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20 20 THE GLOBAL SCHOLARS FOUNDATION Annual Report GALA OVERVIEW GSF GRADUATES GSF SPONSORS 2021 Virtual Gala High School College Sponsors Ads

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2020 REPORT Table of Contents 01 Message from Executive Director 02 The GSF Team 03 04 10 15 22 29 Program Overview 2020 College Graduates 2021 High School Graduates 34 Program Components 2020 High School Graduates 2021 College Graduates 2015 GSF Scholar Shawna Harris Lenoir 2021 Gala WWW GLOBALSCHOLARS FOUNDATION 916 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE SE WASHINGTON DC 20003 202 544 8353 FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM GSFHSCDC

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2020 REPORT MOVING TOWARDS GREATNESS A word from Marcia K Brown EdD Executive Director Nothing can stop The Power of a Committed and Determined people to make a difference John Lewis The picture on the front cover of GSF students with the late Congressman John Lewis is a memory I ll forever cherish We had a scheduled visit to meet with Congressman Lewis in his office however he was running late due to a previous meeting We waited for what seemed like hours but his staff would not let us leave They put us in Congressman Lewis s personal office and told us to wait which is what we did The wait was well worth it Congressman Lewis finally arrived and sat in the middle of our little circle on a bale of cotton which he used as an object lesson to explain his childhood on the segregated and impoverished farm in Alabama and lessons about poverty persistence and perseverance Congressman Lewis told us his life s story and showed us the comic books that would soon be for sale He was not in a hurry and was so gracious with his time He entertained questions and took pictures with each student Congressman Lewis passed away in 2020 but his kindness empathy warmth and willingness to be a change agent has made an indelible impression on all of us He will always stand out in my mind as a true servant leader a modern day hero The Global Scholars Foundation like Congressman Lewis has also been a catalyst a change agent for District youth We meet students where they are and introduce them to something unique new and valuable We add ingredients to their lives that they can use to make a real tangible and significant difference As I reflect on that photo it is a great reminder of an amazing visit with an amazing person but I also look at the faces of the GSF students and realize that all of the students in that picture have graduated high school and all have attended college some have graduated and some are still enrolled As you review the GSF s 2020 report please be mindful that the students pushed and persevered through the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic to reach their goals Although we didn t have a cohort because of the pandemic the GSF has continued to make things happen on behalf of our students Thank you for working with us and continuously supporting the GSF Stay Safe Marcia

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2020 REPORT About the Company The Global Scholars Foundation was founded in 2006 by its parent company the H Street Community Development Corporation HSCDC in an effort to increase communication and global competency skills of DC teens by exposing them to languages and cultures of other countries This two prong approach encouraged students to appreciate differences and more readily accept diversity Meet the Team Anita Cooke Wells RLJ LODGING TRUST Craig Galloway Senior Systems Engineer Perspecta Inc Helen Compton Harris Kasey Davis Student Representative School Representative Director Outreach Partnership Development Richard Wright PCS Philip Hampton II Senior Partner Polsinelli Kenneth J Brewer Sr CEO HSCDC GSF Board Chair George Ty Simpson President Spectrum Management LLC Gwendolyn Horton Parent Representative Meta Williams Consultant MetaWorks Olive Idehen Principal Callive Thomas Penny President Donohoe Hospitality Services

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2020 REPORT GLOBAL SCHOLARS FOUNDATION PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Global Scholars Foundation GSF a fifteen year old 501 c 3 language and cultural immersion non profit program for District of Columbia teens promotes the four components of global competence international awareness appreciation of cultural diversity proficiency in foreign languages and competitive skills through a yearlong program delivered to 14 18 year old District of Columbia teens in three phases Phase I a six week summer intensive leadership academy that introduces the fellows to seven key dimensions communication time management and goal setting decision making getting along with others working in group settings and discovering learning and leaderships styles Phase II fellows meet twice monthly on Saturdays for ten months to work with a language instructor learning and studying the language and culture of the country being studied and the travel destination Phase III the final phase students travel internationally for two weeks to the country studied The program focuses on three major components language and culture immersion college readiness and financial literacy

