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Glencree Annual Report & Financial Statements 2021

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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021 Developing Pathways to Reconciliation and Sustained Peace

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Vision Mission Values 36 Operations Funding 06 Chair Report 40 Governance Report 08 CEO Report 43 Directors Report Financial Statements 10 Who We Are What We Do 12 2021 at a Glance Established in 1974 in response to the conflict in Northern Ireland the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation works to prevent and transform political and inter communal conflict and build peaceful inclusive societies We bring together individuals and groups impacted by conflict and help them find pathways to reconciliation and sustained peace through facilitated dialogue relationship building public discourse and shared learning The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation is a non profit non governmental organisation and a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland Registered Charity No CHY5943 Charities Regulatory Authority CRA No 20009823 14 Strategy Impact 17 Programme Work Addressing the Legacy of Violence Through Facilitated Dialogue Women s Leadership Intercultural Refugee Community Political Dialogue Peace Education Public Discourse International Haiti The Glencree Centre for Peace Reconciliation is nestled in the beautiful tranquil surroundings of the Glencree Valley Co Wicklow Ireland 04

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Since 1974 Glencree has worked with individuals and groups to transform conflict promote reconciliation encourage healthy relationships and build sustainable peace Our Values Independent We are an independent non governmental organisation and registered charity Non Violence We work from the belief that conflict can and should be resolved non violently Inclusivity We support the participation of everyone engaged in or affected by conflict Equality and Diversity Every person possesses innate dignity and we treat each person with respect We welcome diversity within Glencree and embrace the identity culture power gender and faith dimensions of peacebuilding and conflict transformation Transparency We commit to the highest standards of transparency and accountability including to our Board members participants staff organisational partners and donors Confidentiality We ensure the effectiveness of our activities and the safety and well being of participants staff and organisational partners by maintaining appropriate levels of confidentiality Our Vision Our Mission Our vision is for everyone to live in peace Our mission is to prevent and transform violent conflict by engaging people in dialogue trust and relationship building Glencree stands for the possibility that peace and reconciliation are achievable when we act on what really matters to us 4 Improvement Through Learning We value learning and gaining knowledge from our work experiences and through regular review and evaluation We also place emphasis on developing the skills and well being of our staff We share our learnings and creative approaches within Glencree and with others locally and globally while at the same time endeavouring to learn from them 5

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Message from our Chair We are committed to developing Glencree as a Centre of Excellence in practical peacebuilding and learning exchanges While this review was taking place throughout 20 21 Glencree continued to respond to the fracturing of relationships caused by the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union Brexit and to support victims who were experiencing the legacy of a violent past as well as the transgenerational effects of trauma At the heart of our work too was the continuation of our strong commitment to the empowerment of women in peacebuilding leadership across the island of Ireland Barbara Walshe 2021 marked the completion of a five year Strategic Plan which will chart Glencree s direction until 2026 As an organisation that has worked for peace on this island and beyond for almost fifty years we asked hard questions about Glencree s relevance and place in the 21st century in an increasingly globalised world shaken by a pandemic climate change poverty and increasing authoritarianism Thirty key interviews with influential stakeholders were undertaken as well as the commissioning of international and national research which was designed to ascertain what Glencree could usefully offer now to build peace in the context of increased political polarisation alongside the undermining of democracy and multilateralism During our review process we were also conscious of the looming threat to decades of peace in Europe 6 five years Good governance strong financial sustainability and accountability will be a key priority for the Board In addition we will continue to accelerate our support for peace reconciliation and positive relationships within Northern Ireland on the island of Ireland and on a British Irish basis We are committed to developing Glencree as a Centre of Excellence in practical peacebuilding and learning exchanges in collaboration with others and to developing the heritage and history of our site At the same time we will continue to promote greater intercultural understanding and diversity as Ireland experiences demographic change we will share our learnings and promote ethical public discourse and the common good and the increasing responsibility that rests with governments and organisations such as Glencree to defend and promote the value of democracy in Europe As an island in conflict we have been the beneficiary of European stability and support as we struggled to end the conflict through the signing of the Good Friday Belfast Agreement and the financial support from a series of Peace Programmes This same support has been evident as we experienced the fall out from Brexit which threatened the hard won peace Out of this review process the Board laid down five strategic priorities and seven organisational values that will guide Glencree s peacebuilding and reconciliation work over the next I would like to thank most sincerely the CEO Naoimh McNamee and her staff for their consistent support and their work on implementing this new plan despite the constraints caused by a global pandemic I would also like to thank Joan O Flynn Interim CEO during 20 21 while Naoimh was on maternity leave I would like to record my thanks to Adam Grennan who project managed the strategic review voluntarily ably assisted by a Board Subgroup and staff Research by the Centre on Conflict Development and Peacebuilding based in Geneva which was funded by the Swiss Embassy in Ireland informed our thinking as did research conducted by Brian Harvey into the British Irish context To our funders The Reconciliation Fund at the Department of Foreign Affairs The Community Foundation for Ireland Tomar Trust The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust the ERDF Peace IV Irish Aid The Tony Ryan Trust Mount Street Club Trust The Oblate Community the OPW Wicklow County Council and to our members friends and supporters we thank you for your trust in Glencree To our patron the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins thank you for your continued support and patronage The Board laid down five strategic priorities and seven organisational values that will guide Glencree s peacebuilding and reconciliation work over the next five years Finally my colleagues on the Boards of the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation and the Glencree Visitors Centre have been a constant source of inspiration expertise and support to me over the last eight years and for that I give them my heartfelt thanks Glencree4peace Barbara Walshe Chairperson Glencree Centre for Peace Reconciliation 7

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Message from our CEO Strategic Plan and Business Development 2021 marked another strong year for Glencree Despite the ongoing challenges of Covid and the stop start nature of government restrictions our team continued to adapt our work to meet the needs of those we work with The main challenges we encountered were around engaging our programme participants in what is very sensitive work without the ability to meet face to face Our skilled and steadfast team prevailed and continued to find creative solutions innovating programme delivery to support marginalised women victim and survivor groups ethnic and faith minorities students and young adults policy makers political representatives and diplomats in addition to utilising greater video conferencing capacity to broaden our international reach Alongside our ongoing programme work we embarked on an in depth business planning process following the completion of our Strategic Plan 2022 2026 Staff conducted a series of workshops to develop and embed new business processes create a practical business plan and set key performance indicators with clear parameters to better assist us in measuring our progress against our new strategic plan Plans to formally launch this new strategy in November in tandem with our Annual Lecture with a keynote address by former President of Ireland Mary Robinson unfortunately had to be postponed until May 2022 due to rising Covid numbers and in line with public health advice We were also delighted to bring to conclusion our extensive strategic review process delivering a new five year Strategic Plan for Glencree that provides greater focus for our ongoing work and paves the way for inventive and exciting developments for both our site and the programmes we offer into the future This plan will take us through the 50th anniversary of Glencree in 2024 protecting our work and the strength of our organisation as we embark on the next chapter in our peacebuilding and reconciliation work Glencree was proud to partner with Politics in Action in our North South Schools Civic Action project which engaged 60 students from across the island of Ireland in meaningful dialogue with political representatives north and south on issues of fundamental importance to them We launched a new programme in partnership with the Hume Foundation focusing on public discourse and delivered key events as part of our Emerging Leaders project under our Community and Political Dialogue CPD programme Both projects aim to support and equip the next generation of peacebuilders with the necessary skills and relationships to continue the important work of the peace process We were delighted to welcome the Shaking Bog Festival back to Glencree in September Partnering with our Intercultural and Refugee programme this brought a nature and creative 8 Our staff team continued to grow in 2021 We were delighted to welcome Helen Irish Corporate Services Executive Dr Michelle Kearns Legacy of Violence Assistant Programme Manager Researcher Amina Moustafa Women s Leadership Programme Manager and Holly Taylor Women s Leadership Network Animator My thanks to these wonderful women who joined our staff team remotely during the pandemic and adapted seamlessly to the challenges they faced My particular thanks to Helen Irish whose diligence and hard work allowed us to reach our goal of becoming fully compliant with the Charities Governance Code in September 2021 Looking Ahead New Funding Key Developments Programme Activities Key highlights of our year included the development and publication of the Glencree Journal entitled Dealing with the Legacy of Conflict in Northern Ireland through Engagement and Dialogue as part of our Peace IV Programme which featured articles from 19 academics and peace practitioners It was also a momentous year in the victim and survivor sector in which we witnessed the landmark outcome of the Ballymurphy inquests New Team Members arts focus to the important work delivered for residents of the Clondalkin Towers Direct Provision Centre and other migrants and refugees across our networks We continued to develop our presence internationally with our project in Haiti in partnership with Lakou Lape through our role in marking the 5th anniversary of the Colombian Peace Agreement and in our contribution to the European Network for Remembrance Solidarity ENRS Conference in Tallin Estonia We also welcomed H E the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier and his wife Ms Elke B denbender to Glencree in October where they met with Operation Shamrock children and their families and attended political and legacy dialogue sessions We also continued to engage in confidential dialogue relationship building and back channel diplomacy to assist in navigating the continued impact of Brexit on the Northern Ireland peace process The Belonging and Identity Project of our Intercultural Refugee Programme funded by the Integration Unit initially under the Department of Justice and subsequently under the Department of Children Equality Diversity Integration and Youth came to an end in the early spring We were delighted to welcome new funders the Tomar Trust and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate to secure the next stage in the delivery of this important work with the launch of the Community and Intercultural Relations project 2021 24 We also secured additional funding for our Women s Leadership programme from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust This allowed us to expand the programme further including the creation of a new role for a Network Animator to work alongside our Programme Manager We have continued to enjoy the support of a number of private donors and our committed membership whose stalwart support we deeply appreciated Following an extensive application process in 2021 Glencree was successfully appointed as a Strategic Partner of the Department of Foreign Affairs Reconciliation Fund This provides considerable support to the core of our organisation and two of our key programmes for the next 3 years We continue to explore ways to diversify our funding and secure multi annual grants which offer greater stability to our programmes and the core function of our organisation We also owe a debt of thanks to the diplomatic community in Ireland and to Minister for European Affairs Thomas Byrne TD for their support on our annual Peace Walk While the impact of Covid left us short of our target in this competitive fundraising landscape and as we returned to an in person walk we were pleased to achieve 75 of our target as a result of the great effort of our supporters staff and Board members Despite the challenges of the pandemic Glencree has retained the confidence of our funders has grown our staff and programme work and delivered on several key business improvements I am extremely proud of our exceptional staff volunteer and board teams for their resilience tenacity and commitment to Glencree during a very difficult time for us all I am also deeply grateful to our funders partners members and the local community for their continued support and belief in the importance of what we do I would also like to thank the OPW for their enduring patronage which allows us to reside in our beautiful site in the Wicklow mountains and facilitate those we work with in the beautiful old stone buildings of Glencree Looking to the future we are energised by a renewed sense of optimism and excitement as we emerge from the pandemic and embark on our new Strategic Plan We are deeply committed to our 5 key strategic priorities including the establishment of a Centre of Excellence in practical peacebuilding in Glencree which will harness our almost 50 years of experience and offer the practical skills and intergenerational learning to better equip the next generation of peacebuilders to continue on this important and necessary work Yours in peace Naoimh McNamee Chief Executive Officer 9

