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Gregory Reynolds

By:Grace Hester

I picked this animator because he was the first person that I thought of. I really look up to him because he went through so much just to move to california where he is now and it took 10 years just to be recognized for his work. But he never stopped trying. He may not be as famous and well known as people like Walt Disney, or Dr.Suess or any other animator you can pick out easly from the end credits, but he has done the animation and special effects for a lot more recognizable movies than you think.


On March 20th in 1999 Gregory Wade Reynolds was offered his first project which was the TV show, Jimmy Newtron, that was released on December 9th in 2001. The first year was just trying to get the idea in place and setting out the main idea of the first few episodes. After the show aired and the show started to become a big deal he started to get other offers from big movie companies but it didn’t happen all at once he was given his second offer for a project in the year 2006 for the movie Surf’s Up. Then after it aired in 2007 his work really started to become recognized and one thing lead to the next and his latest project that was documented was the new Ghostbusters movie. In the meantime he was offered a lot of new movie deals for the special effect director and head of the animation division but in the end he stuck with Pixar. But that didn’t stop him from helping make disney movies and shows and movies for other companies as well. In the year 2010 he met his amazing wife of almost 7 years, Lisa, on the set of the Green Lantern movie. She was just an assistant at the time for the special effects division at the time though. And by the year 2012 he proposed to her on the set of the Men In Black 3 set in front of the crue on the set at the time, they even helped him make it look awesome, they put fog machines up and everything. And so a couple years later just after the OZ. The Great and Powerful movie aired in 2013 their child who is now 3 years old was born on March 14, they named him Jack. And he is still doing projects for multiple companies to this day.



Here are some of the movies/TV shows that he has helped make that I didn't mention in the Biography...