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2020 REPORT PROGRAM COMPONENTS THE MAIN FOCUS The Financial Literacy component of the program is taught by industry leaders representing banks such as Bank of American and E Trade who bring their company s curriculum to the students Fellows learn every aspect about money from savings debt credit cards how to create and maintain a budget to investing and how to trade stocks GSF has also created a Financial Literacy Library for fellows which is required reading and many adults have held book discussions that help bring to life the books concepts Each GSF fellow who registers to work with the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program MBSYEP also receives pay for participating in GSF which is a MBSYEP host site and receive additional financial literacy classes through the SYEP program The College Readiness component is vigorous and deliberate Fellows who participate in the program are expected to graduate high school and attend and graduate college To date 100 of students who have participated in the GSF program have graduated high school and approximately 85 have attended college GSF strongly promotes attending college and help fellows navigate the process by assisting with the application process determining the right fit e g PWI vs HBCU large vs small private vs public etc how to pay for college major and other topics GSF fellows visit at least a dozen colleges most local during each cohort During the college tours students eat on campus and discuss campus life with current students The Language and Culture component continues to be a cornerstone of the program From 2006 2011 three cohorts studied Mandarin and Chinese culture and visited several cities in China Since 2012 students have studied Portuguese and travelled to Brazil and South Africa and Spanish for their tour of Spain and Morocco The 2016 2017 cohort studied Arabic and travelled to Dubai Abu Dhabi and Australia in summer of 2017 The 2018 2019 cohort also studied Arabic and travelled to Rome Egypt and Ethiopia and also studied American Sign Language Students are exposed to the language food music religion government mores and history of the countries that they will visit Most often GSF fellows connect with a small local community here in the District prior to travelling GSF SCHOLAR l Ahmad Isaacs with teacher from mountain school in Lalibela Ethiopia GSF COMMITS TO EMPOWERING teens to see themselves as change agents locally and globally EDUCATING teens about personal financial literacy e g savings banking budgeting and investing EXPOSING teens to foreign languages and multi cultural experiences to develop global competency EXPLORING college preparation and providing support through the application process financial assistance and campus visitation EMERGING as the District s expert partner and curriculum developer on teen empowerment through the integration of community development and global competency

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THOMAS DABNEY 2020 Graduate University of Pittsburg Major Pre Law Thomas received the following scholarships Panther Scholarship DC TAG Achievers Scholarship GOALS I want to eventually become an attorney My life goal is to own real estate COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS REASONS FOR ATTENDING My expectations were to build a network of people to live the best times of my life to support myself retreat from my comfort zone to travel abroad for study to learn more than I knew before and to ultimately experience college to see if I wanted to continue Cost Major Scholarship Opportunities Admission Process WAS GSF HELPUL WITH COLLEGE READINESS HOW Yes it was very helpful This is not coming from a guilt for being in the program Many of the things I learned at GSF still stick with me today I give a lot to help others out Financial literacy helped me through college because as a college student money is hard to come by Managing the money that I did have helped me finance my lifestyle and college bills The networks that I built at GSF taught me that you may be sitting next to someone that you will want in your future Many of the students here have gone on to do spectacular things Even the old assistant Teandra Myers is a real estate agent and I plan on buying my first house very very soon MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF It was wholeheartedly the notion of promptness Being aspects that has helped me through everything in life interviews flights hotel reservations and more become and executed timely There are many other things that helpful on time is one of the many College classes meetings much easier when planned I enjoyed but this was very MOST HELPUL GSF S IMPACT Financial Literacy Financial literacy would have to be the prioritized component This is something that you will always need and I still use this to this very day Traveled abroad and have encouraged others Networking of people Rarely Late