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How we work Facilitating dialogue with groups and individuals Glencree practises a process centric co designed method of facilitating dialogue where participants control the agenda and Glencree manages the process Dialogue as an open ended process includes a series of informal meetings and discussions that build trust before bringing a larger group of participants together Informal diplomacy Diplomacy is normally conducted at inter state levels There are also various levels where independent entities or persons who are trusted by parties to a conflict or situation engage and establish dialogues and pathways to dialogue Glencree engages in these trusted confidential dialogues and acts as a bilateral or multilateral interlocutor Empowering and supporting the development of networks and relationships Glencree brings a diverse range of people and organisations together to help build the necessary supportive and challenging relationships and networks required for social change political reconciliation and intercultural integration This includes all island cross community cross border networks and between groups in Ireland Northern Ireland and Great Britain Who we are what we do Our Work The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation was established in 1974 in response to the outbreak of violent conflict in Northern Ireland Glencree dedicated its early efforts in a non partisan way to supporting the resolution of this conflict and played an important role in the Irish Peace Process bringing together those in conflict and helping to build relationships across divides Over the last five decades Glencree has extended its efforts to contribute to building a more peaceful world as we continue to develop the conditions and relationships that support peace and reconciled communities in Ireland within Northern Ireland between Ireland and the UK and at European and international levels We work with Victims survivors and victim survivor groups impacted by violent conflict in Northern Ireland Women activists and leaders from disadvantaged communities particularly those experiencing social exclusion isolation and marginalisation women who have experienced the trauma of political conflict violence and women peacebuilders on the island of Ireland and elsewhere 10 Members of ethnic and faith minority communities migrants and refugees to support their own efforts to integrate into and contribute to Irish society This incorporates building partnerships with statutory and local authority stakeholders and majority community leaders and groups Students and young adults both as actors in peacebuilding and as participants in our peace education work on a cross border north south basis Conflict and post conflict societies in 10 countries around the world where we have shared our lessons from the Irish peace process and learned from their peacebuilding experiences Policy makers politicians diplomats NGOs faith leaders law enforcement security personnel and civil society actors who work to end conflict find solutions to achieve sustainable peace and build inclusive societies Sharing learning and building capacity Glencree shares experiences from our programme work with other peace and reconciliation organisations and communities and with the statutory and voluntary sectors We engage with people in countries or regions impacted by conflict to share our experiences of the Irish peace process how it was developed managed and sustained A key area of focus is also to learn from dealing with the issues that arise in a post conflict society Glencree provides technical assistance to support capacitybuilding in conflict affected regions including dialogue facilitation mediation negotiation and conflict analysis We also support and empower cohorts from political policy and NGO sectors women and young people in the areas of leadership policy influence and civic action Providing peace education Glencree engages with school and university students in Ireland and overseas providing the forum for them to explore their own prejudice bias and stereotyping and gain an understanding of issues that arise in relation to identity diversity anti racism and conflict resolution Promoting public discourse Glencree fosters spaces of public discourse where civil society and the wider public witness listen acknowledge and critically engage with diverse voices compelling stories creative approaches and innovative research on building sustainable peace reconciliation and conflict transformation Our reputation remains characterised by non partisanship independence and confidentiality after almost five decades working for peace Barbara Walshe Glencree Chair 11

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I want to thank Glencree because I am not sure who else would have taken on this work We need to listen and understand the other because it is all still bubbling under the surface and it s the only way things are going to change 2021 at I remember when we were negotiating the NDNA agreement to get Stormont back up and running again this is a programme we wanted to make sure would be part of the future and part of the solution a Glance Victims Survivors Group Member speaking at a cross community facilitated dialogue of the Glencree Legacy of Violence programme What I found most beneficial from the project was hearing different questions and answers from both the politicians and students that I may not personally agree with or been exposed to but find value in how they got to their place of thought Representatives from Glencree s Peace IV funded Legacy of Violence programme meet German President Frank Walter Steinmeier and First Lady Elke B denbender to discuss current issues and challenges facing victims and survivors of the Troubles from across the island of Ireland Martyna student of Luttrellstown Community College feedback on the Glencree Politics in Action North South Schools programme 2021 At the very end of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU I would like to thank you and the other Glencree friends for the openness and collaboration we have received and the excellent briefings you organized for us Sergeant Geraldine Greene Diversity and Inclusion Office An Garda S och na addresses Glencree Africa Day celebration held as part of the Intercultural Refugee programme in association with Dublin City Council Glencree Chair Barbara Walshe addresses the European Remembrance Symposium in Tallinn Estonia organised by the Warsaw based interGovernmental agency ENRS Photo courtesy of Martin Dremljuga H E Miguel de Almeida e Sousa Ambassador of Portugal to Ireland July 2021 Glencree becomes one of 14 NGO partners in the EU transnational NETHATE project supervising two PhD candidates of Trinity College Dublin led by Professors Jan De Vries and Arun Bokde Glencree signs Agreement to plant a woodland of native Irish trees at Glencree in conjunction with Soroptimist International Dublin the Tree Council of Ireland Glencree shares findings of Scoping Study on role effectiveness of key international peacebuilding organisations and peace education bodies undertaken by the Centre on Conflict Development and Peacebuilding and funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland In association with the Embassy of Colombia in Ireland Glencree hosts a discussion on the 5th anniversary of the signing of the Colombian Peace Agreement As we progress to a more diverse island interculturalism needs to be embedded in all legal and policy developments Bashir Otukoya Asst Prof in Advanced European Law DCU moderating Glencree s Section 42 event as part of South Dublin County Council Social Inclusion Festival 12 Glencree is an important resource for the Government diplomatic community and all those working to find solutions to sustainable peace and inclusive societies in Ireland within Northern Ireland between Ireland and the UK and at EU and international levels H E the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier and First Lady Elke B denbender visit Glencree during State Visit to Ireland where they meet with children of Operation Shamrock Glencree team brief Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes on our work and the impact of Brexit on the peace process during visit to Dublin Garda Commissioner Drew Harris visits Glencree to discuss our peacebuilding work Dealing with the Legacy of Conflict in Northern Ireland through Engagement and Dialogue Glencree Journal in conjunction with the Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway and Ulster University is launched in March 2021 Glencree contributes to discussion on the human rights situation in Ireland at an event hosted by H E Ambassador Louis Jos Touron Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland T naiste Leo Varadkar speaking as part of the Glencree Politics in Action North South Post Primary Schools Civic Action Programme 2021 Thomas Byrne T D Minister for European Affairs in advance of the Glencree Peacewalk fundraiser 2021 I have as President been very inspired by the many imaginative and thoughtful ways in which community connections and outlets have been maintained and extended within our society as we face collectively the unprecedented challenge of Covid 19 This imaginatively designed event is an inspiring testament to that generous will President Michael D Higgins message to Glencree Africa Day 2021 event in association with Dublin City Council Glencree Chair Barbara Walshe joins Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio One to talk about the work of Glencree 13

