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Friends that will be together forever.

By Sofia Delgado

Inseprable Friendships


2 stories that will melt you heart

By Sofia Delgado 

2 Friendships that will melt your heart                                                                      

Inseprable Friendshps

To Mrs. Jones & Mrs.Mancoso

      The teachers that helped me    through this      





Roo & Penny..........6



Ruuxa & Raina.......10



More about silike chickens......18



More about cheetahs.........19



About the author..........20




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        Meet Alicia William who has  some unusual friends.  Roo  and  Penny.  Now these friends  sound  like normal people but, they're  not.  Roo is a two legged  chihuahua.  Now, Penny has two  leg but isn’t a dog.  Penny is a  silkie chicken.  Both fur-tastic  friends were rescued from terrible  situations.....


    Now, there not the only adorable friendship you'll meet.  There's also Ruuxa and Raina.  The cheetah and Rhodesian Ridgeback go together like Peaunt butter and jelly.  Also, a growth abnorblity that threatened Ruuxa's paws.......






    Penny was rescued from a testing facility.  She had finished her duties and was going to be “disposed” of.  Until, Willams a nearby college student stepped in to rescue her.   Roo’s story is a little bit similar.  Roo was born with deformed legs.  So, he didn’t have his legs.  And a hole in his skull that will never close.  The weather in which Roo was found spine-chilling.  If he wasn't found then, he would probably have froze to death that night.  His owner abandoned him and left him in a ditch in a nearby park.  Someone found him and brought him to duluth animal hospital, where Willams works.  They nursed him back to health.  Williams fell in love with him so, she adopted him.  

Roo & Penny

      Since, Roo only has 2 front legs Williams realized that he needed a wheelchair.  Then one day, a wonderful lady walked in and saw Roo.  When she started talking to Williams and she mentioned that she needed money for the wheelchair.  After their chat the lady left.  After a couple days she came back.  That nice lady handed the money right over.  Williams refused but, she insited.  The woman never mentioned her name and never came back.  




Once they took Roos

measurements the wheelchair was made by a special company.  At first Roo hated it like a kid hated broccoli.  But, Williams had a plan.  Every time that Roo is in the wheelchair everyone would give him treats.  Thus, the problem was solved.  The wheelchair even has a little stand, where Penny can stand on it.

Now he does everything in it.  From eating.  To playing with Penny.  He practically lives in it.  Sometimes you can even catch him taking naps in it.

        Williams takes Roo & Penny to work every single day.  When people come into Duluth animal hospital, where Williams works people are very surprised to see Roo & Penny.  Especially Penny, because those people have never seen a silkie chicken!  

      So you think that they don't ride in the same carrier?  Well, you thought wrong.  Every single time they go out, or anywhere they ride in the same exact carrier.  When they get to Williams work, in the front desk they have a pillow in which they can sit on.  Also, a little stair structure where they sit.  Behind the reception desk is Penny's little “domain”.  Even sometimes she lays eggs back there.  Which are edible!

    Wherever they go they are always playing.  Whether it's outside or at their house or even at Duluth Animal Hospital.  Nothing can break them up.  Not even a killer storm will tear apart this friendship.  And even though there are waymore other dogs, Penny still prefers Roo.    


     When Roo & Penny met it was friendship at first sight. They instantly hit it off.  When they sleep , they sleep together.  Sometimes when Roo is sleeping, Penny will sit on him like an egg!  The reason they love sleeping together is that Penny is Roo's big teddy bear. They sleep together every single night.


    There friendship is one of a kind.  They’re practically inseparable.  In fact when they met roo started chewing on Penny's soft, silkie feathers.  and he still does that today!  Williams understand that they want to do everything together.  From eating and cuddling and taking a shower.  Also, since a silkie chickens lifespan is almost as long as a dog's life there perfect together.  They're like two magnets who don’t wanna come apart.

    Meet Ruuxa the cheetah.  Born as an only child Ruuxa was abandoned  after a couple of days by her mother.  Shortly after the San Diego Zoo adopted her.  When a cheetahs are born they are usually born 5-6 cubs.  When a only cub is born, the mother usually disowns them.  Mostly because, they think the cub will not survive in the wild.


Ruuxa & Raina

    Since, Ruuxa was a only cub the San Diego Zoo they needed to get Ruuxa a comapain and fast!  That's when Raina comes in.  Raina is a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.  First, they were introduced through the glass.  Then, they were allowed to sniff each other.  Finally, they were both put in the same cage.  They immediately hit it off.  First, they started just sniffing each other. Then, they started touching each other.  Finally, they started snuggling for warmth.  Awww!

At 3 and 4 weeks old they formed a strong bond at small ages.  Which will help their friendship even more  When they grow up to ages of 1 their bond grew even stronger.  And so on and so on.  And even though it’s crazy to form a bond of a cheetah and dog they're a perfect match.


Everything was going well until the zookeepers 

noticed something peculiar about Ruuxa.  Ruuxa’s front paws were growing inward on each other.  So a specialist was brought in to look at her paws.  There worst fears were confirmed.  Ruuxa had a growth abnormality in both her front paws.  




   So Ruuxa had to undergo a surgery to 

save her paws.  The whole time Raina was standing off at the side worried for her best friend.  After 3 or 4 hours the surgery was done.  The surgery was a success.  After the sleeping medicine wore off, Raina and Ruuxa were allowed to see each other.


    While Ruuxa’s paws heal he has to wear casts.  Which means Raina and Ruuxa couldn't play like they used to.  So while Ruuxa paws were in the casts they were bored out of there minds.  Since, they practically spend every minute together they didn’t have a lot of options, during that time.  


    After Ruuxa’s casts were taken off they were reunited.  After they could finally take their giant walks all over the zoo.  When Ruuxa was fully healed they could wrestle and play together how they used too.  Sun to Moon they play together.  Sometimes they will play way after the moon rises.  Their unique love has no condition.



After Ruuxa’s casts were taken off they 

were reunited.  After they could finally take their giant walks all over the zoo.  When Ruuxa was fully healed they could wrestle and play together how they used too.  Sun to Moon they play together.  Sometimes they will play way after the moon rises.  Their unique love has no condition.

 Ruuxa and Raina share almost everything.  From food and water bowls to toys there practically inseparable.  They both have a similar lifespan. There bond is lifelong.  Also, they have a similar diet there perfect for each other.  If they ever get in a situation they’ll get out of it together.


The End

      Silike chickens get there silike apperance from there feathers.  Due, to the lack of  barb's in their feathers.  Silike chickens come in various colors.  Also, silike chickens seem to not have eyes but, they do.  These chicken's are chicken's that love company.


  Silike chickensn are great moms.  They sometimes have ducklings and goosinglings.  Their suprised when their baby takes to the water!

   More About Silike Chickens


  Cheetahs are the fastest land animal in the world.  Their slender long bodies are built for speed. 


  In 1900, there were about 100,000 cheetahs.  Now there is about  9,000 to 12,000 cheetahs in the wild.  There is about 200 cheetahs living in isolated populations.           


More about Cheetahs

     Cubs are brown-black in color with long, woolly hair running down their backs. This color is thought to camouflage cubs in grass, hiding them from predators. Mothers move cubs to new hiding places every few days, so they won't be found. At 5 - 6 weeks, cubs follow the mother and begin eating from their mothers food.

                             Sofia Delgado lives in a quaint little house in scarsdale.  Lives with 12 people.  She still is in middle school and loves her friends.  She plans on entering college to become a fahion degesiner and produce lines of fashion that everybody will love.  She loves going to parties and eating pizzza.  She loves her family and hopes that one day she will get a husky or simase kitten.

   About the Author