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JALIA JOHNSON 2020 Graduate The University of the District of Columbia Major Business Marketing Jalia received the following scholarships DC UP Scholarship GOALS I aspire to find a career in Marketing that suits me the best Marketing is extremely broad but I have been looking into careers like promotions manager advertising manager and digital marketing COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS REASONS FOR ATTENDING I expected to learn new things and gain motivation for my aspirations in life I also expected to gain clarity on which career path to pursue Cost Location Scholarship Opportunities Admission Process Parental Persuasion WAS GSF HELPUL WITH COLLEGE READINESS HOW GSF was helpful with my college preparation because Dr Brown often told us not to be afraid to attend a local school That encouragement led to my decision to enroll at UDC MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF The most meaningful aspect of GSF was the international travel because I would not have been able to visit Spain Morocco Egypt and Ethiopia which I will always be grateful for MOST HELPUL Cultural Competency This component has further sparked my interest in travel and I plan on visiting every continent I have also realized that I would like a career that allows me to travel which is extremely important GSF S IMPACT My passion for travel has grown I developed an interest in supporting the youth

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KAYLA WILLIAMS 2020 Graduate Temple University Major Sports Recreation Management Kayla received the following scholarships Temple Grant Pell Grant DC Achievers GOALS I aspire to start my own business program which focuses on girls in sports With my degree my goal is to also work as a Sport Director at a high school or collegiate level Working in Sport Management and or Marketing is also another aspiration COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS I expected to attend a college that helped me be academically successful enough to graduate on time I also expected to experience the dorm life making new friends attending parties and enjoying campus activities I wanted to experience attending a D 1 college football and basketball game while also working with one of the teams for experience in my field of study REASONS FOR ATTENDING Cost Location Major School s Reputation Athletic Program Campus Life Admission Process WAS GSF HELPUL WITH COLLEGE READINESS HOW This was extremely helpful because it gave me a chance to hear people s experiences while visiting their university I was able to hear about opportunities colleges offered and how to make the best out of your college experience because it goes by fast MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF The most meaningful aspect of GSF is being around people that motivate you to get outside of your comfort zone and explore the unknown I enjoyed the cultural competency the most but I also enjoyed making unbreakable bonds with the GSF family MOST HELPUL Cultural Competency This component helped me understand people s differences without judging a book by its cover Before traveling and trying different lifestyles and food choices cultures had Traveling has helped me see different aspects of the world from people living in poverty to people living in royalty It has also encouraged me to travel more in hopes to explore the world and have a better understanding GSF S IMPACT Prepared me for college mentally Encouraged me to travel more and visit places that are meaningful Great connections resources

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SHAWNA HARRIS LENOIR 2020 Graduate Elon University Major Human Service Studies Minor Criminal Justice African American Studies Shawna received the following scholarships Odyssey Scholar Susan Scholarship Phillips Perry Black Excellence Award 2017 2020 GOALS I plan to go to law school and study civil and criminal law within the next year COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS REASONS FOR ATTENDING I expected college to be an experience to meet and engage in critical conversation regarding Global and domestic issues I was halfway right but a learning experience nonetheless Location Scholarship Opportunities Study Abroad Programs Classification Parental Persuasion WAS GSF HELPUL WITH COLLEGE READINESS HOW Yes GSF college readiness initiatives helped me to ask the realistic questions when looking for the college that would accommodate my personal and professional needs GSF college tours allowed me to see the college options that were locally available as well as the different types of people that would occupy the campus Also unbeknownst to me they helped me to satisfy the mandatory language requirement from my university The language intensive courses were highly helpful in navigating the college level courses that I took once on campus MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF The travel opportunity was the most meaningful aspect of GSF Not only did I get to see amazing places within the world but I also formed bonds with the students and staff that continue years after the conclusion of my travels I was able to become a global citizen at a young age which helped to dictate my college experiences and decisions When I learned about the study aboard opportunities the question was not if but when and where I would be able to seek new adventures I was able to extend my travels into South Africa during the Spring Semester of my Junior year This was an indescribable experience that has been a pivotal highlight in my college journey This time around I was more open to new experiences paces and people that I will never forget MOST HELPUL Cultural Competency College Readiness GSF S IMPACT Global Citizenship Mentorship Opportunities Culture Shock Awareness Practices

