As a Registered Nutritional
Therapist I devised the unique plan as I
had been overweight since childhood. I wanted to
finally become slim in a healthy, nutritious way and
remain this way for life...
This plan works and my personal one to one coaching shows
you how to feel full while enjoying whole natural foods and
avoiding those feelings of deprivation or 'missing out'.
How many 'diet gurus' and fitness coaches try to tell you what
works when they themselves may never have experienced a
lifelong weight problem? As a health professional, I understand
that for many of us who gain weight easily, the genetic cards
may be stacked against us. However, there is a delicious and
nutritious way to find your ideal weight and stay there, I'm
living proof!
Imagine you had someone by your side who had overcome a
lifetime of overweight and who could hold your hand at every
step on your journey to success? My clients know that they can
turn to me when they need extra support and expert advice. In
an age of remote, one size fits all, diet clubs and meal
replacement plans, I offer a personalised, friendly and relatable
coaching service designed to ensure you become your best self.
Call 07493 499667 or contact to
book your free 20 minute discovery call. Find out how my
dedicated, personal support will set you free once and for all...
I knew what it was like
to lack self confidence
Well you are not alone and for many the idea of going on a ‘diet’,
yet again, can seem hopeless… You either need to eat far less,
cut out key food groups such as carbohydrates, eat pre-
prepared dried and powdered foods or go without food for
hours, even days in some cases! Well the programme is
none of these and actively encourages you to eat freely from a
huge range of whole, natural foods that are packed with healthy
vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Your easy to follow guide,
based on calorie density, will show you how...
Most of us love to see a full plate of food in
front of us, or open a big bag of crisps and enjoy a large glass of
wine. For many, large amounts of comforting food can prove
irresistible! How refreshing then that once you opt for healthy
foods that are less calorie dense, portions sizes are no longer an
issue. Consider these three ways of preparing potatoes. A baked
potato contains 115 calories per 100g whereas chips have 468
calories per 100g and crisps, 1,291 calories per 100g. The baked
potato wins on all fronts. It still retains much of its water and
fibre content and will take much longer to digest than the
alternatives, thus providing that all important 'fullness' for hours.
Calorie density
Do you love your food? Do you find it
impossible to avoid tempting snacks or picking
from the fridge? Do you love large portions and
find yourself ‘grazing’ even when you still enjoy
three full meals a day?
Bigger is better, portion
sizes reimagined!
Lunch vegetable soup and a wrap with
salad and light mayo
A typical days food using
the plan...
Three courses of healthy water rich foods.
Packed with fibre and as well as vitamins and
minerals. Guaranteed to keep temptation at bay.
Evening meal home made
chilli with rice
an apple
Mid-morning snack cherry tomatoes,
celery & carrot sticks and low fat hummus
mango &
with a
twist of
Breakfast oats & almond milk with
grapes, low fat live yogurt, pumpkin
seeds & cinnamon
Tea with
kiwi fruit
Total calorie content:
3 cups of chopped onions
8 cloves of garlic, minced
900g of mushrooms sliced
3 x 400g cans of Italian tomatoes
2 x 400g cans of cooked black beans drained
450g of sweetcorn
1 tbsp ground cumin
1 tbsp dried oregano or Mediterranean herbs dried
1/2 tbsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp chipotle powder
2 cups of water
Spray olive oil
Exciting, easy to prepare
calorie counted recipes...
Black bean mushroom chilli (Serves 4) Calories: 398 per serving.
Sautee the onions in a large pan over medium heat using a few sprays
of the oil. When softened, add the garlic and when lightly browned add
the mushrooms and spices. After ten minutes add the rest of the
ingredients and cook on a low heat with a lid for approximately thirty
minutes or until all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked through and
soft to the touch. Serve with brown rice or over a large jacket potato
Personalised, tailored
coaching, with you at
every step of the way...
Look ahead to the future, what does the new you
look like? Describe the lifestyle you will be living
and how healthy you will feel?
coaching means we've got your back and are there with
you as often as you want us. Offering weekly and monthly coaching
materials, you'll be introduced to skills and techniques that keep
you on track and walking forward, every day. Losing weight isn't
complicated but sometimes it can seem a little challenging. That's
where your unique coach comes in, just when you need the support,
keeping you motivated and passionate for positive change!
Fully interactive tools
making sure you keep
on track...
By keeping you accountable, our fully interactive materials allow you to
plan your journey in advance. Working with your coach, you will look at
where your determination may be challenged and how to prepare in
advance. Together, we look closely at forthcoming situations such as
food shopping, eating out, exercise, stressful areas and personal
rewards and figure out how best you can meet these and still succeed!
Weekly planning sheets
Which mini goals do I want to achieve this week?
Well laid out, easy to use and
fun to complete.
makes losing weight
straightforward and enjoyable.
It is vital to measure your progress
on the way towards achieving your
goals. The plan encourages you to record
each and every pound lost and health improvement
made as you progress towards long-term freedom.
This is not a quick fix and I want you to escape the misery of yo-yo
dieting for ever. By retraining your brain, adopting new healthy
habits and rewarding your achievements, you gain in motivation.
Good results foster greater efforts as you reach that long held vision.
Why waste another day dreaming?
My clients results speak for themselves and I'd love
to show you how... If you would like to develop that
new found self confidence that simply shines
through then get in touch today.
Call 07493 499667 or contact to book
your free 20 minute discovery call. Find out how my unique personal
support will set you free once and for all, lets chat...
Acheiving your goals
Make Your Own