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Caitlan Grindstaff 

Miss. Armstrong


English 2

1st period

Australia's Culture

Category 1: Government 

A major part of Australia is government. There aren’t really any hierarchies in the offices of Australia. The offices like the idea of the same respect with everybody. In the offices relationships “between coworkers” are not judged so no need to worry, but they need to keep it professional throughout office hours, it doesn’t matter after hours. People will think that they are not able to do anything if they avoid working. Although alcohol is not for binging “thing” in Australia, they drink it all the time, but there are still many rules and regulations. Some of these laws are strict around opening hours of pubs and eating places, well known popular places, and also around outdoor restaurants. Since government creates the laws to help keep Australia in order, government is important to Australia (Kimmorley).

Category 2: Religion

As Australia gets older, there becomes more of a variety of religions. Fifty years ago the statistics showed that eighty-eight percent of Australia was Christian. Since then it has decreased to fifty-two percent. Australia’s Muslim and Hindu population added more than 100,000 people. Now they only represent about 2.6% and also 1.9% of Australia’s population. About ninety-five percent of Australia’s population were surveyed and more of them didn’t claim a religion that they are under a certain religion. About thirty percent of them have no religion, and the rest are either Catholic or Anglican. Gary Bouma, professor of sociology, said that Australia is more diverse. He says that it’s been obvious for a long time but has become more evident over the years. He also mentioned that they are about the only country that has three different religions. Even though there was about 0.8% unaffiliated people in Australia in 1966, Australia is not becoming an Atheist country(Berlinger).

Category 3: Food

A major part in Australia is food. The settlers of Australia from England were not good at farming. Not being good at farming caused many bad things, like extreme starvation and scarcity on nourishment. They relied on many foods that came from England, so they could live and they also learned how to eat the foods they were surrounded by, like wild foods. Australia’s diet is influenced by many countries around the world, because of that other countries, such as Greece, Italy, etc have introduced more foods to their country. Australians usually eat fruit, toast, eggs, bacon, and juice for breakfast. Lunch would usually be a salad sandwich. For dinner they ate meat with vegetables, a salad, and a dessert. Since the end of WW2 there has been change in Australian food. People from other countries brought new ideas. Animal flesh is a big part in Australia’s diet. At one time they were worried about their cholesterol and fat so they began to eat kangaroo. Now in the twenty-first century of Australia other meats are eaten, not kangaroo(“Australia Recipes”).

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