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SCHOLARSHIPS DC International School Voyager Scholarship VCU Out of State Scholarship CAIA COLEMAN 2020 GRADUATE DC INTERNATIONAL PCS GPA 3 3 COLLEGE ATTENDING VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY REASONS FOR ATTENDING LOCATION MAJOR SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES SCHOOL S REPUTATION CAMPUS LIFE STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS ADMISSION PROCESS INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES WAS GSF AND COLLEGE READINESS HELPFUL WITH YOUR COLLEGE PREPARATION HOW Yes I learned how to successfully create a resume and participating in various college tours allowed me to better understand the things that I do and do not want from a college MOST MEANINGFUL ASPECT OF GSF The most meaningful aspect of GSF for me was the opportunity to meet new people and make connections with people who I probably wouldn t have met other wise GSF allowed me to do a lot of self reflection as well as helping me get out of my comfort zone and overcome many different psychological obstacles INTENDED MAJOR CINEMA EXPECTATIONS OF COLLEGE I expect for it to be an opportunity for me to gain independence as well as branch out even more I want to use it as a time for me to explore and figure out my passion and how I can apply my experiences to it MOST HELPFUL Cultural Competency Having the opportunity to explore different cultures through GSF was the most important to me because through language lessons and travel I was able to become more open minded and even excited about various aspects of foreign culture GSF S IMPACT Allowing me to explore different cultures Helping me to create lasting connections with peers Teaching me the importance of commitment

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SCHOLARSHIPS IMANI HORTON MSMU Presidential Scholarship 13 500 MSMU Grant in aid 5 325 Verlo Education Opportunity Grant 7 000 Westmoreland Scholarship Mentorship 20 000 2020 GRADUATE DUKE ELLINGTON SCHOOL OF THE PERFORMING ARTS COLLEGE ATTENDING MOUNT ST MARY S UNIVERSITY REASONS FOR ATTENDING COST ADMISSION PROCESS INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS POPULATION CAMPUS LIFE WAS GSF AND COLLEGE READINESS HELPFUL WITH YOUR COLLEGE PREPARATION HOW GSF and college readiness was helpful when it came to visiting different schools because it allowed me to really single out the characteristics I was and wasn t looking for in an institution MOST MEANINGFUL ASPECT OF GSF The most meaningful aspect of GSF for me was when we went abroad because I was able to really connect better with my peers and of course ultimately see another part of the world GPA 4 06 INTENDED MAJOR INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES EXPECTATIONS OF COLLEGE I expect to remain an outstanding student make ongoing connections and try to figure who I am What I mean by that is to find out what I m truly passionate about and make that my starting point I d like to be active within and out of my institution also MOST HELPFUL College Readiness Cultural Competency Because we needed to understand certain cultural differences and since I was beginning to start my college process junior year GSF S IMPACT Made some new connections Experienced another country Learned how to play spades

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KELVIN ELMORE JR 2020 GRADUATE MCKINLEY TECH SHS COLLEGE ATTENDING MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY REASONS FOR ATTENDING COST ALUMNI CONNECTION WAS GSF AND COLLEGE READINESS HELPFUL WITH YOUR COLLEGE PREPARATION HOW YES IT WAS VERY HELPFUL WHEN MAKING MY DECISION MOST MEANINGFUL ASPECT OF GSF The experience all together was very meaningful because it allowed me to see a different way of living INTENDED MAJOR LIBERAL ARTS GRAPHIC DESIGN EXPECTATIONS OF COLLEGE My expectation for college is to network with as many people as possible While also perfecting my craft in digital media MOST HELPFUL COLLEGE READINESS It opened me up to a new way of living Also it helped me get a better understanding of how to pay for college CAREER ASPIRATIONS My career aspirations are to work for myself creating logos designs and any other visual work needed by either companies or individual people

