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Showcasing RuheGolf's 2016 Golf Lesson Packages and Programs in Woodstock, Georgia. Here's a booklet of current offerings.

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Coaching & Teaching Philosophy

  • Assess each individual’s goals and timeframe for achieving desired results 
  • To teach golf in a fun and efficient manner so that students have the confidence to achieve their goals
  • To improve the student’s overall understanding of their golf swing in order and ability to become their own best teacher 
  • To heighten the student’s awareness of both the physical and mental approaches of the game as it relates to their needs
  • To enhance your overall enjoyment of the game 
  • To provide innovative approaches to playing golf while still honoring the tradition of the game

Our Junior Golf Programs offer a variety of programs for each junior.  The programs are a developmental approach to the game and progress as the junior becomes more experienced.  Programs are available for all skill levels and interests. We have experience in developing outstanding junior and collegiate players, but also help many juniors by creating an avenue for personal achievement and a place of friendship.  The goal of the Junior Golf Program is to not only develop the fundamental skills of the golf swing, but to also instill in each junior the characteristics that will make them successful in life.

junior golf programs

  • Introduce juniors to the game of golf in fun and creative learning environments in order to grow the game.
  • Utilize athletic training and drills to not only develop golf skills, but athletic motion and coordination
  • Build quality relationships between juniors, parents and friends on the golf course that will continue on into adulthood.
  • Provide golf programs that include all skill levels and give students an opportunity to progress to whatever level they choose to excel.
  • Emphasize the relationship of playing the game of golf to personal development of integrity, confidence, honesty and sportsmanship; as well as honoring the rules and traditions of the game

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Supervised practice sessions 

Keeping Junior Golfers On Track