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magazine comparing and contrasting Islam and Judasim

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Dig deep into the Islam and Judaism religion 

A Harrison White Publication

Features a map showing where Islam and Judaism are most populaur 




Page  2    - Symbols   


Page 3     -    Venn Diagram


Page 4   -  History of religions


Page 5    -   World  Map  


Page 6    -    Current events


Page 7    -   Holidays for each religion


Page 8-        Rites of passage and ceremonies

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            A spinning top                              

t           that Jewish people

           play with during Hanukah.

          The characters written on each 

            side are written in Hebrew.

The Star and the Crescent was adopted by the Islamic people. It actually represents a polytheistic icon. Before an Islamic icon it was a symbol that belonged to the Ottoman Empire.

The Star and Crescent            Allah





DRADLE                         David Star                                     MENORAH


The Star of David is the most well known Jewish symbol. It is named after King David who was believed to have a star on his shield.

Allah is Islam's god. This is not just the gods symbol. In script that is what it looks like.


Green is the official color of Islam. This is because green has to do with life. The Islam Holy books mention green a few times.  

The menorah is the oldest symbol representing Judaism. It is a seven branched candle holder. 

Venn diagram comparing Judaism and Islam 


Q: Where do Jewish and Muslim people worship?


A: Jewish people worship in a synagogue. Muslims (Islamics) worship in mosques.


Q:  Who started Islam and Judiasm? What gods do they worship?

A: Abraham is the father of Judiasm. They call their god Yaweh. The last prophet (person who preaches and speaks to god) Muhammad was the founder of Islam.



History of Judaism and Islam

     Q: Are Judaism and Islam monotheistic or polytheistic?  How do you know?


A: They are both monotheistic because they only believe in one god.


Q: When and where was Judaism and Islam established?


A: Judaism was established in Israel, in 1000 B.C. Islam started in the Arabian Peninsula, in 650 A.D.

Interview with The 'Relgion Doctor'




                                  Article name: Fourteen things to know for Passover 2014

                                  By: Rabbi Brad Hirschfield      found on


          Passover this year starts on April 14th. 

    It celebrates the end of ancient Israelites slavery

    in Egypt. The Jewish holiday is named Passover

    because,  the night before the Israelites ran from

   Egypt, God Passed Over (protected) them.

     Seder Meal is the main event of Passover.

     It is held on the night before the Israelites

    were freed. Wine is served four times over

  the meal. Each cup symbolize one good deed

the Israelites performed. Once they commited four

of these good deeds they were set free.Kids drink

 grape juice instead. All of these events lead up to

 one important lesson. Everyone has rough patches

in life. Remember, that with god you can always get

out of these troubles.





Current Events

* takes place late Nov to early Dec 

*Celebrates victory of Jewish people

over King Antiochus, a tyrant from


*Hanukkah tradition is, people light the

Menorah (candle) every night for

 the 8 final days of Hanukkah  

Hanukkah                                     Ramadan



* 9th month of the Islamic Calender

*lasts for 29 to 30 days

*fast for entire month during daylight hours

*Children older than 12 particapate

*expected to house and feed the poor

*a time to concentrate on faith

*On 27th day celebrate near end of the holiday with fireworks.



Rites of Passage and Ceremonies

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah

These ceremonies celebrate a boy or girl going into adulthood in the Jewish religion. It takes place when the boy or girl is age 12. The person will read a script from the Torah. This is thier first act of adulthood 






This is important event for Muslims. They travel to the city Mecca on foot. This is an act of what happened when Muhammad preached for the final time.  Every Islam tries to do this  at least once in any stage of thier life.