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Strategic Priorities Impact 2021 2026 2 Promote greater understanding across both jurisdictions of the island of conflict in and about Northern Ireland and on building future reconciled communities In mid 2021 Glencree began the transition to its new Strategic Plan 2022 2026 which following Covid 19 related delays will be formally launched in early 2022 This plan outlines 5 key strategic priorities and related goals that will guide Glencree s peacebuilding and reconciliation work over the next 5 years Impact highlights during the 2021 transition stage in line with each goal are outlined below Promoted wider audience awareness of Journal themes and essays through Glencree website and social media Objective 1 4 Develop relationships with relevant stakeholders in the political policy and diplomatic spheres and with civil society on these islands 3 Raise public awareness of the historic context of the conflict on the island including Glencree s role as a peacebuilding body by categorising curating and digitising Glencree s archival records Support peace reconciliation and positive relationships within Northern Ireland on the island of Ireland and on a British Irish basis Hosted confidential briefings with visiting Head of State Foreign Ministers Ministers and EU diplomatic officials on Brexit impact at community and political level in N I Developed and launched phase 1 of Resource section on www glencree ie 3 Identify opportunities for facilitated dialogues and or capacity building in urban situations of inter communal conflict Contributed to international fora including the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity ENRS European Remembrance Symposium in Tallin Objective 3 Based on programme participant evaluation further developed the use of the creative arts in intercultural dialogue work and expanded the network of creative practitioners working with Glencree Became NGO partner of NETHATE international research and training project supporting and hosting 2 Trinity College Dublin PhD candidates Support positive community relations inclusion and diversity by engaging and empowering people and groups affected by political or inter communal conflict Coordinated the Dublin City Council online Africa Day event funded by Irish Aid facilitating a range of African Irish community groups and the Dublin based African Diplomatic Corps in highlighting their contributions to the city 1 Support the implementation of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and other key and emerging policy frameworks and agreements 150 engagements with community and political representatives as part of efforts to improve inter community relations and engagements on a cross border all island east west basis Increased participation of Leaders Dialogue Forum network to reflect the make up of political parties across these island Ongoing confidential briefings with the 27 EU Ambassadors and bespoke briefings with the broader diplomatic community primarily in relation to the Northern Ireland Protocol and Brexit 2 Facilitate dialogue with and between different victims and survivors V S of the conflict Faciliated 1 978 engagements with 859 V S participants using the co design process including 13 facilitated dialogue workshops 87 meetings and 4 roundtables Engaged V S with government and civil society representatives on key legacy issues Produced the Glencree Journal in conjunction with the Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway and Ulster University featuring contributions from 19 academics and practitioners of peace studies and conflict resolution internationally 3 Engage with people and communities marginalised from mainstream politics and peacebuilding Facilitated 300 post primary school student engagements with 5 senior politicians north and south of the border together with Politics In Action N I which supports the Irish Governments New Decade New Approach 2020 14 5 Support the engagement of women in peacebuilding on the island of Ireland Grew the All Island Women s Peacebuilding Network by 65 notably engaging more women from rural communities students and youth organisations Launched the Storytelling Series to encourage women to share their lived experiences of conflict peacebuilding and healing which participants found empowering insightful inclusive Provided training to network participants in traumainformed facilitation in support of UN Resolution 1325 on Women Peace and Security Hosted one day conference to launch Glencree Journal as part of Peace IV Legacy of Violence project 1 Create and support opportunities to facilitate trust and safe space work with people from different faiths ethnicities and identities and with those from conflict or post conflict countries to lead to intercultural and policy dialogues Facilitated 187 engagements across 4 events for intercultural dialogue encounters between migrant and host communities at local levels in the Dublin region and Co Wicklow Objective 2 Contributed to national policy dialogues including consultation sessions on the new Anti Racism Strategy an event exploring Irish army recruitment among African Irish young people and a Focus Group with participants from Irish Muslim and Irish African backgrounds on a national Climate Action Pilot run by TASC Promote public awareness and understanding of and engagement with peacebuilding and reconciliation activities Launched a regular Information Bulletin providing news and information relating to migration integration interculturalism asylum and anti racism reaching a distribution network of 270 contacts 1 Enhance public dialogue on current and emerging issues in peace and conflict in Ireland 2 Outreach to people seeking international protection in Ireland to support their emotional wellness their recovery from trauma and to link them to local communities Developed and launched a new Political Discourse project in partnership with Hume Foundation Hosted seminar and exploratory meetings with bodies in Northern Ireland Ireland Britain the EU and US to identify conceptual institutional and jurisdictional contexts and opportunities for Political Discourse Facilitated 238 engagements with women residents and 33 with children of Clondalkin Towers Direct Provision Centre focused on wellness and trauma healing relationship building and information sharing Shared learnings on how best to accompany those experiencing social exclusion with other intercultural and social justice practitioners through the Hope and Ambition Practitioners Network of the Mount Street Club Trust Established preliminary contacts with Afghan refugees who were given protection in Ireland with a view to engaging them in dialogue and wellness activities in 2022 Continued collaboration with organisations advocating on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees as part of a National Advocacy Network which contributed to the Governments commitment to end to Direct Provision by 2024 Objective 4 Develop Glencree as a Centre of Excellence in practical peacebuilding and learning exchanges for local European and international conflict prevention and transformation 1 Develop and strengthen peacebuilding learning networks exchanges and partnerships at local European and international levels Partnered with ENRS to begin planning the co hosting of both the Remembrance Symposium and the After the Great War 1918 1923 outdoor exhibition in Dublin in June 2022 Commissioned and shared findings of Scoping Study of Global International Peace Centres and Peace Education Bodies 2 Develop high quality practice based learning programmes with third level education institutions Conducted initial scoping exercise on development of learning programme in Glencree 15

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Hosted series of NETHATE meetings with Trinity College Dublin PHD candidates to explore the nature and impact of hate and reconciliation strategies Co hosted a discussion with the Embassy of Columbia in Dublin to share learnings relevant to the Colombian Peace Agreement 5 years into its implementation Facilitated dialogue on the ongoing conflict in the Southern Cameroon Territories 4 Strengthen the capacities of national European and international peacebuilding community partners to develop locally led initiatives that contribute to conflict prevention and transformation Continued conflict analysis training with 20 Lakou Lape Programme Facilitators as part of multi track conflict analysis dialogue work in Haiti with 82 leaders across 8 sectoral areas and 4 marginalised communities Provided technical support to Political Peace Forum comprising 10 political leaders from different political groups workshops with media leaders and back channel engagements with US politicians to encourage collaborative approach to addressing violent conflict in Haiti Objective 5 Strengthen and develop our systems structures staff capacity and the Glencree site to enhance performance and results 1 Secure Glencree s finances to ensure its sustainability Secured increased funding for two programmes and new funding sources for two further programmes as well as the development of a new strand of work Completed submission to become a Strategic Partner of the Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs 2 Develop and upgrade the facilities of the Glencree campus which includes the Glencree Visitors Centre to achieve stronger self generated revenues for Glencree s peacebuilding and reconciliation work Business Plan for campus in development including planning application for a Columbarium Garden of Remembrance Reflection 3 Develop and embed a results and learning culture across Glencree s Board and staff Engaged staff in co designing the process to monitor and report on progress in line with the goals of the new Strategic Plan Undertook Board and staff training needs analysis and established training budget for 2022 4 Sustain an organisational and governance structure that supports clear lines of accountability and meets standards of best practice Recruited a dedicated resource to manage and advise on compliance with the Charities Regulator Authority CRA Governance Code Standards Companies Registration office and Revenue requirements Developed and ratified 6 new Governance policies reviewed and update 2 existing policies Glencree uses several distinct but related approaches in its programme work ranging from facilitated dialogue informal diplomacy network and relationship building to peace education public discourse shared learning and capacity building 5 Enhance Glencree s human resources and supports to retain and develop staff and Board members Recruited three new team members and restructured two team roles to strengthen programme development and governance targets 6 Strengthen Glencree s brand communications and intellectual property rights Ongoing development of Glencree website including launch of Resources section returning 26 increase in users Grew social media followers 38 Audited and developed templates for presentations reports and publications Produced new Strategic Plan and Womens Leadership programme brochures 7 Establish an IT strategy for Glencree In planning for completion in 2022 In this section Addressing the Legacy of Violence Through Facilitated Dialogue 20 Women s Leadership 18 Intercultural Refugee 22 Community Political Dialogue 26 Peace Education Young Adults 28 Upgraded facilities equipment and systems of the Armoury Caf Public Discourse 30 Completed essential building works and IT system upgrades International Work Haiti 32 16 After World War 2 Glencree became a temporary refuge for children who were evacuated from war torn Germany Poland and Austria by the Irish Red Cross 3 Engage with and share learning from Glencree s experiences with local European and international peacebuilding networks and processes endeavour to learn from these networks and processes and contribute to the development of international policy and practice

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Addressing the Legacy of Violence through Facilitated Dialogue A project supported by the European Union s PEACE IV Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body SEUPB The PEACE IV funded Addressing the Legacy of Violence through Facilitated Dialogue LOV project continued its work with Victims and Survivors VS groups in Northern Ireland through meaningful contact dialogue and perspective sharing This project was developed in response to inadequacies of the Good Friday Belfast Agreement and subsequent political efforts to address the totality of the legacy of past violence and truth recovery This deficit has been most acutely felt in the persistently divided relationship between VS groups and the individuals groups and institutions perceived to have inflicted harm upon them in the past The project employs a co designed process to promote and facilitate contact between these groups who also co determine their own pace of involvement Learnings from this process and from the inherent dialogues are shared with national and international audiences including other VS groups policy makers academics and practitioners to help inform how to productively engage with Northern Ireland s contentious past Activities Impact The Glencree Journal Dealing with the Legacy of Violence in Northern Ireland through Engagement and Dialogue was launched in March in a one day conference hosted as an online webinar Produced in conjunction with the Irish Centre for Human Rights at NUI Galway and Ulster University the journal features contributions from 19 18 academics and practitioners in the fields of peace studies and conflict resolution from around the world The journal brings a keen focus to many of the issues that are intrinsic to the Peace IV project Both individually and collectively the essays featured in this journal will help to inform practitioners in a wide variety of fields of future pathways to sustaining a just and equitable society in a post conflict situation This journal tells its own story And it tells a very important part of the story of the Northern Ireland peace process it tells the story of what civil society what community groups have been doing over the years It is an incredibly diverse amount of work really rich creative risk taking It advances the links between theory and practice and it is innovative Prof Brandan Hamber John Hume and Thomas P O Neill Chair in Peace based at the International Conflict Research Institute INCORE at Ulster University speaking at the Glencree Journal Launch Contributes to strategic objectives 1 support peace reconciliation and positive relationships 2 promote public awareness engagement 3 support positive community relations 4 develop a Centre of Excellence in peacebuilding backgrounds this group has a strong focus on educating communities and young people on the harm caused by violent conflict Four facilitated dialogue workshops were held with groups throughout the island of Ireland These co designed dialogues ranged from exploring themes of education legacy and good neighbours to cross community engagements and engagements with visiting heads of state The meeting went very well it s important that people outside the British Isles and other state leaders are kept informed It was good to meet with the president and his wife and the other victims in the cross community delegation They listened intently to victims as they spoke about their worries and acknowledged their concerns VS group representative speaking after a cross community dialogue event held in Glencree with president of Germany Frank Walter Steinmeier and First Lady Elke B denbender While Covid restrictions impacted engagement early in the year by mid year as restrictions eased the programme accelerated its in depth engagement with participating VS groups considerably A new group joined the programme in August Comprised of members from different community Bringing together victims groups from different communities was one of the major successes of the programme this year Building on the trust and relationships painstakingly developed since the programme s inception the LOV team created safe spaces where victims could Photos L R Legacy of Violence Journal launch event Kabosh event at Dublin Castle German President visit meaningfully engage on issues that were of importance to them and identify commonalities in spite of differences This ties directly into the programme aim of increased empathy understanding and acknowledgement of other stories and other lived experiences A key milestone in 2021 was the return of larger roundtable events engaging victims and survivors with government and civil society representatives through a variety of mediums An example which continues Glencree s focus of harnessing the arts to introduce and create engagement around difficult sensitive topics and experiences of victims and survivors in a safe space was the staging of Belfastbased Kabosh Theatre Company s production of Those You Pass on the Street This was followed by a facilitated audience discussion focused on ongoing issues and challenges for victims groups Until you hear and see the people speaking it doesn t hit your heart having victims here they have huge testimony we need to hear what they have to say Fergus O Dowd TD speaking at an LOV roundtable event in Dublin Castle I ve often said to people in politics and in government that the answers are in these rooms In these informal settings much more truth is spoken one story becomes the next story and the next one And they become the threads that knit the whole thing together dialogue events programme activities will culminate with a two day public symposium in Belfast The programme team will continue to engage with major legacy events and developments external to the programme with a presentation to the Oireachtas Committee overseeing the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement also scheduled for early 2022 Brian Rowan author and journalist speaking at an LOV roundtable event in Dublin Castle Entering this final phase of the project in addition to the contextual and political challenges a number of personnel changes also took place Assistant Programme Manager Roberta Cappieri moved on in March with Programme Researcher Michelle Kearns assuming part time responsibility for this role also Programme Administrator Sarah Butler moved on at year end with recruitment of a new administrator to commence in early 2022 Originally due to finish in December 2021 the LOV programme has been granted an eight month extension due to covid related constraints and will now continue until the end of August 2022 Following a busy schedule of planned workshops and 2021 Project Activities Completed 859 unique participants 24 of whom engaged on multiple occasions 1978 total engagements 87 preparatory and ongoing engagement meetings 4 roundtables 13 facilitated dialogue workshops 19 articles published in Glencree Journal 19

