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This event will begin on January 4 at 3:45. The 


admition fee is $5.00. 



The Gupta Empire


This event is so that the people can see how 


the history of the gupta empire. Also this 


event is for to show the people why they like 


there empire so much. And to now there 


achievements( universities, trade, paintings, 


and etc.).





The foods and the beverages


at the festival are vegetables,


cereals, fruits, breads, and


they will drink milk because


gupta people's favorite foods and


beverages are those.






When you come to the


festival, you will be able


to get a free compass, a free


gupta golden emire themed


bag, and acalculator for


school work








 The universities of Gupta were so




that scholars from China came there to


learn.Iron PillarEducation during Gupta age


was given utmost importance.


Holy places and capitals of


kingdoms were the common


centers of learning.



There will be 3 games at the festival. There will


be pin the tail on the lion, a game were your


blindfolded and you have to get as close as you


can to the end of the lion. There will be ring


toss with bottles, you have to make the ring on


the bottle. And there will be ride the lion, were


you hold on to the mechanical lion and try not


fall off.




3 prizes you will be able to


win are a 25% discount to


whatever universitie you go to,


free paint to paint with, and 


a free sculpture of you