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SCHOLARSHIPS PRESIDENT S ACHIEVEMENT AWARD OSCAR RITCHIE S MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP WOMEN S TRACK FIELD SCHOLARSHIP LAUREN HADLEY 2020 GRADUATE DC INTERNATIONAL PCS GPA 3 1 COLLEGE ATTENDING KENT STATE UNIVERSITY INTENDED MAJOR JOURNALISM W A MINOR IN ADVERTISING REASONS FOR ATTENDING COST ALUMNI CONNECTION MAJOR SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES ATHLETIC PROGRAM CAMPUS LIFE EXPECTATIONS OF COLLEGE My expectations for college are to make the dean s list all four years of college while also being very involved in campus life and being a supportive member on the track team I do think that I will be challenged academically but always be willing to learn and discuss with my peers to enhance my knowledge Since I m going to a predominantly white institution I also think that I will encounter differing opinions when it comes to politics and conversations about race WAS GSF AND COLLEGE READINESS HELPFUL WITH YOUR COLLEGE PREPARATION HOW Without the help of the Global Scholars Foundation and its college readiness program I don t think I would have been able to easily go through the college process I was able to pick and choose what types of universities I wanted to apply to based on the knowledge that I gained from going on college tours with GSF When it came to the financial component I understood how my academics would play into this which in turn gave me lots of scholarships for school MOST MEANINGFUL ASPECT OF GSF The experience all together was very meaningful because it allowed me to see a different way of living MOST HELPFUL COLLEGE READINESS I feel as though the college readiness component was the most helpful for me because I was able to very easily transition from Junior to senior year and complete all of my required College tasks by myself without help Also of the college readiness component helped me know what type of school I wanted to go to after visiting over 30 colleges and universities with GSF GSF S IMPACT Prepared me for college mentally Encouraged me to travel more and visit places that are meaningful Great connections resources

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ZOJEILAH KING 2020 GRADUATE BENJAMIN BANNEKER SHS COLLEGE ATTENDING BARRY UNIVERSITY REASONS FOR ATTENDING COST LOCATION MAJOR SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES SCHOOL S REPUTATION POPULATION ADMISSION PROCESS STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM WAS GSF AND COLLEGE READINESS HELPFUL WITH YOUR COLLEGE PREPARATION HOW Yes GSF and the college readiness program was very helpful with my preparation for college I quickly learned how expensive college would be and the financial literacy programs helped me understand what taking out a loan can do MOST MEANINGFUL ASPECT OF GSF The trip to Africa was life changing for me I enjoyed being put out of my comfort zone and experiencing another culture GPA 3 51 INTENDED MAJOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES EXPECTATIONS OF COLLEGE I plan on becoming a diplomat MOST HELPFUL FINANCIAL LITERACY GSF S IMPACT It helped me make a connection with two people that I would never have GSF exposed me to educated adults with amazing experiences GSF gave me a chance to experience Africa for free

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IMPACT FOR LIFE 2021 AWARD RECIPIENT Anita Cooke Wells Anita Cooke Wells received the 2021 Impact for Life award for her hard work and devotion to the students of GSF A GSF Board member since 2014 Anita continue to pave the way for future generations

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AHMAD ISAAC SCHOOL WITHOUT WALLS HIGH SCHOOL GPA 4 13 Intended College University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Intended Major Chemistry or Physics Minor Arabic REASON FOR ATTENDING Cost Location Major Scholarship Opportunities Population School s Reputation Alumni Connection Study Abroad Programs Internship Opportunities Parental Persuasion SCHOLARSHIPS HONORS UNC CH Chancellor s Science Scholar National Honors Society member AP Scholar with Distinction Summa cum laude at the School Without Walls COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS To find my passion and the type of work that I want to do Create a network and lifelong friends that I can reach out to Greatness WAS GSF HELPFUL IN COLLEGE READINESS HOW Extremely helpful GSF nurtured me about soft and hard skills most importantly punctuality The college readiness aspect was my first introduction to college life it helped me find out what I want in a college academics support systems social life campus size etc GSF as a whole helped me become a better Global citizen and aware of cultures other than Washington D C MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF Building relationships with my cohort talking about our experiences that GSF offered while travelling out of the country visiting colleges and doing small field trips For me most of my learning occurred reflecting with my cohort about the experiences MOST HELPFUL WHY Cultural Competency College Readiness GSF defined what I want in college and how I want to be treated It verified how to tour a college what questions to ask and how to carry yourself Cultural Competency component introduced me to a newfound passion that I plan to pursue in college that otherwise would not have been possible GSF S IMPACT New found love for Arabic and Middle Eastern Culture Verification for what I want specifically in a college The type of support I want to have in my future What are your Career Aspirations A perfect career for me would be a blend of a Scientist and Politician Activist combining STEM and Politics However I am gearing myself to become a scientific researcher at NASA working to become an astronaut going to Mars