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Women s Leadership Programme 2021 presented some exciting opportunities and some challenges to the delivery of the Women s Leadership Programme and the development and expansion of the Glencree All Island Women s Peacebuilding Network The priorities of this Programme are to engage more women from across the generations and across the island of Ireland who have experience of political conflict violence and to support these women in having their voices heard engage in policy conversations and build capacity as leaders in their communities and in the political processes that promote peacebuilding With the departure of Programme Manager Louise Keating early in the year a new staff team including Amina Moustafa Progamme Manager and Holly Taylor Network Animator came on board in July This strengthened team grew together and introduced new creative elements and initiatives to support these priorities and the growth of the Programme and Network Contributes to strategic objectives 1 support peace reconciliation and positive relationships 3 support positive community relations 4 develop a Centre of Excellence in peacebuilding Activities Impact Due to the geographic spread of Network members and the varying stages of Covid 19 restrictions all events and activities during 2021 were offered virtually To understand the challenges and priority areas for women a webinar on the theme of Experiences of Young Women in Leadership was held Featuring four guest speakers including the UN Youth Representative for Ireland and the co founder of Rooted in Africa and Ireland this event explored the challenges in taking up leadership roles on the island of Ireland and the women s vision for the future Learnings from this event also helped inform the areas of focus and implementation of the programme going forward A key focus was to highlight alternative ways of sharing women s lived experiences of conflict peacebuilding and healing and raising women s voices This led to the creation of a Storytelling Series of workshops that harnessed the creative arts for storytelling Marking the series launch the screening of an award winning documentary film Daughters of the Troubles Belfast Stories followed by a Q A discussion with filmmaker Marcia Rock and Baroness May Blood who featured in the documentary took place Both shared their experiences and learnings of how the women of Belfast kept their families and communities together during the Troubles and found their voice to bring their experience of grassroots issues onto the political agenda Building on the use of creative arts a Theatre of Witness workshop in partnership with Derry Playhouse was held A form of testimonial performance this powerful event featured personal and collective stories of conflict and transformation and brought people together from across divides to bear witness to Participants in the Young Women in Leadership event truth healing and reconciliation Within this workshop the women engaged with performers and storytellers from all sides and realities of the conflict in Northern Ireland to explore the path to healing from conflict Alongside these creative based programme activities to encourage capacity building of the Network virtual training on Embodied Resilience was delivered This provided members with an alternative approach to training in trauma informed practice This workshop was delivered by two trauma informed yoga teachers and focused on embodied learning integrating theory and practice for trauma informed facilitation using mindfulness movement and breath practices to support self regulation and resilience Throughout 2021 the Women s Leadership Programme continued to have a positive impact across the island of Ireland through the events activities and ongoing engagement initiatives undertaken The All Island Women s Peacebuilding Network launched in September 2020 reached 128 participants from across the island of Ireland and internationally by the year end with notable engagement of women from rural communities Feedback from Network participants on the use of creative arts for storytelling 20 Daughters of the Troubles Belfast Stories Network members participate in virutal event Network members reflect and represent women from across generations communities cultures and ethnicities Regular engagement with current and new programme participants cemented relationships of trust and established new connections with women and groups across the island of Ireland Supporting the potential for intergenerational learning of significance among the member base is the number of students young people and youth organisations from around the island that are now engaged Reach was further expanded through involvement in the newly formed National Women s Council s All Island Women s Forum A monthly Network Newsletter was launched to inform members of programme and network activities and to share the activities being undertaken by women and women s organisations outside of the Network Looking ahead to prepare and adapt to changing dynamics ongoing growth and increased engagement levels of the Network expansion of the current team to deal with the increasing workload and to build the capacity of the programme is planned Partnerships have also been identified as integral to the sustainability of the Programme The aim is to establish partnerships with existing institutions that are supporting women through service provision information sharing and capacity building to ensure greater collaboration across the island Building the capacity of the Network through the delivery of various training programmes to enable the women to become active leaders that can engage in political processes that promote peacebuilding will also be a key focus next year The reach of the Newsletter has extended beyond the membership and provided a mechanism to engage with and attract new members 21

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Intercultural Refugee Programme The Hope and Ambition Project funded by Mount Street Club Trust is focused on the alleviation of poverty and marginalisation through a cross organisational approach to work with refugees Travellers young people with intellectual disabilities and community arts Now in its third year Glencree s involvement in this project centres on working with women seeking international protection who are living in Clondalkin Towers Direct Provision Centre in West Dublin Throughout 2021 101 resident engagements took place in a series of 12 Wellness and Trauma Healing events that were hosted online based on the following themes and practices 1 2 3 Activities Impact With isolation and mental health difficulties coming to the fore during Covid 19 and throughout 2021 Glencree focused on providing additional emotional support to participants Key to this was the development and delivery of online Wellness and Trauma Healing Sessions Using just mobile phones women participated in monthly sessions based on Practices of Self Care and Trauma Healing for Refugees developed by Capacitar International www capacitar org Developing Emotional Literacy Learning to manage strong emotions using the Capacitar Finger Holds Exercise Heart Coherence Exercise Cultivating positive emotions using the breath Emotional Freedom Technique A tapping exercise for unblocking physical and emotional pain to promote a healthy flow of energy throughout the body 4 Coming Back to the Self Exercises for grounding relaxation and self appreciation 5 Boundaries in Relationships Understanding why boundaries are important in relationships with friends neighbours work colleagues and intimate partners including Visualization exercise for holding boundaries 6 Understanding Trauma Information session on trauma its presentation impact and healing process 1 Resident Engagements Contributes to strategic objectives 1 support peace reconciliation and positive relationships 3 support positive community relations 4 develop a Centre of Excellence in peacebuilding Nature and Creativity event at Glencree 238 7 Body Scan and Journey to Safe Space Meditation Exercises for relaxation and trauma healing 8 Loving Kindness Meditation Developing an attitude of kindness towards self and others 9 Protection and Safety in our Personal Lives and in the World Managing situations that overwhelm and cause re traumatisation Use of Capacitar Hand Positions for Protection in instances of shock danger and negative environments 10 Grief and Loss Many people experienced bereavement throughout the year due to violent conflict Covid 19 and other illnesses Most had not been able to attend funerals This theme allowed the opportunity to speak about the process of recovering and how people manage it differently 11 Navigating Cultures This took the form of a St Bridget s Day conversation about new growth feminine wisdom and leadership sharing themes from different cultures exploring what we value and what we would like to leave behind 12 The Healing Power of Nature Recalling memories of places in nature that nourish and using positive images in Visualization Exercises Why has it to be regarded as such an incredibly mad idea to suggest that meeting the basic services across the world in relation to health housing and education should be a noble idea President Michael D Higgins Malta 13th May 2022 3 33 Coffee and Tai Chi mornings children 82 12 Christmas gifts and invitations to connect Wellness Trauma Healing events Maintaining supportive relationships was paramount throughout the project Oftentimes this involved coming together with the women and sitting on the wall outside the Centre when indoor meetings were prohibited As an antidote to isolation and confinement outdoor nature based activities also became essential 137 women and 33 child engagements over 8 activities took place in the following settings Picnics in Corkagh Park A Nature and Creativity Event held at Glencree Coffee and Tai Chi mornings at Caf Garden in Clondalkin Christmas gifts of scarves with an invitation to connect with the project It feels so good to get out of the centre into the countryside freedom Asylum seeker speaking about visit to Glencree 22 Picnics outings Clondalkin Towers Direct Provision women Hope and Ambition 2019 2022 3 Hope and Ambition in 2021 Wider Context The context in which the work being undertaken in the Hope and Ambition project is changing Unprecedented numbers of traumatised people are seeking refuge in Ireland with communities across the country rising to the challenge as best they can Internationally the number of people forced to flee conflict and human rights violations has risen to an unprecedented level Estimated at 90 million at the end of 2021 this is propelled by a range of conflicts including Afghanistan Burkina Faso the Democratic Republic of Congo Ethiopia Myanmar and Nigeria UNHCR Annual Global Trends Report 2021 As we turn into 2022 the looming threat to peace in Ukraine holds up a mirror to the disparity of our responses to a European conflict compared to wars in other parts of the world There is disquiet too about the Irish homeless crisis Both locally and internationally from individual to political level a more radical and holistic response is needed In the year ahead we face much uncertainty We need to cultivate compassion and commit to finding just solutions to the dilemmas we face as an organisation a country and global community Images Outdoor nature based activities and wellness trauma healing events with residents of Clondalkin Towers were among the key activities undertaken by Project Lead Louise Keating Glencree volunteer Maureen O Riordain with collaboration from Marie Williams Young Mother s Network Dominican Justice Office in 2021 More action is needed to address the root causes of forced displacement around the world UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi May 2022 23

