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Gaylord National Trade Highlights
New partnerships with the Richmond Times Dispatch 120,072 circulation, WPZZ FM
Richmond, WJSR FM Richmond and KYW CBS TV Philly
7 TV stations throughout DC, Richmond, Baltimore & Philadelphia provided
strong promotional support that included Video Billboards, Banner Ads,
Calendar Listings, Social Media Posts, Taggibles, TV segments, Commercials
and Contesting
883 :30 Radio Commercials ran on top stations in key drive markets
3 Top Radio Stations in DC provided strong promotional support including
contesting, eblasts, :10 adlets, promo spots, social media, video blogs and
radio remotes
Insert radio videos ads
Gaylord National Trade Highlights
103 Print Ads ran throughout DC and key drive
markets. These include newspapers, general
interest / lifestyle magazines and parenting
9 Banner Ads with various media running Oct - Dec
Philadelphia Inquirer - circulation 710,190
Baltimore Sun circulation 309,061
Richmond Times Dispatch circulation 120,072