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Government For Kids

 Christopher Gingerich


In America we have 50 states. 













We have a president and 3 parts of the goverment.



We listen to all the rules that they make.




Our military protects us and helps us follow the rules. Americans pay taxes so the goverment can do their job.



A long time ago when America only had 13 states, we decided to write some rules for the country.









These are rules that the goverment has to follow. They were called the Articles of Confederation. 


Every state was kind of like its own country.

Each state had 1 vote.
















They also had seperate militarys


The president made decisions but the states decided if they wanted to follow them


Articles of Confederation

We decided that the confederation was bad. We were supposed to be one big country not 13.


The articles were thrown away and we made some new rules.






These rules gave the goverment

more power




They gave us a military and money to keep it going.


States had votes bassed on how many people lived there.


We elected a real president to run our country every 4 years.



The constitution

The judicial brance is made of judges.


The judges define the laws.


They can also deny them


if they are unfair.

Our Congress makes laws


They do this to protect the people


The laws have to be passed by the Judicial


branch and the executive.


When we made the constitution we make 3 wings.


They balance each other so that no one is too powerful




The Three Powers


The Executive branch is the 




He Aproves laws and enforces 




His job is very important


He also is in charge of the 



Executive (President)