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CIR Project 2021 Belonging Identity Project In February 2021 the two year Belonging and Identity Project funded by the Integration Unit of Department of Children Equality Disability Integration and Youth concluded with an online Learning Exchange event This platform for participants and members of the Project Advisory Group showcased the ideas and issues which had come out of the project dialogues to a wider audience These learnings will be shared in a Lessons Learnt Report to be published in 2022 Community Intercultural Relations 2021 2024 A new Community and Intercultural Relations CIR project supported by philanthropic funding from Tomar Trust and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate began in March 2021 This project builds on the work of the Belonging Identity Project and supports the key message of the government s National Migrant Integration Strategy that integration is the responsibility of Irish society as a whole Set to run until February 2024 project objectives are to Create and facilitate intercultural dialogue encounters between migrants and host communities at local levels in the Dublin region and Co Wicklow Convene and independently facilitate National Policy Dialogues between migrant groups and government and statutory stakeholders Activity Impact Consolidating and Developing the CIR Network In early 2021 a formal CIR information bulletin was created as a means to regularly communicate and share information and grow the CIR network News updates and information on events 24 Engagements 187 SDCC Social Inclusion Festival Where Community Art Nature Interculturalism Meet Refugee Week Panel for Glencree Section 42 event as part of SDCC Social Inclusion Festival programmes trainings funding opportunities and job vacancies relating to migration integration interculturalism asylum and anti racism were shared to a network which quickly grew to 270 contacts Local Dialogues Expanding on the use of creative methods in intercultural dialogue work that was harnessed in 2020 a series of local dialogue activities were held throughout the year Using the Glencree methodology of co design Africa Day 2021 Entanglements Africa and Dublin City an online event in association with Dublin City Council and supported by Irish Aid was held in May With keynote address by Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu the celebratory event featured live and pre recorded inputs which presented a diverse range of perspectives and experiences from the African Irish Mixed Race Irish and African American Irish communities It included an interview with Jude Hughes Chairperson of the Association of Mixed Race Irish and presentations from HE Mr Lahcen Mahraoui the Ambassador of Morocco to Ireland and Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps representatives of the Africa Irish Solidarity Centre Ireland the African American Irish Diaspora Network and others Poetry song short films and an extract from the Abbey Theatre Dear Ireland diverse voices programme were performed Artworks received in an online art competition launched to create awareness of Africa Day among the wider young public and to bring their creative perspective to the event also featured Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to be involved Appreciate Glencree for giving Africans permission to speak from their heart as they shared their stories with vision That was amazing African Irish event participant Glencree partnered with the Dublin 7 Welcome Caf to host a joint online event for Refugee Week The event featured music and spoken inputs A joint event with the Shaking Bog Arts and Nature Festival marked the first in person project event which was held in Glencree in September Under the theme of Where Community Art Nature and Interculturalism Meet interactive and immersive creative writing photography and wellbeing workshops and walks in the Glencree valley provided the opportunity for participant to explore the intersection of these four themes With representatives from the four Dublin and Co Wicklow local authorities among the nationalities in attendance included Irish German Italian Swiss Hungarian Somalian Syrian Nigerian Congolese Afghan and Indian The Facilitators came from Congolese Nigerian German Polish and indigenous Irish backgrounds During the festival in person evaluation and interviews with participants on the theme Africa Day were held These will feature in a 2022 video that will be used to share learnings and further inform the project work In November Glencree participated in South Dublin County Council SDCC Social Inclusion Festival hosting an event to examine how Section 42 of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act can be used as a framework to promote access to equality across all sectors Moderated by Assistant Professor Bashir Otukoya DCU Law Department and attended by stakeholders mainly from statutory and community agencies the discussion featured Selina Bonnie SDCC Disability Liaison Access and Equality Officer and speakers from Roots in Africa Ireland Network and the Glencree Women s Programme I didn t know there was a public sector obligation for equality I learned how it could be relevant to my role as an education and public engagement manager in a third level institution Statutory sector event participant National Level Events Consultation Broader national level project activities included Contribution to 2 consultation sessions on the new National Anti Racism Strategy one directly with Anti Racism Committee members and one as a member of the Co Wicklow Public Participation Network PPN Africa Day 2021 Entanglements Africa and Dublin City with Dublin City Council A joint submission to the IHREC 2021 2023 Strategy Statement consultation process in collaboration with the Glencree Women s Programme Contribution to an event with Minister of State for Defence Jack Chambers TD on Irish army recruitment among African Irish young people run by the African Advocacy Network of Ireland AANI A Focus Group organised for the TASC Social and Economic Think Tank Climate Action Pilot for Dublin 7 with participants from Irish Muslim and Irish African backgrounds Young People Refugees A Glencree youth residential in collaboration with the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland MASI for young people living in the Direct Provision system scheduled for autumn 2021 had to be postponed due to rising Covid 19 case numbers Time constraints also precluded hosting events that were in development following initial contact with Afghan refugees recently arrived in Ireland Collaboration with Capacitar International to share self care tools for increasing intercultural wellbeing for those working with refugees and with refugees themselves will continue in 2022 Belonging Identity Online Learning Exchange Impact Highlights Growing demand for CIR Bulletin and increasing the network Proven value to participants of using the creative arts in intercultural dialogue work and expanding the network of creative practitioners working with Glencree Collaborating with the Glencree Women s Programme led to cross sectoral shared learnings Consolidated existing and developed new relationships for future project collaborations with Prof Frances Mc Ginnity of the ESRI following participants interest in ESRI research on minority ethnic experiences in the labour market African Irish Councillors Yemi Adenuga Uruemu Adejinmi and JK Onwumereh led by participants highlighting the need to promote diverse representation in the political sphere Moroccan Ambassador HE Lahcen Mahraoui Dean of the African Diplomatic Corps who pre recorded a special message for the Africa Day event together with the seven other Dublin based African Ambassadors The Shaking Bog Festival to consolidate existing relationship with the local community in the Glencree valley and Enniskerry Community and statutory agencies 25

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Community Political Dialogue Programme 2021 Community and Political Dialogue Programme The Community Political Dialogue CPD programme is designed to create and maintain a process where people of different traditions political persuasions and cultural identities can come together in confidential spaces to discuss issues that arise as disrupting factors in their relationships with each other Throughout 2021 the CPD team continued to focus on the key pillars of the Good Friday Agreement within Northern Ireland North South relations East West relations as well as the relationships between these jurisdictions and the European Union Under these pillars the team works with leading politicians academics civil society actors and community leaders Some of the main areas for discussion include the Protocol on Northern Ireland community and political relations legacy issues and building the essential relationships which will maintain how these jurisdictions work together for the coming months and years Activities and Impact Glencree Leaders Dialogue Forum The Glencree Leaders Dialogue Forum was established in 2020 to explore the possible implications of Brexit on relationships across the island and develop and solidify partnerships between communities and identities which may have been neglected Participants include young influential politicians and thought leaders from leading political parties the civil service academia and civil society in Ireland Northern Ireland and Great Britain Project participation grew in 2021 reflecting the make up of political parties across these islands with participants coming together throughout the year to explore issues such as the Protocol education societal challenges and issues of identity As these events are hosted confidentially under Chatham House Rules details of exchanges cannot be Glencree team host H E Ambassador Louis Jos Touron and Camille Bon Garnier Embassy of Switzerland in Ireland at Glencree to discuss our peace and reconciliation work 26 Contributes to strategic objectives 1 support peace reconciliation and positive relationships 2 promote public awareness engagement 3 support positive community relations 4 develop a Centre of Excellence in peacebuilding publicly shared but what is clear is the need and desire among this cohort to continue these vital exchanges and the building of cross community partnerships into the future European Union Ambassadors Meetings Much of the work of the CPD team involves discussions with the 27 EU Ambassadors in group and individual settings in which issues in relation to the ongoing political situation the implications for Northern Ireland and some of the worries of the Northern Irish communities are discussed These meetings are vital in providing the Ambassadors with some of the essential information which they require to inform their governments and authorities Pat Hynes CPD Programme Manager addresses Democratic Progress Institute event Grew participation in Leaders Dialogue Forum across political parties on the island of Ireland and UK Over 150 engagements with community and political representatives Continued series of briefings meetings with 27 EU Ambassadors and engagement with broader diplomatic community in Ireland Experts from across the island are also invited to join these meetings including senior policy figures academics civil society leaders and politicians to provide background expertise and perspective As well as these group meetings regular briefings with individual Ambassadors and embassy staff both in Ireland and abroad continued throughout the year Political Discussions The CPD team continue to speak to Northern Ireland politicians and influential party members from across the political spectrum to discuss the impact of the Northern Irish Protocol on political life and the lives of their constituents These discussions allow the team to maintain personal links across the political parties and understand the current political situation from a number of perspectives Contributing to building vital East West relationship between the governments in Dublin and London the team continued to regularly engage with MPs and Members of the House of Lords on issues such as the Northern Ireland Protocol the future of EU UK relations and the future of the union These engagements also serve to gain a British perspective of the ongoing political discourse in Northern Ireland and between these islands and contribute to a roadmap for redeveloping strong political bonds across these islands Briefed visiting Foreign Ministers Ministers and diplomatic officials Built and cemented relations with Northern Ireland politicians and party representatives Continued regular engagement with MPs and Members of the House of Lords Glencree CPD Team meet with Croatian Ambassador to Ireland H E Davor Vidis and First Secretary Dubravka Popie Contributed to models for sustainable economic development in Northern Ireland Economic Discussions With unique insights and learnings from across the programme work and northsouth east west relations the CPD team worked with prominent economists from across the island to assist in developing models to sustainably build Northern Ireland s economy Particular areas of focus included the impact of infrastructural development and growing the SME sector to attract greater inward investment and utilising upstream downstream economic linkages between both parts of the island The long term impact of strategic economic investment in areas across society such as education employment housing and health service were also explored Looking ahead Glencree CPD Team meet with Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee Chair former Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan Glencree CPD Team meet with Deputy Neale Richmond TD The CPD team will continue to work with politicians and civil society across the two islands identifying the challenges and providing a space for confidential dialogue in which these issues can be explored The team will continue to empower and develop capacity in those who want to resolve conflicts and challenges through constructive dialogue and political mechanisms Glencree s Pat Hynes meets with Mr Cl ment Beaune French Minister of State for European Affairs 27