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ERIC EASTER DUKE ELLINGTON SCHOOL OF THE ARTS Intended College New York University Intended Major Drama and Filmmaking REASON FOR ATTENDING Location Major Population School s Reputation Alumni Connection Study Abroad Programs Internship Opportunities Campus Life GPA 4 14 What are your Career Aspirations I plan to become a filmmaker actor and writer who focuses on creating non stereotypical representation on screen for those who tend to be overlooked in mainstream storytelling COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS My college expectations are to form a strong group of creative and artistic peers build upon my own artistic skill and to gain a better understanding of the world around me WAS GSF HELPFUL IN COLLEGE READINESS HOW The Global Scholars Foundation helped me become an extremely well rounded student which I took into my studies and artwork It taught me how to become a global citizen with the intentions to truly learn about the different cultures I will come across in my lifetime These all made my college applications show my willingness to contribute to society MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF The most meaningful aspect of GSF was the trip to Ethiopia Climbing the mountain in Lalibela brought me closer to the other scholars and gave me a chance to get to know a few of the locals who helped us I peered into a completely different way in which people lived and I was able to take part in an amazing welcome ceremony once we arrived Being in the Motherland gave me a sense of being home MOST HELPFUL WHY Cultural Competency Cultural competency was most helpful for me to be able to adapt to my surroundings better no matter what situation I m in It was a great learning experience GSF S IMPACT Resume Building Adapting to surroundings Leadership skills

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ELENA RAMIREZ SCHOOL WITHOUT WALLS GPA 4 0 Intended Major Neurobiology Physiology Behavior REASON FOR ATTENDING Cost Major Scholarship Opportunities Study Abroad Programs Internship Opportunities Campus Life SCHOLARSHIPS President s Scholarship 23 000 annually Crescent City Scholarship 3 000 annually Dean s Scholarship 36 000 annually Trustee Award 4 000 annually Excellence Scholarship 5 500 annually COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS I expect it to be more challenging than high school of course but I also expect to be taught lessons outside of the classroom WAS GSF HELPFUL IN COLLEGE READINESS HOW Yes GSF was extremely helpful with my College Preparation The college tours we took really helped me to see what I did and did not like in schools I also got to see any potential schools I would want to go to and what those schools drew me there most Apart from college tours the presentations we made helped me to better my work quality as well as learning to comply with deadlines and time limits Lastly making resumes and learning about financial literacy helped a lot to be able to send proper forms to any places I applied to and how to properly budget in preparation for college MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF GSF S IMPACT After completing GSF I felt the need to travel more to parts of the world that may not be as popular but are still beautiful GSF taught me to network in order to move forward GSF taught me the importance of commitment and how fully committing can be most beneficial in the long run Career Aspirations I plan to become a medical researcher Personally meeting and getting to know my cohort was the most meaningful aspect of GSF In the year we worked together I built friendships with many people in my cohort that I would have never known or talked to if it had not been for GSF My cohort and I now share lifelong memories not only of the trip but of the year it took to prepare for the trip We shared stories and knowledge with one another and had fun doing it Being able to experience GSF with a group of people I didn t know seemed frightening at first but looking back was very insightful and introduced me to a lot on its own MOST HELPFUL WHY Cultural Competency You will never know where you end up in life so learning about different cultures their traditions and how to respect them is something that you can use wherever you end up It also helps to inspire people to travel and explore the world and everything has to offer It gives perspective motivation and a sense of respect for everyone that will be helpful no matter where you end up living or working

