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Brian Peterson

Period 6


If you give a dolphin a muffin, then she will share with someone else

If she shares it, then she will gain a friend

If she gains a friend, then she will talk to them 

Hey whats up?

Nothing much 

Your really nice

If she talks to them, then they will become bestfriends

Haha thanks

If they become bestfriends, then they will tell each other secrets 

I like Johnny!


If they tell each other secrets, then the secret will get out


She totally likes you

If the secret gets out, then they don't trust each other

Why would you tell him?!

Im sorry!!

If they don't trust each other then they won’t be friends anymore

We arent friends anymore!


If they aren’t friends,then she won’t share anymore

If she doesnt share anymore, then she becomes lonely


If she becomes lonely, then she will want to find friends

I need to find a new friend

If she finds a friend, then they will hangout

If they hang out, then they will get food

Wow Im hungry, you?

Yeah, same

If they get food, then they will get muffins

If you give a dolphin a muffin, then she will share it with someone else

Here ya go

Wow thanks your a good friend!