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Participating Schools Dominican College North Belfast Peace Education and Young Adults North South Post Primary Schools Civic Action Programme A joint initiative between Glencree and Politics in Action Northern Ireland the North South Post Primary Schools Civic Action Programme promotes dialogue and exchanges between senior students from diverse backgrounds north and south of the border on issues of mutual concern and encourages sharing about each other s traditions identities commonalities and differences It also provides students with opportunities to engage with politicians and leaders in civic society to foster awareness and participation in politics and leadership for the future Funded by the Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs and supported by the Department of Education the programme relates to the Irish Government s commitment set out in the policy document New Decade New Approach 2020 Activities and Impact A series of inter school virtual engagements with over 60 students from 4 schools that represent a mix of urban rural cross community gender ethnic economic and social diversity on the island of Ireland got underway in the 2020 21 academic year In these first engagements the students got to know each other their different backgrounds and perspectives From these foundations they then went on to identify the issues and concerns that impact their lives While many different and diverse issues were unearthed they agreed four topics of mutual concern which also formed the agenda for their engagements with politicians These were Mental Health Brexit Covid 19 and Identity Organised and moderated by Glencree and Politics In Action the students engaged with 5 key political figures in virtual dialogues and debates on the issues of concern including Aims of the Programme Leo Varadkar T D T naiste Minister for Enterprise Trade and Employment Broaden cultural understanding across different traditions and identities on the island Colum Eastwood M P Leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party SDLP Appreciate commonalities may exist while respecting differences Mike Nesbitt MLA former Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party UUP Gain an understanding of the practical side of politics and leadership Experience engagement with political leaders Lasting respect and friendship with those from different backgrounds and values 28 Roderic O Gorman T D Minister for Children Equality Disability Integration and Youth Norma Foley T D Minister for Education Loreto Community School Co Donegal Contributes to strategic objectives 1 support peace reconciliation and positive relationships 2 promote public awareness engagement 3 support positive community relations 4 develop a Centre of Excellence in peacebuilding Student Feedback It was a great experience to interview such a range of high profile politicians from north and south both unionist and nationalist It s really refreshing to have a politician engaged in a relaxed honest free flowing dialogue rather than scripted lines that we have become accustomed to hearing in the media Allan Loreto Community School Co Donegal We feel we have made the government more aware of how pressing we believe these issues to be By sharing our views and concerns we have rendered them to be better able to tackle these issues in the future Sarah Ballyclare High School Co Antrim we don t really get to hear a lot about the politics and things that go on in the republic being able to talk to ministers from the south was really enriching we were able to transcend the tribal politics and learn about issues that resonate with the whole of the island Lauren Dominican College Co Antrim Ballyclare High School Co Antrim Luttrellstown Community College Dublin Though missing the opportunity for face to face meetings feedback from the students pointed to the sense of camaraderie and understanding of each other s lives backgrounds and perspectives they experienced as a result of their interactions with each other and with the politicians Harnessing the virtual world also translated into easier access to political leaders than the logistics of face to face meetings Coupled with the ready willingness of the politicians to engage with the students this gave the students unique exposure to and the ability to interact with share their perspective and concerns and get direct feedback from key political figures on the issues of concern to them With the support of the Principals and lead teachers from the participating schools a critical success factor to the programme the need and importance of bringing together students from diverse backgrounds across the island was further evidenced when the schools integrated this initiative into the Politics or Politics Society curriculum within their schools The partnership between Glencree and Politics in Action is a tangible example of meaningful and productive cross border cooperation The two organisations worked seamlessly together with the primary task of providing the students with the best opportunities and experiences possible International Visits With ongoing Covid 19 restrictions and uncertainty the temporary closure of the Glencree campus saw a second year of no overseas university or student visits for on site dialogue and workshops This element of our Peace Education programme will be reviewed going forward Encouraging Future Student Engagement Be bold be brave and don t be afraid to share your views But when people do disagree we should always do so in a way that is always respectful and allows space for other people s opinions Leo Varadkar T D T naiste Minister Change is always made because young people make older people very uncomfortable that s your job and I would encourage you to do that to us SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP We have to find a way to rub along together and the best way is to walk in somebody else s shoes Former Ulster Unionist Leader Mike Nesbitt MLA If you re interested in seeing change in your country being politically involved is an important and valuable thing to do Roderic O Gorman T D Minister for Children Equality Disability Integration and Youth It is not before time that the voice of students is at the heart of all decisions that are being made in the education sector and beyond in the world of politics Norma Foley T D Minister for Education 29

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Public Discourse Southern Voice for Peace Programme Political Discourse Project Supporting the implementation of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement since 2015 Glencree s Southern Voice for Peace programme has promoted an all island approach to peace and reconciliation by providing alternative spaces to engage people south of the border with critical post conflict issues such as identity legacy of violence history and memory Funded by the Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs activities range from dialogues with representatives of the community and voluntary sector on both parts of the island to more high profile events such as the Glencree Annual Summer Conference and the Annual Una O Higgins O Malley Lecture In more recent years Glencree has become increasingly concerned about the nature and impact of negative political discourse on the conditions for peace and reconciliation and the engagement of people and communities of different backgrounds in democratic politics across the island of Ireland This includes the prevalence of populist rhetoric the negative use of social media and the attack and defend nature of engagement between politicians While dialogue activities continued due to the impact of Covid 19 and resulting changes to Glencree s programme of events the 2021 Summer Conference could not take place A full event programme in place for the return to an in person gathering for the 5th Annual Una O Higgins O Malley Lecture in Dublin Castle in November 2021 including the keynote address to be delivered by Mary Robinson former President of Ireland was also subsequently postponed due to a surge in Covid 19 cases and increasing public health concerns This event will now be held in May 2022 alongside the launch of the Glencree Strategic Plan 2022 2026 30 Disagreement and political discourse are essential to democracy If these are negatively framed and conducted they can create maintain or escalate polarisation and partisanship Ethically framed and respectfully conducted they can serve to overcome division difference position and interest leading towards shared values and a greater common goal In 2021 Glencree and the Hume Foundation commenced a partnership to explore in more detail the topic of civil ethical and respectful political discourse Funded by the Tony Ryan Trust this project focuses on three key questions i what is the nature of negative public political discourse ii what would make a difference iii what are exemplars of ethical political discourse locally nationally and internationally Contributes to strategic objectives 1 support peace reconciliation and positive relationships 2 promote public awareness engagement 3 support positive community relations 4 develop a Centre of Excellence in peacebuilding Activities Impact Initial exchanges between Glencree and the Hume Foundation led to the establishment of a joint steering group and the development of an inaugural event There is an urgent need to promote civility in politics where differences are respected where ethical and civil dialogue is embraced and where efforts are focused on working together to enhance and better serve democracy diversity and political decision making Joint letter to Irish Times by Barbara Walshe Chair Glencree Dr Se n Farren Chair Hume Foundation following partnership on Political Discourse project 2021 Regulatory Frameworks A range of meetings were conducted with bodies in Northern Ireland Ireland Britain the EU and US to scope out and learn about regulatory frameworks relating to ethical civil political discourse These included NI Assembly Commissioner for Standards NI Ombudsman for Public Services Head of Ethics and Lobbying Regulation Standards in Public Office Dublin Exemplars of better political discourse Identify progressive models of ethical political discourse from other jurisdictions consider emerging model of women s caucuses for potential of cross party politicians working together towards better political discourse Engage with political parties about application of party codes and individual accountability Planning commenced in 2021 for an international webinar on political discourse that would also relate to the EU work on the Conference of the Future of Europe This event is due to take place in Q1 2022 Inaugural Seminar Towards Better Political Discourse The inaugural seminar in June 2021 was an in camera event in Newry Keynote presentations were made by Paul Arthurs Professor of Politics Emeritus Director of the Graduate Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies Ulster University and Jane Suiter Professor and Director of Dublin City University s Institute for Future Media Democracy and Society This event commenced a dialogue on a cross jurisdictional and a cross sectoral basis engaging serving politicians academic experts media practitioners and civil society representatives including youth and women s organisation representatives pledges around ethical campaigning e g anti racism discrimination do not continue post election seek stronger regulatory oversight conduct research on use of Twitter by politicians across jurisdictions on the island Office of the EU Vice President Commissioner for Democracy and Demography The Jo Cox Foundation Britain National Institute for Civil Discourse University of Kansas The meetings with regulatory and other bodies provided for a deeper understanding of the conceptual institutional and jurisdictional contexts and opportunities for the Political Discourse Project It revealed the range of narratives and concepts such as civility in politics meaningful discourse ethical political discourse and a range of principles and standards already in place It also highlighted the link between political discourse and the wider eco system of civil discourse related to politics Learnings Future Outlook Learnings from these project activities set the agenda around a range of topics and potential future activities summarised as follows Negative nature of political discourse today This includes the use of damaging language the silencing of people of opposite viewpoints the othering of individuals and groups online harassment and prevalence of trolls intentional use of disinformation designed to provoke the public make the public anxious or afraid hostility and aggressiveness of some conduct in media interviews acknowledgement that negative political discourse can reflect entrenched positions in wider society How to support better political discourse Deliberative systems and dialogue processes can help address cross cutting cleavages support politicians to have cordial relationships in public identify benefits to politicians of engaging in more ethical discourse if it appeals to current non voters then there is a potential new vote available explore why political party Appreciation In January 2022 Fergus Armstrong sadly passed away His involvement with the Tony Ryan Trust his wider interest in mediation and his concern for the coarsening of public and political discourse led to his engagement in the development of this project Fergus provided valuable insight and expertise in its genesis and was a witness to its establishment We are thankful and extremely appreciative to have had such an opportunity and benefit 31

