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Tips for Digital Citizenship 

Garrett McDowell

Blog- A website made by someone or a group for a informtional or an informal style 



Flaming- Flaming is a fight between two or more people online which can be pretty hostile or contreversal. 



P2P- Is where two people can usually communicate online, or sometimes is a server for the two to work together on something. 


Phishing- Is basically spam mail, exactly like the spam emails you recieve like where you somehow won one million dollars which is obviously a scam.


Podcast- They are usually audio or video files availiable on the internet and are most likely free.



Aggregtor- Most known as ads, aggregtors are sometimes displayed as a picture or a video that once clicked on, can direct you to a new page. 

Digital Life 101


 -When making a password make something that only you would remember.


 - Make the password tricky for others to figure out. That way you don't have unwanted people signing in as you. 


- When you made a passwords never give it to anyone.


- If you give your password to someone make sure you can trust them with it.


- Keep a note of your password somewhere in real life or somewhere secure online. 




1. Remember the Human

2. Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you can follow in real life. 

3. Know where you are in cyberspace. 

4. Respect other peoples time and bandwidth 

5. Make yourself look good online.

6. Share expert knowledge. 

7. Help keep flame wars under control.

8. Respect other peoples privacy.

9. Don't Abuse your power.

10. Be forgiving of other people's mistakes. 


Protect Yourself Online