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LALAH CHOICE DUKE ELLINGTON SCHOOL OF THE ARTS GPA 3 69 Intended Major Marine Biology REASON FOR ATTENDING Cost Location Major Scholarship Opportunities Population School s Reputation Alumni Connection Study Abroad Programs Internship Opportunities Parental Persuasion Campus Life Music Program SCHOLARSHIPS Artistic Achievement Award Diversity and Leadership award 5 500 a year from Penn State 25 000 a year from University of San Diego 25 000 scholarship and 7 000 yearly music scholarship from Puget Sound University 13 000 a year from University of Tampa COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS My expectations for college is that I am somewhere I can grow in all aspects of my life I want to be at a college that prepares me for my future through clubs study abroad and internships I also want my college to be a space where I can form lifelong connections that will help me in my field of study but also personal connections My college should be a place where I feel comfortable while still being pushed out of my comfort zone WAS GSF HELPFUL IN COLLEGE READINESS HOW Career Aspirations My intended career aspirations is to gain experience in the field of Marine Biology specifically marine ecology and evolution and animal interactions To gain experience in these paths I plan to study abroad in college My abroad studies will also extend after college where I plan to study the evolution behavior and interactions of specific marine species Growing up in the nation s capital I have also developed an understanding of the importance of advocacy Eventually I will attend law school to become an environmental lawyer where I can influence policy change Attending college will provide me with an important foundation for building a career advocating for marine life conservation efforts GSF was extremely helpful with my preparation for college At the time I was in GSF I was unaware of its benefits for college now as I am in college I can see how much I am prepared because of GSF Being a part of the program I was exposed to college tours as a 9th and 10th grader this allowed me to get a headstart in my college application and preparation process The language classes and travels helped me to become comfortable in new environments and the financial aid classes helped me understand how to manage money while in college All of the things GSF exposed us to will allow me to thrive now once I am in college and beyond MOST MEANINGFUL PART OF GSF The most meaningful aspect of GSF is the connections I made and developed while in the program Being a part of GSF I was able to meet and encounter many people that I usually wouldn t come across Even though I met new people there were still people I already knew and being in such a tight knit cohort my relationship with those people developed and our bonds became stronger Because of GSF I made many lasting relationships and have found an additional community to call family MOST HELPFUL WHY Cultural Competency was the most helpful to me because I plan to travel and study abroad again During college and after I want my career to include traveling abroad and the early exposure to learning a new language and travel internationally has helped me to prepare

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Global Scholars YOU are the CHANGE the world is waiting for Travel the World Seek Knowledge and allow these opportunities to transform your future From Professional Management Consulting Services LLC PMCS

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CHRISTINA PRICE 2021 Graduate Temple University Major Criminal Justice REASON FOR ATTENDING Cost Location Scholarship Opportunities SCHOLARSHIPS Fly in 4 Grant Achievers Temple University Grant Federal Communications Bar Association COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS I thought college was going to be much more difficult and longer than what it actually was It was difficult in some adjusting away from homes making new friends balancing personal life with school work mental health etc But overall it was a worthwhile experience WAS GSF HELPFUL IN COLLEGE READINESS HOW GSF was very helpful in my college preparation because the program taught me to be active in meeting new people and to never be fearful of putting myself out there in an effort to make connections and friends MOST MEANINGFUL WHY GSF provided me the first opportunity to go abroad and strengthened some of the friendships that I currently have with former GSF members MOST HELPFUL WHY Cultural Competency I enjoy learning new things about other people and cultures Since 2015 I ve been so excited and more eager to go on trips I was planning on studying abroad last summer however COVID 19 messed up my plans GSF S IMPACT More willing to try new foods More willing to try new adventures and to be independent in my experiences and actions Broadened my perception and my knowledge of the world past the US Career Aspirations My current career aspirations are to eventually go to law school and then to take the Bar Exam I am still deciding on the area of expertise but at the moment I have been thinking of working with individuals on death row who are trying to commute their sentences from death to live in prison

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DARRYN STEWART 2021 Graduate Albright College Major Sociology REASON FOR ATTENDING Cost Admission Process Population SCHOLARSHIPS Tuition Exchange Achievers DC Kagro FCBA College Scholarship laptop COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS I expected college to be an experience like my parents had WAS GSF HELPFUL IN COLLEGE READINESS HOW Yes it was very helpful to me because it taught me how to manage my time properly It was also helpful because it taught me about getting to know people regardless of their background MOST MEANINGFUL WHY The most meaningful aspect of GSF for me was the when we started learning about the culture of Morocco and Spain MOST HELPFUL WHY Cultural Competency I know at some point in my life I want to travel to different countries Therefore making sure I take the time to research the language and culture of a country so that I can visit there respectfully is very meaningful to me GSF S IMPACT Helped my writing skills Exposed me to cultures Introduced me to important issues Career Aspirations I plan on being a social worker and receive my private practice license to become a mental health and couples counselor