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The project partnership of Glencree with Lakou Lape entered its second year in 2021 against a very difficult and turbulent background Haiti experienced a presidential assassination another 32 Following the single identity work a plenary session was held to bring all Consensus on 5 main causes to conflict in Haiti Weak state Lack of security Legacy of slavery Corruption economic injustice Poor access to health education The Lakuo Lape Glencree Multi Track Intervention Looking Ahead Political sector 15 Political Peace Forum ioner s Track 1 1 5 ing P racti t Having achieved the initial project objective of reaching consensus and establishing relationships between the communities looking ahead for 2002 it is hoped the dialogue groups can be forward looking and identify strategies for change not just through agreement within each group but also by producing an overall declaration when they all come together for a plenary session The Glencree team of Ian White Geoffrey Corry and Tom Kitt are also hopeful to travel to Haiti to join in these final stages of the project however in person attendance will continue to be determined by security and public health Covid 19 concerns build In its role of providing technical support Glencree continued to train Lakou Lape Facilitators to carry out conflict analysis with group participants using the tool of the conflict analysis tree which focuses on identifying the root cause of the conflict Some of the groups were able to meet in person in Port au Prince but many of these sessions had to take place over Zoom By the end of 2021 most of the groups were ready to bring their analysis to a conclusion and reach consensus on what they felt were the key underlying causes of violent conflict At present there is no functioning parliament in Haiti and only a few viable public institutions such as the police Citizen security is nearly non existent in the neighbourhoods of Port au Prince who find themselves living under the daily control of local gangs with strong political connections Overshadowing it all is the legacy of slavery and colonialism much of which remains at an unconscious level but which holds back this small state from realising its true potential Peac e Activities and Impact Throughout 2020 and 2021 a total of 8 sectoral groups took part in the project These included representatives from the political business media and civic society sectors and from the 4 marginalised communities of Belair St Martin Martissant and La Saline Deliberations of the Political Peace Forum PPF comprising 10 political leaders from different political groups including former government ministers also continued throughout the year These sessions focused on sharing the experience of the Irish peace process drawing on insights of former Irish government minister and project team member Tom Kitt During an inter group simulation role play at Lakou Lape offices in Port au Prince facilitators enable a dialogue between four representatives of each local community who are struggling against the violence of local gangs and territorial encroachment Part of the Haitian crisis is that the state has never had a truly representative or productive government Even though Presidents are democratically elected they have needed the backing of US governments to navigate elections and survive in office They have often lacked credibility and political competence to bring about social and infrastructural change partly because they have not engaged the different parts of civil society Multi Track Dialogue The project was designed as an informal unofficial dialogue within civil society and local community groups taking place at Tracks 1 2 and 3 see diagram These macro factors coupled with restrictions on carrying out elements of the programme due to Covid 19 led to the dialogue project seeking a no cost extension which was granted from the EU into June 2022 While a planned international session of the project could not take place in 2021 it was possible for engagement with US politicians in the back channels of the unfolding crisis and the involvement of media leaders in the Track 2 workshops to go ahead participants together to share their views build relationships across communities and develop a shared analysis of the conflict by 20 With the support of EU funding Glencree and our partner agency Lakou Lape an indigenous peacebuilding organisation embarked on an innovative two year participatory project in Haiti in January 2020 With the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of peacebuilding processes in Haiti the project focused on engaging different levels of society in exploring whether they could find agreement on an analysis of the conflict and the root causes of the violence Could they identify the key issues that need resolution to bring about social change and bring an end to the violence But more importantly by listening and learning together could they build new relationships with each other across civil society and thereby strengthen their own capacity as leaders earthquake an increase of gang violence in Port au Prince and the deportation by the USA of migrants back to Haiti who were attempting to cross the MexicoU S border after a long journey through central America A planning meeting between Louis Henri Mars Executive Director and Yrvy Frenel Project Manager Lakou Lape with Glencree s Geoffrey Corry at the Montana Hotel in Port au Prince where some of the sector meetings were held due to its safe location anied Cultivating Inclusive Leadership at Multiple Tracks to Build Peace in Haiti Contributes to strategic objectives 3 support positive community relations 4 develop a Centre of Excellence in peacebuilding learning exchanges for local European and international conflict prevention and transformation Acco mp International Programme Haiti Track 2 Track 3 Business sector 15 Media sector 15 Other civil society 15 4 Violenceaffected neighbourhoods 22 Support practical process of Participatory Conflict Analysis multiple phases Go deeper move beyond positions to identify interests needs acceptable solutions Constructive rebuild humanise broken relationships depersonalise issues Forward looking identify and support SH actions for positive change in their own spheres of influence and cooperation across Tracks Build capacity of stakeholder leaders and local facilitators at all levels Tracks 1 5 2 3 33

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Participants take part in Glencree s Annual Peace Walk Fundraiser which coincides with International Day of Peace Over the last 47 years Glencree has built and maintained a high value reputation as a trusted independent organisation that has worked quietly and credibly to build relationships with and between people in the context of political conflict and violence The Glencree Board Sept 2021 In this section Operations Funding 36 Our Team 39 Governance Report 40 Board Assessment 42 Directors Report Financials Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 2021 Directors and Other Information Directors Report Independent Auditors Report Statement of Financial Activities Statement of Financial Position Cash Flow Statement Notes to the Financial Statements 43

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Operations Funding Armoury Caf Contributes to strategic objective 5 strengthen and develop our systems structures staff capacity and the Glencree site to enhance performance and results As a result of Covid 19 restrictions the Armoury Caf remained closed until June 2021 resulting in the loss of an important revenue stream for Glencree On reopening staffing challenges in common across the hospitality industry were met by necessary changes to our menu and systems With funding from the OPW and Wicklow County Council new equipment proved invaluable a refit of the outdoor terrace and seating area boosted capacity while the retail area within the caf was upgraded to help boost sales of local artisan products and gifts We are extremely grateful to POBAL Wicklow Country Council and the OPW whose support proved vital to the sustainability of the Caf during this time Though staffing continues to be the main challenge since reopening the Armoury has gone from strength to strength welcoming families and groups cyclists and ramblers dignitaries and heads of state local customers from the Glencree valley and our Peace Centre colleagues all of whom we thank sincerely for their continued support Communications in 2021 Website users Webpage views 27 2020 14 2020 25 064 Facebook followers 12 Columbarium Garden of Remembrance Reflection The Columbarium Garden of Remembrance Reflection Committee assembled a new design team which produced a very sensible and achievable plan for the Garden of Remembrance This will occupy a small portion of our 11 acres that abut the Glencree Centre It is envisaged that the remainder of this acreage will be used for a bio diverse Garden of Reflection During the year a rigorous selection process resulted in the appointment of a firm of landscape architects and the engagement of Murray and Associates who are currently finalising the planning application The Committee is satisfied with the progress to date and are optimistic for the potential of this project to contribute to realising the strategic objectives over the next 5 years Annual Peace Walk Fundraiser The 5th Annual Peace Walk fundraiser took place on Sunday 19 September marking International Day of Peace Officially launched and led by Minister for European Affairs Thomas Byrne TD over 70 supporters including members of the diplomatic corps Glencree members local community Board and staff undertook the 9km walk across the Wicklow mountains before returning to the Armoury Caf for a barbecue and entertainment by a traditional Irish music quartet from Comhaltas Ceolt ir ireann In yet another challenging and competitive year in the fundraising landscape and in the absence of equally competitive promotional budgets by Glencree funds raised were 9 3 lower than 2020 Increased promotional spend and potential for merchandise sales are among measures under consideration for generating higher returns in 2022 36 Twitter followers 27 US 14 UK 10 5 Website Visitors Rest of World Ireland 25 51 Communications Site Development Glencree is grateful for the continued support of the OPW which kindly facilitates the use of our site and its beautiful old stone buildings and for essential renovation works and IT systems upgrades completed with the added support of Wicklow County Council in 2021 For a number of years internal and external stakeholder discussions have been underway about the need to develop our facilities and adjoining land and to establish a state of the art peace campus to help improve and upscale the delivery of our peace work Building on recent feasibility studies an overarching development plan that will align with the objectives of our new Strategic Plan 2022 2026 is in progress This will include a Garden of Remembrance and looped walking trails conference facilities event space improved accommodation a lecture theatre and a peace library which will contribute to our plans to establish a centre for practical peacebuilding in Glencree over the next five years 73 316 Supporters take part in our Annual Peace Walk Fundraiser 2021 Glencree continued to remain deliberately quiet about its sensitive and confidential safe space dialogue trust and relationship building and informal diplomacy work in 2021 With lean budgets and communications resources the strategic focus remained on promoting engagement and awareness of the public facing organisational and programme work primarily through social media channels and driving traffic to the website www glencree ie Key campaigns included the Intercultural Refugee Programme Africa Day event with Dublin City Council 5 Politician engagements of the Schools Programme the launch of the Glencree Journal branding and development of initiatives of the All Island Women s Peacebuilding Network and the Walk4Peace fundraising campaign In addition to promoting attendance at live and virtual events in line with programme targets an increase of 27 Twitter followers 12 Facebook followers and 26 website users was achieved year on year Unfortunately while planning for the return of key in person events such as the Annual Lecture and Strategic Plan launch were in place these had to be postponed until 2022 due to the evolving Covid 19 situation With a new design concept launched for the Annual Report 2020 this was developed further in the production of the Strategic Plan 2022 2026 brochure and related promotional collaterals Phase 1 of the Resources section of the website also went live and this will continue to be developed to support access to shared learnings and resources from Glencree s work 37

