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Gold Hero's Journey

By: Oscar Sosa 

It was just another ordinary in Fairview, New York. David got up and started to get ready fast because he was late to his job. The lab he worked at was not your ordinary lab, it consisted of hazardous materials that were not found anywhere else in the world. These hazardous materials were mixed with the metals so that the metals could become stronger. 


Once David got to the lab he received this new formula and was asked to test it out. He took the formula to the testing area and decided to mix it with gold. At first everything seemed to be going good but after a few minutes the mixture caused a big explosion. 


After the lab exploded, David was the one affected the most but it also affected other people close to the testing area. A few day after the explosion strange things started happening to him. For example he could turn his whole body into gold and make a powerful board appear from under his feet. Once David learned how to control his powers he started to help people in Fairview.


Although David was helping a lot of people, there was still a lot of crime going on in Fairview. The main reason for this is because of the villains that the explosion had created. One of the main villains had the power to control electricity and heat but he was not using his powers for good. The villain was stealing from banks and killing people so everyone was asking David to help them.


Once David heard about this he went out and started to look for the villain. It did not take him long to find him because of how quick he was on the board. Once the villain saw David he satrted attacking him and got him very weak. After David recovered he got back up and started fighting back. Since David's body was made out of gold the electricity and heat of the villain did not affect him as much because he could just absorb all the force. The villain soon realized that he could not defeat David so he tried to escape but it was too late.


After David defeated the villain he was supposed to get rid of him and return back home but it was not over. The villain's friend decided to show up and help him but he was not as powerful as David so he was not successful, because of this David once again defeated another villain and kept the people safe. 


Before David got rid of the villains and returning home, he obtained a radar from them which showed were other villain were located. This was a great discovery for him because with the help of this radar he could keep Fairview and other places around it safe. After everything David did he was recognized everywhere. People appreciated everything he was doing for them and gave him the nickname "Golden Boy" which stuck with him forever.