc...Please see the document titled " Questions for clinical instructors" on page ____of this book. This is the document I post in iCollege for students to use.

II. Grading 2 careplans/databases and one EBP presentation. ***Please be sure to discuss your expectations in detail for the careplans/databases.*** a blank database and careplan can be found on page ___ of this document  (they are one document). Parameters regarding grading and late submissions can be found on page ___ of the syllabus.

III. Completing a mid-term evaluation (at the end of the third week ) and a final evaluation (after the completion of the last clinical day). Please note that if you had to give a student a warning about anything that warning should be documented. Clinicals are in 7 week increments. The first clinical week will always begin the same week the first day of class starts. When the first 7 weeks are complete the second rotation will always begin on the 8th week of the semester. Students do not attend clinical when the school is closed. Please see the 2017-2018 academic calendar on  page___of this book. Please understand the clinical rotations for the summer semester are a different format.

IV. Putting grades into D2L- you all should have access as instructors. Please let me know if this is not the case.

V. Explaining to students what they could or should be doing if there is down time.

VI. Administering (potentially) a Math test (you will know if a student in your group failed). A copy of the math test and answer sheet with problem breakdown will be provided by the course coordinator. 

VII. Attending all clinical and simulations. If you are unable to attend for any reason please let me and your students know as soon as possible as these hours will still need to be made up. The instructor and clinical group may have to come into the lab on a separate day to complete a 12 hour simulation. 

VIII. Notifying the course coordinator if a student misses a clinical day. The student will be required to make up the time. Please also notify the course coordinator if you assign a clinical failure on the same day the clinical failure was assign. The coordinator will help you complete the clinical failure process. 

Roles and Responsibilities cont. 

For the clinical section of class: Responsibilities of the Course Coordinator:

I. create clinical assignments and request hospital placements.

II. provide resources to students and instructors.

III. create, organize, and implement simulation.

IV. As the course coordinator please reach out to me if you are having any issue or concern with a students' skill level, behavior in clinical, clinical failures or anything you may need assistance with. The students are also required to take a mandatory math test on Monday January 8, 2017.  If the student does not pass the math test (s)he is NOT allowed to give medications until they do pass. The students will have three attempts to pass the test with the first attempt on Monday January 8, 2017. I will update you and let you know if a student in your clinical group did not pass the math test.

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