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South Middle School

Grade 6 Orientation 

South Middle School

"Home of the Dragons"


    Whether you take the bus, walk to school, or get a ride, these doors are where you will enter the building.

When you get into the auditorium, you will sit in the section at the far left. From 7:30 to 7:55, music and other videos will be playing on the screens to your left and right. At 7:55, you will be dismissed to your homerooms.

7:30 to 7:55 

In each grade, you will be assigned to either the "A" cluster or "B" cluster. Each cluster is made up of four "core" teachers; Math, Science, English and Social Studies. 


As a group of students in that cluster you will meet with those same four teachers throughout the day, but you may not travel together. For example, Michael and Zach might have period 1 Math together, but Zach might go to Science period 2 while Michael goes to Social Studies period 2. For Specialists, like Music or Art, students from both clusters will have classes together.




In Homeroom, you will wait until 8:15 to go to period 1. Depending on your teacher, you will be able to sit with your friends in YOUR homeroom. You will be served breakfast everyday. Make sure to pick up your mess. Your teacher will take attendance and then you will listen to announcements and say the pledge. After, you will wait for the bell to ring to go to class.  

After the homeroom bell rings you will go to your first and second  period classes which could be Math, Science, Social Studies or English.   


8:15-9:05, 9:05-9:55 (periods 1 & 2)

9:55-10:45 (Period 3)

This is when you will have Specialists.


Specialists include classes like Gym, Art, or Music.


You will not go to these classes every day; instead, they will rotate throughout the week.

Lunch (10:45-11:15)

"The way you behave in a restaurant is the way you should behave in the cafe."-Mr. Pomfret.

You will sit 8 to a table with your period 4 class and wait to be called up in line. When you're in line, you can only get one tray. After you get your food, you sit back down with your class. Depending on the weather and the behavior in the cafe, you will be able to go outside.

11:15-12:05, 12:05-1:00 (periods 4&5)

You will have either your Math, English, Science or Social Studies class for periods 4 and 5.

1:00-1:50 (period 6: Language Arts or Foreign Language)

Depending on your test scores, you will be placed in a Foreign Language or a Language Arts class. If you are placed in a Foreign Language class, you will either have Spanish or Latin for the first half of the year; then for the second half of the year, you will have the opposite language. If you have Language Arts, you will have it all year.

Enrichment (Monday-Thursday) 1:50-2:35

Three out of the four days, you will be required to take part in Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) in your homerooms. One of those days, you will go to an extra enrichment class.

Skills for Life (Fridays) 1:50-2:35

Every Friday during enrichment, you will be assigned to meet with two of your teachers for a lesson that will give you the skills you need for life. You will have this class for most of the year. Sometimes this class might have special presentations in the auditorium.


ALWAYS stay on the right!!!

Don't linger around in the hallway, keep it moving.


 The three principals Mr. Karo, Mr. Pomfret, and Mrs. Olansen all have offices in the back of the main lobby. The secretary is located in the front.


You earn Dragon Bucks for doing well academically, socially, or behaviorally. You can use them to "buy" items in the Dragon Store. 

Life Skills

There are different types of life skills classes. They range from autism to high special needs to physical disabilities. Be mindful and respectful of these kids. TREAT THEM THE WAY YOU'D TREAT ANY OTHER PERSON. 


If you are sick or need medical attention, come and see  Mrs . Fisher. Her office is located in the front of the eighth grade hallway. You CAN NOT call your guardian to come and get you. Mrs Fisher will assess your medical problems and she'll dismiss you.


Mrs. G is responsible for creating your schedule, setting up meetings with your parents and helping you decide where you want to go to for high school.

Band and Chorus 

At the beginning of the year, if you audition for chorus and get in, you will spend certain days of the week in the music room with Ms. Higgins. Band also meets with Ms. Javonillo on certain days.

At the beginning of the year, a packet will be distributed with all the after school programs. Some of these may include Drama Club, Jazz Choir, Anime Club, Student Council, etc. but you are strongly advised to stay after with your core teachers if you need help with a certain subject.

After School 


You will get a lock and a locker that you will share with someone from your homeroom. Teachers will allow you to visit your locker before school, before lunch, and after school. 

1. Be respectful to everybody.

2. Keep track of your OWN things everyday. Utilize your resources. These will help you in the long run.

3. Show up on time everyday!!!!!!!!!

4. Eat a good breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day.

5. Choose friends wisely, don't let bad kids influence you.

5 Tips For Success