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Presentation by: Alex Wilson


The best way to not contract any STD/ STI is to practice absitence  

You contract Gonorrhea through sexual contact with someone who is infected.

How do you get it?

It will cause painful urination and possible discharge from sex organs


Many people may be carrying Gonorrhea but may not show symptoms of it. In this case it can still be passed on to others






How do you know you have it?

Can it be cured

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection and can be cured

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection and can be cured

Gonorrhea can be treated and cured with anti-biotics

Where can you can get tested and treated?

You can get tested at a healthcare center or clinic, you can get treatment from any sexual health clinic or doctors office if necessary 


 In men gonorrhea can be painful and can lead to serious conditions but is more serious in women, where if it is untreated they can become infertile and if the condition becomes more serious the infection can spread and possibly lead to death in both male and felmale

What can happen if you dont treat it.

What can someone do to prevent


getting Gonorrhea or an


STD in general?



How can you treat Gonorrhea?



What are the symptoms of





Where can you get tested and


treated for gonorrhea?