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Story of school playground...I found this very interesting and dishearting at the same time. In education (and Hattie research) there is only one thing that stands out among the rest in terms of effect, relationships. You can not fake or buy a relationship, so do schools think they can? Is it that they do not have the time to invest in making the relationships? Do they not know how to make a strong relationship? Are there other berrers that are not easly identified? These are questions I would like to pursue in the near future.

Why is it difficult to put in place some of the research we are learning from Hattie?

This is an issue I have faced when working with teachers. People have an opinon an some do not know the differance between opinon and facts. If it works or does not work in their classrooms then that is enough for them to beleive it as fact. I do find it funny how some can argue with facts. 

The #1 take away for me isn't the text or the subject of this class. My #1 is how the class is conducted. We have, at times, heated debates that are hidden in humor. We have a safe environment that allows for this type of learning. We also have relationships that are formed in our face to face interactions. The text drives these conversations, but the professor sets the stage.