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               The Manhattan Project:                          
              The story of the production                      

                   of the first atomic bomb                                 

             By Gregory 



             Image result for atomic bomb ww2    

  The second produced atomic bomb. design similar to the first one

   A   beautiful city stands at Japan, right before a dark, black and supersized mushroom cloud surrounded it.  A immense ball of fire was eating everything within sight in the city. The people were dust covering the ground within seconds of the detonation. A heap of ash layed there like sawdust on the remnants of the ruins. It soon leaves behind a massive, mega sized crater that represents now  abandoned and annihilated city. A research project known as the Manhattan Project created this lethal and catastrophic weapon. This is the story of the first creation of the first atomic bomb. Image result for atomic bomb ww2 damage 

 The destruction at Hiroshima. The first of the atomic bombings. This is one of the many serverly hit spots.

Our story begins in early 1939, where the world found about the German knowledge of the splitting of the uranium bomb. The world panicked, fearing that the Germans could produce and weapon capable of massive annihilation. “I must forewarn the allies of the alarming situation of the alarming aggression of unknown destruction” thought Einstein furiously as he traveled with another scientist to escape the axis powers. These two scientists, Einstein and Fermi, knew they needed to immediately inform the allies of this situation before it got in bad hands.   Image result for einstein and Fermi

                              Einstein and Fermi discussing plans

        Both of them did their parts. Einstein sent a letter to President Roosevelt (Franklin D.) to address this issue and Fermi informed various government officials.  Did Einstein and Fermi ever doubt that the government would ignore them? Well luckily, Roosevelt agreed to start the project to produce nuclear weapons, but wanted to proceed slowly. By late 1941, The American effort to produce an atomic bomb officially started and received its code name.The Manhattan Project.           


  Image result for roosevelt and einstein

Einstein's letter to roosevelt suggesting the production of the first atomic bomb called the szilard letter

The Manhattan Project at first was just a minor research program at a few universities. Did the scientists working there ever think that the mission would be unsuccessful? Things got much better for them after they developed the first human contained nuclear chain reaction.  (A nuclear chain reaction is the series of uranium atoms that split hit by a neutron.)

       Image result for nuclear chain reaction model

 model of a nuclear chain reaction. This is the basic foundation of how the atomic bomb works. (Since it is unstable, it will produce bigger destruction when it is set off)

After this extreme achievement, people had more faith to donate more  and join the Manhattan Project. Because of this extreme achievement, this highly advanced research project had more workers, funds and many nuclear facilities were built. During this time, many people involved in the manhattan project both secretly and known.


After this extreme achievement, people had more faith to donate more fundings and join the Manhattan Project. Because of this extreme achievement, this highly advanced research project had more workers, funds and many nuclear facilities were built. During this time, many people involved in the Manhattan Project, both secretly and known. 



Image result for manhattan project nuclear plants  U.S. engineers dismantle the ...


  One of the many power plants during                  Workers toil to build designs of the                             the Manhattan Project                                                 atomic bomb

   ... Billboard Oak Ridge During ...



  U.S officals built these propganda boards to encourage manhattan project workers to keep quiet. After all, what would happen is the axis powers knew?

  J. Robert Oppenheimer was the official director of the research and organized the design of it. Leslie Groves was also a director of the project and in charge of the US army corps of Engineers. Only them, the Inner core scientists -- or the high officials in charge of this project, knew about the information about creating the atomic bomb. This information was considered classified-- since it would be hard to keep 130,000 people quiet and not telling this information to the Axis powers. In fact, Vice President Harry S. Truman didn’t know about the Manhattan project until he became president! Even President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill agreed not to inform Stalin of the project.


Image result for scientists of manhattan project



          The main scientists and high officals of the Manhattan Project.                             This is a picture of most of them. 


      After years of working, developing ideas, creating equations and building design models, the product of the Manhattan project was finally created. These workers and scientists created the world’s first atomic bomb called “Gadget” on July 16, 1945. Image result for the manhattan project  File:Moscow Polytechnical ...


                                                                    First version of the atomic bomb. This model                                                                             called " Gadget" is now preserved in a museum                                                                        


 Image result for first atomic bomb


          "Gadget" preparing to be detonated


      Gadget was tested and detonated at Trinity Site, near Alamogordo, New Mexico. “I wonder if Gadget will succeed and detonate just as expected” said J. Robert Oppenheimer as he squeezed through the thousands of people that were watching. Scientists gathered there, feeling with fears and delight on unpredictable possibilities of Gadget while it was in the air.