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Funding Income Funding 2021 93 Programme Revenue From Funders 1 on 2020 4 Donations Membership 1 on 2020 3 Services no change on 2020 Expenditure 2021 85 Glencree enjoyed the continued confidence of our funders throughout 2021 which included support from government grants the philanthropic and business community members and donors Income was also derived from on site activities and our annual peace walk fundraising initiative which resumed as an in person event We also welcomed donations from new philanthropic donors which will provide key resources for new strategic project development and as we set a course towards establishing Glencree as a Centre of Excellence in practical peacebuilding and learning for the next generation of peacebuilders Funding from The Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade increased by 7 in 2021 with a particular increase in allocation for our Community and Political Dialogue and Women s Leadership programmes Funding from the Reconciliation Fund also greatly supports core operational and staff costs The Belonging and Identity project funded by the Integration Unit of the Department of Children Equality Disability Integration and Youth EDIY continued until February 2021 New philanthropic funding from the Tomar Trust the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and the Medical Missionaries of Mary was sourced for a 3 year Community and Intercultural Relations Project Other new funding included the Joseph Rowntree Trust support for the Women s Leadership Programme The Tony Ryan Trust now also supports our new Political Discourse project A significant increase in funding was also received from the Community Foundation for Ireland for the Leaders Dialogue initiative of the Community Political Dialogue Programme 10 Personnel Costs 6 on 2020 3 General Admin 1 on 2020 2 The results for the year ended December 2021 show a profit of 35 666 against a loss of 6 805 for 2020 before annual amortisation on revaluation reserves of 16 500 occurred In line with similar charitable organisations the Glencree Centre for Peace Reconciliation continued to deal with the ongoing challenges presented by Covid 19 during the year 2021 The total income for the year saw an increase of 13 80 on last year whilst there was a corresponding increase in total expenditure of 8 35 compared to the previous year leading to the profit as shown in the financial statement Our Team Glencree Board Chair Barbara Walshe Vice Chair Alan Tyrrell to Sept 21 Niamh Darcy Martin Long Mary Madden Dara Hayes Mary Curtin to Sept 21 Se n McGearty Robin Hanan to Sept 21 Paul Kierans Billy O Brien to Nov 21 The European Union s PEACE IV Programme funding for the Addressing the Legacy of Violence Through Facilitated Dialogue project managed by the Special EU Programmes Body SEUPB which was due to conclude in December 2021 was extended to August 2022 due to the impact of Covid 19 on planned group engagements and events Match funding for this programme was provided by the N I Executive Office and the Irish Department of Rural and Community Development Glencree is also focusing on securing larger multi annual funds from state European and private philanthropic organisations to support stability and continuity across our programme work and to continue to support and develop our staff teams to deliver the highest quality of this nuanced and sensitive work in ever changing and complex contexts In conjunction with this Glencree explored various social enterprise initiatives in line with our ethos to generate sustainable ancillary income sources to support our core work and further efforts to secure this as an additional income stream will continue in 2022 Direct Programme Costs 9 on 2020 Financial Statement Glencree wishes to thank all funders mentioned above We also sincerely thank our other funders for their continued support including the Mount Street Club Trust support for the Hope Ambition project EU support for our ongoing work in Haiti with Lakou Lape Oilean Easa Foundation the Swiss Embassy in Ireland and the Irish Research Council We thank the OPW and Wicklow County Council for their support of our on site development Arthur Cox for their pro bono legal support and our members donors customers and visitors who continue to support our important peacebuilding and reconciliation work on an ongoing basis Naoimh McNamee CEO Joan O Flynn Acting CEO to May 21 Gerard Cahill Chief Financial Officer Company Secretary Helen Irish Roisin McGlone Pat Hynes Louise Keating Nadette Foley Programme Manager Addressing the Legacy of Violence Through Facilitated Dialogue Project Programme Manager Community Political Dialogue Programme Programme Manager to April 21 Programme Manager Intercultural Refugee Programme Roberta Cappieri Eoin O Keeffe Programme Manager Women s Leadership Programme from July 21 Assistant Programme Manager to Mar 21 Michelle Kearns Assistant Programme Manager from Mar 21 Researcher Assistant Programme Manager Amina Moustafa Terri O Brien Programme Administrator Corporate Services Executive from Aug 21 Val Kiernan Office Operations Administrator Louise Keating Grainne Whitelaw Project Lead Hope Ambition Project Communications Coordinator Pat Fleming Sinead Bolger Holly Taylor Network Animator Glencree All Island Women s Peacebuilding Network from Jul 21 Caretaker Programme Administrator Gavin Kelly Armoury Caf Manager Gosia Sanecka Armoury Caf Sarah Butler Project Administrator Governance 4 on 2020 38 Dave O Brien Ian White Joan O Flynn Vera Biskupova Consultant North South Post Primary Schools Civic Action Programme Consultant Haiti Project Consultant Political Discourse Project from June 21 Armoury Caf Richie Williams Armoury Caf 39

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initiative and creativity during 2021 ensuring that participants continued to benefit from programme work despite on going Covid restrictions A Staff and Board training needs analysis was a focus area in 2021 The allocated training budget in 2021 was utilised on GDPR Level 2 Risk Management Companies Act Charities Act Financial Oversight for Board Members and Strategic Plan Implementation Process Design Staff also undertook various free training from the Wheel and other training bodies that provide courses for the not for profit sector Glencree undertook a salary benchmarking exercise in 2021 using the Community Foundation s 2019 National Guide to Pay and Benefits for the Community Voluntary and Charitable Organisations The benchmarking exercise results were subsequently reviewed by the Board where the Board satisfied itself that salaries were either above the average pay for the respective role comparators or above the lower qualifier for the respective roles The CEO s renumeration falls within the salary range 70 000 to 80 000 Board Of Directors 2021 Governance Report Governance at Glencree was further strengthened in 2021 with the recruitment of a designated resource to manage and advise on compliance with the Charities Regulatory Authority Governance Code Standards At the October 2021 Board meeting the Board assessed the Compliance Record Form including all the supporting information and evidence and satisfied itself that Glencree was compliant with 49 Standards including 31 Core Standards and 18 Additional Standards All Glencree staff were trained on the Governance Code and participated in associated training in the areas of the governance code standards policies and processes New processes implemented in 2021 included more effective meetings and action log recording data protection processes policies records management governance code compliance dashboard and Board member induction process At the end of 2021 staff commenced training in Strategic Plan implementation and commenced co designing a process for monitoring and reporting on activities planned for 2022 under the goals set out under the five Strategic Objectives Glencree adheres to its Board Roles and Responsibilities Policy ratified in 2020 which includes responsibilities of board members reserved decision making of board procedure for dealing with exceptional or urgent matters CEO delegated authority role of the Board Chair and the role of Company Secretary Glencree also has a Conflict of Interest and Loyalty Policy in place that was ratified by the Board in 2020 and scheduled for review in 2023 The approach to risk management at Glencree was reinforced where the Risk Register continues to be reviewed monthly by management quarterly by the Audit and Risk Committee and bi annually by the Board In 2021 top risks included Covid 19 impact on the organisation and its work failure to identify new funding for capital projects along with a lack of staff and facilities to deliver on future plans for a Centre of Excellence in Practical Peacebuilding The impact of Covid 19 was mitigated through ensuring that remote working arrangements were operational for all staff and Board members to protect health while ensuring flexibility and continuation of Glencree s work Risk to sourcing funding for capital projects increase in staffing and the re purposing of facilities and buildings continues to be mitigated through ongoing relationship development to secure private and grant funding to establish a sustainable Centre of Excellence in Practical Peacebuilding The Board adopted The Wheel s Board Governance Handbook and the Board Code of Conduct Policy was reviewed to reflect the new Values agreed as part of the Strategic Plan A review of the site Health Safety Statement including Risk Assessment was undertaken and updated using the HSA online BeSMART Tool New policies developed by the Governance Committee and ratified by the Board during 2021 included the Board Recruitment Policy Reserves Policy Fundraising Policy Communications Policy Data Protection Policy Lobbying Policy Covid 19 Policy and Staff Recruitment Policy The Audit and Risk Committee developed a Reserves Policy which was ratified by the Board in 2021 and includes a statement of desired reserves The number of staff working at Glencree in 2021 was sixteen however Glencree did not operate a volunteer programme All staff participated in Glencree s performance management process in 2021 which includes annual appraisals and periodic reviews of objectives Programme staff showed remarkable Name Appointed Attendance Skills Experience Barbara Walshe Chair 24 11 2013 7 7 Peace Activist Servant Leader Organiser Optimist Alan Tyrrell Vice Chair 15 09 2017 resigned 17 09 2021 3 4 Strategy Crisis Issues Management Corporate Reputation Communications Mary Curtin 01 01 2015 retired 17 09 2021 4 4 Governance Mediation Conflict Resolution Communications Advocacy Niamh Darcy 06 07 2018 7 7 Management International Development ICT M E Health Informatics Robin Hanan 25 07 2018 resigned 17 09 2021 2 4 NGO Management Human Rights Advocacy Intercultural Communications Facilitation and Training Dara Hayes 15 09 2017 5 7 Barrister Advocacy Policy Law Martin Long 06 07 2018 6 7 Strategic Communications Crisis Management Policy Development Governance Justice Peace Sean McGearty 06 07 2018 6 7 Peacebuilding Research Analysis Policy Advice Mediation Dialogue Mary Madden 17 01 2020 Billy O Brien 27 11 2020 resigned 26 11 2021 5 6 Paul Kierans 27 11 20 7 7 7 7 Strategic planning political dialogue policy development communications Deep understanding of the machinery of government Business management sales and marketing expertise leadership of community projects Financial Services Risk Management Compliance Corporate Governance The Board has two standing committees Audit and Risk Paul Kierans Chair Barbara Walshe Mary Curtin resigned 6 Jan 2022 Rob Iden Ind Governance Mary Curtin Chair resigned as Chair 5 Jan 2022 continued as independent member Barbara Walshe Debbie Donnelly Ind Martin Long Dara Hayes was appointed to Chair 5 Jan 2022 The CEO Naoimh McNamee and Secretary Gerard Cahill neither of whom is a Board member attend meetings of both of these committees Other sub committees active in 2021 Strategic Planning Site Development Columbarium Garden of Reflection Annual Peace Walk 40 41

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Board Assessment 2021 The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation GCPR Board members were positive about their experience and felt that members worked well together despite meeting online only during 2021 A Board sub committee led an intensive strategic planning process which was completed and the Strategic Plan was due to be launched publicly in November 2021 however due to Covid 19 this launch had to be postponed with a soft launch taking place instead This new Strategic Plan will chart Glencree s direction for the next five years Clarity between Glencree Visitors Centre Board and the GCPR was flagged as important going forward as the commercial elements of the Glencree site were being developed Concern was raised by Board members that the pace of change needed to be matched with the staff resources to implement the changes All board members are unpaid and support Glencree s work in addition to their own paid work Directors Report Financial Statements For the Year Ended 31 December 2021 Board Self Evaluation of Role Performance out of a score of 5 4 1 2021 2020 3 89 2020 3 85 2021 4 2021 2021 2020 2021 2020 2021 2020 3 83 EN ES CO CO S NF DE LI S O CT F BU S C SI OF ON NE IN DU SS TE C RE T FI NA ST NC IA L RE RI PO SK RT M AN IN G CO A NT GEM RO E L NT AU IN DI TE PE T RN RF RI AL OR SK M AN CE TH EV E AL BO UA AR TI D ON S RE LA TI O M NS AN H AG IP EM WIT EN H T BO AR D EF ON SI SP RE OF N IO IS DI V 4 5 FE CT IV BI LI TI E S BO AR D TH E OF LE RO 42 5 4 25 4 22 2021 2020 4 3 2021 2020 4 32 4 29 4 6 2020 4 5 4 73 4 45 43

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Independently Audited Financial Statements 45 45 44

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Independently Audited Financial Statements Africa Day 2021 Entanglements Africa and Dublin City Celebrating AfricaDay2021 Glencree Intercultural Refugee Programme in association with Dublin City Council invited young artists to create an artwork inspired by What Makes you Smile A compilation of the shortlisted artworks were displayed as part of the Africa Day event with keynote address by Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu and featuring representatives of the Irish African communities in Dublin 70

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The Glencree Centre for Peace Reconciliation Glencree Co Wicklow A98 D635 Republic of Ireland E info glencree ie T 353 1 2829711 www glencree ie GlencreeCentre glencree4peace 2022 Glencree Centre for Peace Reconciliation The Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation is a company limited by guarantee in the Republic of Ireland Company number 50088 Registered Charity Revenue Commissioners number CHY5943 Charities Regulatory Authority CRA number 20009823 Design by Absolute Group

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