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By: Nick Oliveira and Aidan Case


Greedy Greg's Christmas Miracle

It was Christmas Eve in a small town called Bigville. The night sky was cloudy, and snowflakes were dancing down from above. The ground was covered in a fluffy, white blanket of snow.



The Johnson family house was as warm as a freshly baked cookie. The whole family gathered around the table, said a prayer, and started to dig in.  

On the table, there was loads of food like turkey, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, steak, pies, cake, cookies, and eggnog.  Greedy Greg saw the food, and he went crazy.  He grabbed every item possible and ate it as fast as he could. Munch, munch!

The Christmas tree was lit.  The whole house was dark. The Johnson family was asleep. They were all dreaming sweet dreams except, for Greedy Greg. Greedy Greg was dreaming about how he’d keep all of his presents to himself.


In the middle of the night, Greedy Greg awoke to the sound of reindeer hooves on the roof and a deep, “Ho, ho, ho!”  

Greedy Greg woke his whole family, which was contently asleep.  “Santa came, Santa came!” he yelled while running down the halls.  He led his family downstairs to see the stockings loaded and presents piled under the tree.

Greedy Greg ripped open all of his presents before anybody was ready to open theirs. “Wait!” the family yelled, but he didn’t listen.  

Connor and Claire, Greedy Greg’s brother and sister, came running to stop him, just to find the family room a disaster area. Wrapping paper was running rampantly around the room. All of Greedy Greg’s presents were in a wheelbarrow which he was pushing up stairs.

"Where are you going Greg?” Connor and Claire shouted. “Back to my room so I can play with my new toys!” Greedy Greg shouted back.

The rest of the family opened their presents together. It was only 3 o’clock in the morning, so the rest of the family decided to go back to sleep.

The family woke up to the sounds of Greedy Greg snickering like a squirrel. He was snickering because he knew that he wasn’t going to share his toys with anybody.

Claire and Connor asked Greedy Greg if they could play with some of his toys. He yelled, “NO!” as loud as someone yelling into a megaphone. Greedy Greg locked his door and yelled, “GO AWAY!” Connor and Claire then went outside to play. They gathered all of the kids on the block and started to think of a game to play.

All of the kids, except for Greedy Greg, were playing tag in the street. The kids were laughing and screaming while playing the game.

Greedy Greg hears all of the laughter and looks out his window. After seeing all of the kids playing in the court, he feels left out, but he keeps on telling himself that he is fine on his own.

He couldn’t take it anymore! He opened his window and yelled out, “Can I play with you guys?” Connor and Claire yelled back, “Yeah, sure! Come on down!”

Greedy Greg came outside with all of his toys loaded in the wheelbarrow. He apologized for being so greedy and let everybody play with his toys.

Greg wasn’t greedy anymore. He had this special feeling inside of him. He then realized that this feeling was caused by doing a good deed. He had never done a good deed before.

All of a sudden, a snow blizzard arrived. Greg invited all of the kids on the block to enjoy some of his personal stash of hot chocolate. He told the kids, “This hot chocolate costs an arm and a leg, so enjoy it.” Now, doing good deeds is a piece of cake for Greg.

How many blue candy canes did you see?

The End