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      In 1781 a fluffle of bunnies came together to write the Articles of Confederation. The fluffle of bunnies knew they needed something to allow all of the states to be represented within one system. They came up with the Congress.

Congress had the majority of the power in the Articles of Confederation. Some powers congress contained was the ability to declare war, sign treaties, appoint military officers, and to manage money.

Each state was represented in congress by one delegate who served no more than 3 years. 

The fluffle of bunnies thought giving a lot of power to the congress and the states was right thing to do. This lead to corrupt instances acrossed the nation. 

The bunnies decided to throw out the Articles of Confederation, and draft the Constitution in 1789.

The constitution is made up of three branches who share about equal power. These branches are legislative, executive, and judicial. Also, the states also had some room to make their own laws through the tenth admendment.

Bunnies in the legislative branch make laws. Some powers they have are the ability to impeach officials, approve treaties, and to originate spending bills. 

Each state gets to send two senators to the senate. However, states get to send more house representitives depeending on population

The legislative branch is also known as the congress. It is made up of two houses. The house and the senate.

The bunny who works as the president in the executive branch carries out federal law, and deals with foreign defense/policies. A few powers the president holds are the abilty to command the armed forces, veto bills, and to deal with foreign powers.

Fluffles of bunnies who work in the judicial branch determine what is constitutional. The powers they have are to review laws, and to decide cases involving states' rights.

The judicial branch is mostly known as the court system. The very top of the court system is the Surpreme Court.

Obviously the Constitution worked out way better than the Articles of Condeferation. It's a good thing the fluffle of bunnies realized they needed to make changes back in 1787. Although they changed a lot they kept a couple things the same. For example...



-Congress still handles a few things involving the armed forces


-Made by the same group of bunnies


-Both were the laws of the government




-Three branches versus one


-States dont have the power to coin money


-Taxes collected by congress


-To pass a new admendment 3/4 of the states have to agree versus all

In conclusion, the bunnies lived happily ever after with their 200 year old rule book. 

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