 Image result for first atomic bomb new mexico

  atomic bombing of New Mexico, Trinity site. This is the first few seconds of the explosion


      Time moved slow, everyone froze, Gadget was now in the air. A instant blinding flash of light hit all the scientists and knocked out civilian windows up to 100 miles away. A sudden mushroom cloud appeared and rose a startling 40,000 feet tall in the air. The supersized crater covered half a mile and morphed most of the sand into glass.

Image result for aftermath of trinity site explosion


The radioactive glass produced after the explosion is called "Trinitite". Many of this type of glass still exists today and is still radioactive. (radioactive material is made of radiation. Too much radation can damage human cells and kill people.)

        This successful test amazed scientists with excitement. They had just created the most impressive tool that changed the human world now and permanently. History has just been made. But in order to explain what happened to civilians, without telling the truth, a immediate cover up story was made and explained that a enormous animation dump that exploded.      Image result for Manhattan project scientists cheer after successful detonation


     Scientists are amazed and examine the ground after the detonation.   

       After word arrived to president Truman who was currently in Potsdam, Germany, the world’s first nuclear age had begun. Scientists of the Manhattan project made adjustments to the Gadget, twerking it to be the most destructive force mankind has ever known.    

Image result for truman at potsdam


President Truman at Posdam, Germany before reciving word about successful atomic bomb


       Fortunately, the war in Europe had already ended with the defeat of Germany and Italy. Since the atomic bomb was finished after the war in Europe, conflict had already been settled so it couldn’t be used there. It’s only use was to be the American official back-up plan to end the fighting in Asia in case the Japanese was able to defend themselves against American forces. The Manhattan Project was the moment and time where American scientists finally utilized the atomic bomb and nuclear weapons we know of today.


     Image result for end of manhattan project

  Workers walk out of power                                                                                      plants and celebrate



     Although the Axis powers never discovered or got their hands on the Manhattan Project, a Soviet Union spy named Klaus Fuchs reported this information after disguising himself as an inner core scientist and gave the formula of the nuclear weapons modern day Russia has today and recently.


 Image result for fat man bomb

Atomic bomb called "Fat Man" ( the bomb is very wide and heavy) that was developed by the Soviet Union in 1945 after they got their hands on the original atomic bomb formula.

    It was devastating to the Allies (not including Soviet Union) because it gave the Soviet Union a more destructive force and a much better chance to win in the Cold War. Which was the war right after World War Ⅱ.  


Image result for soviet union atomic bomb development


nuclear bombs designed by Borisovich, a soviet union nuclear bomb manager


    Shortly after this, Japanese forces were able to hold American forces off in the Pacific. Americans, who had lost many lives fighting the Japanese in the Pacific, wanted to end the quickly without losing any more lives by dropping the atomic bombs at Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


  The American casualties while trying to take control of one Japanese controlled island. Millions of Troops died andput their lives at risk while fighting in the Pacific theater.


       How did the Manhattan project scientists and leaders feel about dropping a lethal and catastrophic weapon on Japan? They did feel guilty about it but that guilty feeling wasn’t gonna stop the US from ending World War Ⅱ. Between 150,000 and 200,000 Japanese people died in these bombings.

Image result for atomic bomb ww2 damage 


    atomic bombing on Nagasaki. This is the "Mushroom cloud" right after the detonation


                                                       Atomic bomb creations and designs:

Image result for fat man bomb  


Design[edit]     diagram of a basic atomic bomb

                                                                                                                      in the 1940's


        Einstein after hearing about the bombing quotes, “Woe is me” and regrets suggesting the production of the atomic bomb in an interview. He said this because of the loss of many lives at Japan (because of the atomic bombing) and the Germans failure to produce the atomic bomb.  Today, many historians still argue whether the dropping of the atomic bomb was a necessary action to get Japan to surrender. The Manhattan project leads me to this very important and debatable question. Although the Manhattan Project allowed the Allies to win World War Ⅱ, it created the basic foundation of the destructive force that the world holds today. My question to you is this: Was it really worth it?



... Vector graphics: Bomb 


    recent atomic bombing... This is a few years before scientists developed highly dangerous nuclear bombs. How dangerous could modern nukes be?


    Author Gregory Peng's bibliography for research. Use these websites for more info or do your own research on the manhattan project.


I hope you enjoyed this book and have more knowledge. Thanks for reading!


Best wishes, 

Gregory Peng