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Tremaine Grooms 

 Miss Armstrong


English 2, Period 1

Religion in Australia

Religion and beliefs make up a big part of Australia’s culture.The religious makeup of Australia has changed gradually over the past 50 years. Christianity was the main religion but Australia  is increasing in religious diversity. Hinduism had the most significant growth  between 2006 and 2016, driven by immigration  from South Asia. How likely a person was to identify with a religion in 2016 had  a lot to do with their age. Although there is a diversity of religions in Australia their beliefs has made a big part in their culture. (2016 Census: Religion)    

Language in Australia

An important factor in Australia is the languages that are spoken in the country. English is spoken by the majority of the population but there are a lot of immigrants in Australia  who can not speak English. Australian English and British English is similar. In Australia they have different languages that use English words, but they just have different meanings for those words. They have a lot of other languages other than English, for example Italian, Arabic, Greek, and Cantonese. Language is important in Australia because it helps to build a big part of its culture. (Sawe)

History of how the country was created

The history of Australia is a major part of Its culture and the culture has been around in australia for many many years. European explorer sailed the coast of australia, when it was called New Holland but in 1770 Captain Cook claimed it for Britain. Saying when it became a nation and how many languages there are.n paragrah four it tells you a lil bit about the government and lets you know how things work.

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