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KATELYNN WILLIAMS 2021 Bowie State University Major Mass Communication REASON FOR ATTENDING Location Major Internship Opportunities Classification i e PWI HBCU SCHOLARSHIPS Honors Scholarship 32 000 Most Outstanding Journalist Award 5 000 Bowie State University COLLEGE EXPECTATIONS I expected college to be a gateway to adulthood which it has been I have learned how to be academically and financially independent while getting the best real life experiences WAS GSF HELPFUL IN COLLEGE READINESS HOW Yes GSF was very helpful Attending an arts high school most of our college tours and meetings were based around schools focusing on just the arts GSF helped me learn about and explore schools that had all different education paths MOST MEANINGFUL WHY The most meaningful aspect of GSF was being able to travel and learn about new cultures outside of the educational world Being in the program was very different than just being forced to learn about things in an educational setting MOST HELPFUL WHY Cultural Competency I had never been good at foreign language classes in school but being in the Saturday morning classes was a very different experience for me I felt like I was being prepared for something real and not just for the sake of a grade GSF S IMPACT I made life long connections I was able to learn how to be financially literate I learned the importance of discovering new cultures Career Aspirations I aspire to be a Radio Television Personality as well as pursue an acting career

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Global Scholars Foundation Virtual Gala 25K Expenses reduced from 2018 in person gala 35 Increase in revenue from 2018 in person gala The COVID 19 Pandemic caused the whole world to CHANGE the way we do business The GSF like most non profits rolled up our sleeves planned and implemented our first ever virtual gala Impact for Life focusing most specifically on the impact the program has had on District of Columbia teens

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GALA SPONSORSHIP INDIVIDUAL 75 00 INDIVIDUAL 300 00 INDIVIDUAL 50 00 Aisha Randall Alyssa McCall Areaka McFadden Ben Soto Crystal Kuykendall Cynthia Cooke St Ange Dawn Cromer Dawn Lewis Deanna Cooke Dennis Bobo Ebaide Akhigbe Eugene Harley Glaceria Mason Helen Compton Harris Jane Brown Jason Stockwell Kimberly Cobb LaVonne Taliaferro Bunch Max Maurice Meta Williams Njeri Santana Nwenna Randall Osebo Akhigbe Randy Hicks Robin Wilkerson Roz Gonalez Tiffany Rose Tito Barnes Valerie Joyner Hall Areaka McFadden Gordon Andrew Fletcher Imani Horton Kevin Jones Leslie Jones LuJuana Richardson Valerie Joyner Hall INDIVIDUAL 500 00 Anita Cooke Wells Denise Thomas Penny Harvey Yancey Johann Lashley John Denise Cotton Pressley Reed Sabrina Nathaniel Davis Willie Evans INDIVIDUAL 250 00 Christopher Peek Mark Washington INDIVIDUAL 200 00 INDIVIDUAL 40 00 Ericka Boone Craig Galloway Eric D Jones Martin Taylor Valentina Ajari Dawn Evans India Young INDIVIDUAL 150 00 ADS Bryan Craig Lincoln Jenkins INDIVIDUAL 100 00 Alyssa McCall Amilcar Mendez Arthor Johnson Dawn Cooke Dawn Lewis Dennis Abrams Dezarey Thomas Eddie Neal Gwendolyn Horton Jack Roberts Junius Carter Kyle Hutchinson LaVonne Taliaferro Bunch Mark Chalfant Michelle Johnson Olive Idehen Sharon Marshall Sherilyn Cooke Shonta Dawkins Valerie Joyner Hall Venious Parker C Earl Peek 250 Cammie Jeffress 250 Gene Harley Advantage International 250 Glaceria Mason 1 000 Kappa Alpha Psi 500 New Life Worship Center 1 000 PMSC 1 000

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