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New Media Kit

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Want to reach WILTON? TRUST the source WILTON TRUSTS the most to get its local news. MEDIA KIT JANUARY 2023

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LOCAL. Founded in 2013, has become Wilton’s most-trusted, must-read news source about Wilton — and only Wilton. • Wilton’s only locally-owned independent news • The only news source whose team lives in Wilton and knows Wilton better than anyone. • Other media slashed Wilton coverage dramatically. Now, readers identify GMW as THE source for news on Wilton’s government, schools, real estate, businesses, sports, and residents. It’s their hometown news source, and the way to reach an active, engaged community. REACH the COMMUNITY. • 30,000 unique viewers per month • 100,000 sessions per month • 100,000 pageviews per monthMEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023

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!MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023 advertise@goodmorningwilton.comONLINE. We bring readers what they want — how, where and when they want. COMMUNITY. GOOD Morning Wilton readers get engaged and stay engaged. Direct 37% Organic Search 32% Social 25% Referral/Email 6%CHANNELS4,500 PAGEVIEWS A DAY!4,050 UNIQUE PAGEVIEWS A DAY!2022REACHMobile 68% Desktop 29% Tablet 3%DEVICES5,800+ LIKES 6,350+ FOLLOWERS2,900+ FOLLOWERS1,425+ FOLLOWERS4,600+DAILY newsletter subscribers 625+PAID supporting members

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MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023 advertise@goodmorningwilton.comGMW reader demographicsAge 18-24 12% 25-34 20% 35-44 21% 45-54 19% 55-64 17% 65+ 13% Gender MALE 51% FEMALE 49% Geography Wilton 22.9% Norwalk 22.6% Westport 7.7% New Canaan 5.7% Hartford 1% NY Metro 74.7% NYC 67.5% Westchester 6%94.1%13.7%56%$52% Income ≥ $100,00047% Have Children80% College Educated or above

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MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023 advertise@goodmorningwilton.comReader Interests… In the market for…How GMW readers spend time and money.

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INFLUENCE. Great article! Now I understand the issue. –– MarieI subscribed to your newsletter and I feel like I'm part of the community. I had our weekend plans thanks to you. –– CarolThanks for the coverage, what a turnout … a parking lot that had cars parked in every conceivable place. Great to see your efforts produce so much involvement. nd –– Will M.Thank you for your tireless work covering the campaigns! ! You have made such a positive difference in our town. –– ChrisAs a new resident of Wilton I wanted to say a big thanks for the service you provide. What a great resource to stay educated on local events. –– Ray B.Along with the YMCA, the Wilton Library, the NRVT, Ambler Farm and Trackside, GMW is one of the best assets of our wonderful town. — Mike.! I just canceled our Wilton Bulletin subscription because they're impossible to do business with. Keep up the good work! — DavidI read your email every morning like a newspaper… only better! Thanks for all you do. — KarenAwesome news coverage!!!You have been terrific throughout this news cycle. GMW is the best. — VirginiaThe POWER of you … After your article ran, we were SOLD OUT! — Janet Crystal, Wilton LibraryWhat would we do without our Good Morning Wilton?! BRAVO for all of your excellent professional reporting! And thank you. ! — DianneIncredible job on the videos… better than Channel 12 and rivaling the NY local news. Keep up the excellent work covering Wilton. –– PaulMEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023

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MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023 advertise@goodmorningwilton.comNOTHING COMPARES.SO NOW WHAT?

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AD Names, Sizes & PlacementLeaderboard (PREMIUM)•Maximum TWO advertisers •Runs EVERY page •728 x 90 •$400/month •$700/month exclusiveHomepage Side Banner•Maximum SIX advertisers rotate in THREE ad spots •INCLUDES rotation on ALL article sidebars •300 x 250 •$350/monthHomepage Between Categories•Maximum THREE advertisers rotate in ONE ad spot •800 x 150 •$200/month ‣$75/one week ‣$125/two weeks ‣$175/three weeksMEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023 advertise@goodmorningwilton.comThese are the sizes (in pixels) that images will appear on the website. For better resolution please double length and height, or increase resolution. We're happy to discuss ad design and resolution.

