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Charlie and Wendell Ashley Kaelyn Krawcyck Taffy the bloodhound

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 Collection of animal human friendship stories

  By:  Gabriela Maldonado 




I would like to dedicate this to all the dogs that have made a

difference and love their owner as much as possible.  I would also like

to mention my dog Sasha who made a huge difference in our family

and helped us stay more calm and fun loving.


There is no bond quite like a dog and human

caring for each other. Dogs will always love their

humans more than they love themselves.  Whether you just got a furry friend or had one for a long time you will

know that they always look out for you.  This book will

inform you about the amazing stories that dogs do for

their beloved owner.  To show their affection

these little angels go to drastic measures.  Sometimes they can help their owner overcome a disease.  


  A small black face peered out from the car.  Found on the street 2-9 the pitbull dog was meeting his soon to be owner, Anna,she and her pack of 5 dogs weren't able to say no when they saw his adorable big eyes.  They didn't know it yet but Anna was going to find the best possible owner for him.


Charlie and Wendell 

 The first day in her home was very odd and new to him he was terrified of even the chihuahua.  About two weeks later the shy, new member of the family finally found his place and his new friends were gaining more trust from him everyday.


Anna never wanted to get too attached to her little friends knowing that one day they might have to go with another owner so she decided not to name him.  As  usual, her plan failed  this dog was just too irresistible to not love.  Obviously Dog wasn't the appropriate name to be calling him so 2-9 the name of the street where he was found also found its way onto his collar.  Anna and 2-9 became the best of friends and hoped their friendship would never end.



   Sheila, a friend of Anna’s, was waiting to see 2-9.  Knowing that he was up for adoption.  Sheila's father, Wendell,  was growing old and she decided that the love and company  of a puppy would be the best medicine.  Soon the trio devised a plan to set up the relationship.  Anna was to tell Wendell if he could watch charlie while she was away .  From there, Wendell and Charlie were destined to form a bond.  

   Sadly even though Wendell had a soft spot for Charlie he felt like a dog would be too rough a dog to live with someone of his age.



    Feeling overwhelmed, Anna decided she had to take him to the pet expo to get adopted.  When Wendell heard the news he would not settle for it.  Worried, he asked many question about how they would know whether the owner was fair and kind or if they were mean and abusive.  He was so worried he decided to take Charlie in he wanted to guarantee a trustworthy owner.          

    Charlie got  even more than that, by the time Anna went to visit him he was  at his all time high weight and was eating human food for each of his meals.  

 Charlie and Wendell are an example of a relationship with imperfections but their strong love helps them get through it and now they spend every minute together.


Ashley's Story

In the year 2002 Ashley was brought home to Ohio by her new parents.  She was always a momma’s girl and hung around her all the time.  But in the  move to Florida in 2007  something changed she followed her dad everywhere he went and never left his side.  What could be the reason for this change in behavior?


Two months after her strange behavior began, was when he was diagnosed with cancer after having excruciating pains in his back.  Ashley, in following her dad around  was  actually showing her owners that something was wrong and she sensed. 

Without Ashley he may have been in even worse condition.  Now Ashley is trained to, "go get momma!" If she is needed by her husband. Today Ashley still will be trailing behind her dad and even sleeping with him!


Kaelyn’s story is the most outstanding of them all.  Kaelyn (KK) was diagnosed with a disease called mastocytosis at the age of 2. Mastocytosis (say "mass-toe-sigh-toe-sis") is the abnormal growth of mast cells in the body.(Mast cells are part of the immune system, which helps protect your body against infection.) This disease can cause many life threatening allergies to things in everyday life, for instance heat, exercise and even exposure to certain medicines.  Kaelyn’s reactions can vary from mild including being flushed or irritable to being life threatening where she might throw up multiple times or her blood pressure could drop and have trouble breathing. Since many of the symptoms that Kaelyn has are life threatening and they happen randomly, she wasn’t allowed to go to school.


Kaelyn Krawzyck and JJ 

JJ a terrier mix service dog has high hopes for him. His trainer wanted to train a dog to sense the symptoms by smelling them with their nose.  The only problem was that he didn’t know how to train a dog to alert the owner that a allergic reaction is going to happen.  Some of JJ's own ways of notifying them are, turning in circle and jumping up and down. JJ and KK have been inseparable ever since they met.  Helping KK, JJ has actually decreased the amount of severe reactions from 3 to 1 a year.



Happily Kaelyn started first grade at the age of seven and of course JJ tagged along(with her mom for safety precautions). Kaelyn even says she feels like she is living a normal life.

 Taffy the blood hound


Hero is a very strong word so be careful where you use it. Taffy is a hero, she saves lives of strangers all over the country.  Taffy is a bloodhound, these are very special dogs with an amazing sense of smell which researchers believe is about one thousand times greater than humans. Using her skill in the sweetest way, Taffy finds humans that are lost kidnapped or doing illegal things.

 Taffy is trained to find people by smelling an article of clothing or something that they have used.  These objects carry the persons smell so Taffy can find their scent.  Traveling the routes to the lost people Taffy is judging the direction only by her nose.


Currently living in California, Taffy travels as far away as Illinois for her jobs.  Some of the jobs can range from disoriented Alzheimer's patients to kidnapped kids.  These horrible incidents can be deadly if stuck there for too long.  Also, many police officers use bloodhounds to find criminals.This is why she is so very important to people all over.


his job is more complicated than you think because many scent particles can be blown away by a strong wind.  Also, trusting a dog to find a family member might be very difficult and  frustrating for some knowing that Taffy might be distracted by another smell but, it pays off once you see their faces turning around the corner next to Taffy and her owner.


If you ever need Taffy just keep in mind that she works for hugs and treats.


This is a picture of Doug Williams and Taffy on yet another mission!

Dogs are very unique animals and their stories prove that. They show that they have hearts that are wide open and full of love.  If you still don't believe me spend at least five minutes with a dog and see for yourself how without training they protect help and more.  Trust me on this one they don't call the dog a mans best friend for no reason. For all they give to you make sure you give back to them and not just their food  because they need that to survive play with them,

care for them and most of all love them.


 Appendix: Fun Facts About Service Dogs


There are so many kinds of service dogs to help  with people’s disabilities.  Some are for hearing, seeing and even for the armed services.  These dogs are amazing they go through a lot of training to assure their owner they will behave and work with all the dedication possible.

If you ever see a service dog on duty make sure you don’t pet it unless the owner agrees after asking.  If she/he does let you touch the service dog just give it a little pet on the head.  This is a less distracting touch that won't lead to the dog coming off duty.


This book has four stories that all show the love and even sometimes sacrifice dogs will do for their owner or even random strangers. no matter how amazing these stories are they arevreal and the dogs are proably still helping people now.


    I was born in New York and go to Ardsley Middle School at age eleven.  My favorite subjects are math and art. I'm a dancer, gymnast and I play soccer.  Sushi is probably my favorite food then would be pasta. I enjoy doing nail designs.   My dog Sasha was a birthday present two years ago.   I love her and can't even imagine life without her now.

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