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MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023 advertise@goodmorningwilton.comArticle Side Banner Ads No limit to the number of advertisers that can appear in this zone. Ads will rotate through SIX spots in each sidebar.AD Names, Sizes & PlacementSMALL •On EVERY page (except real estate) •300 x 125 •$150/month ‣$40/one week ‣$80/two weeks ‣$115/three weeksIN-Article Banner Ads (PREMIUM)•Runs in stories longer than FIVE paragraphs. •Limited to FOUR advertisers, ads rotate randomly •Multiple placements may appear in longer stories •700 x 200 •$300/month ‣$100/one week ‣$175/two weeks ‣$250/three weeksLARGE •On EVERY page (except real estate) •300 x 250 •$250/month ‣$80/one week ‣$140/two weeks ‣$190/three weeksLARGE REAL ESTATE •$150/month ‣$40/one week ‣$80/two weeks ‣$115/three weeksSMALL REAL ESTATE •$100/month ‣$30/one week ‣$60/two weeks ‣$80/three weeks

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AD Names, Sizes & PlacementWilton Spotlight We created “Wilton Spotlight” for everyone, whether you’re a long-term advertiser or a new advertiser looking for a more affordable, introductory ad. Your spotlight banner card rotates among four scrolling spots showcasing your business name, image, and message (30-word limit total). It’s the Wilton business community’s must-be-seen business directory!•On EVERY page •$50/month •$250/half-year •$500/yearMEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023

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MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023 advertise@goodmorningwilton.comAD Names, Sizes & PlacementGMW’s Daily Newsletter GOOD Morning Wilton’s newsletter lands in the email inbox of over 4,600 subscribers who have signed up to receive it every morning, Monday through Friday. There’s no better way to reach an engaged, targeted audience who wants news and information about Wilton.•Two Available Spots ‣Top: $175/week ‣Middle: $150/week •700 x 200Top newsletter adMiddle newsletter ad

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Sponsored ContentSponsored Content is a great way for businesses and organizations to spread the word about something that isn’t straight 'news' — and control how the story is told. GMW always clearly identifies Sponsored Content so readers know it’s paid content. But otherwise, it looks and reads just like all other editorial content. • Tagged as 'Sponsored' in headline, body, and byline • Content edited by GMW staff to fit editorial style and policies, then approved by the advertiser * • Pricing depends on length, social media promotion, duration of event listing and other factors (to be discussed with the advertiser) *GMW reserves the right to decline sponsored content !Sponsored Article •Starts at $150 with advertiser-supplied content (including photo) •Starts at $250 for GMW-created content • Website: Appears in the top four stories on HOME page. • Newsletter: Runs in the top four “Today’s News” stories. • Social Media: Promoted on GMW’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (extra fee). • Content always remains on the website with a permanent, sharable linkSponsored Calendar Event Listing •Advertiser supplies ALL content •Starts at $100 for one-time event (extra fee for multiple dates/entries) • Newsletter: listed in basic event section; (extra fee for individual story blurb & link) • Social Media: Promoted on GMW’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (extra fee).MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023

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Other Promotional Opportunities (Rates and ideas discussed upon request) •GMW-sponsored events •Social Media campaign •Co-branded collateral •Facebook Live video visits •“Come On In!” sponsored segment showcasing Wilton businesses. In an edited video, we’ll share our experiences visiting with Wilton businesses of all stripes — apparel, gift and housewares retailers; restaurants and caterers; manufacturers and technicians; aestheticians and personal service providers; and more.MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023

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Reach new customers today. Contact Heather Borden Herve at 773.294.3392 or at to find out more.MEDIA KIT󱚈JANUARY 2023