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Giving Women 2021 Activity Report

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Activity Report 2021

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“Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders” Henry David Thoreau Faith in a Seed. 1853 2

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3 Giving Women Is a community of informed women philanthropists who together seek to make a meaningful difference in the lives of girls and women in need all over the world. Each one of us has the power to make a difference but together we can create magic.

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About Us Empowering Women to Empower Women 4 45+ Events a year 150+ Members 50+ Projects supported Dedicated to helping girls and women from vulnerable communities To educate and build skills and expertise around women focused initiatives A global network of dedicated professional women with a goal to empower and support vulnerable girls and women Since 2010:

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Giving women in 3 pillars 20XX Presentation title

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A unique Civil Society model 6 An international community of professional women share their acquired expertise, knowledge, experience and time on a voluntary basis to sustain projects and organizations led by women for women and girls. Empowered Women Empower Women and Girls A Full Circle Impact.

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Create Awareness on Women’s Focused Issues •  Online and face-to-face Panel Discussions •  Film Screenings •  Annual Conference •  GW Community Events  We organise public events that highlight the most pressing issues facing girls and women partnering with NGOs and Philanthropic Foundations and highlighting the organisations around the world that address these issues. Over the last ten years, Giving Women has created a strong community of experts in the area of women’s issues. We recognise that we have a responsibility and are in an excellent position to bring these issues to a broader public.

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8 Why Women and Girls In this context, Giving Women's work takes on even greater significance. We are humbled and encouraged by the positive feedback and acknowledgment of our efforts to bringing hope to the lives of women and girls by helping them become more resilient and impactful. Our community continues to grow bringing more inspirational women together with the vision that together we can go further to improve the lives of women and girls. Atalanti Moquette Founder of Giving Women 2021 has been a year filled with challenges, uncertainties, political upheavals, climate disasters and the never ending pandemic. Sadly we have been all touched. But some more than others, revealing yet again, the growing inequities of our world. Girls and women struggle more than ever for access to education, health and economic autonomy. Early marriage and gender based violence are on the rise.

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2021 in Review 36 Events attended by more than 1000 GW members and non-members 12 Projects supported 6 WORKSHOPS 12 Giving Women PROJECTS supported Kurdistan Afghanistan India USA Congo Rwanda Nigeria 9 PANELS 2 SCREENINGS 3 PUBLIC NETWORKING 1 YEAR END SALE Recordings and Videos available on Giving Women’s website

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Giving Women Panel 2021 Topics Education in time of Covid: can tech help keep girls in school? Innovative approaches and technology for system change in gender equality Gender Equity: can educating girls make it happen? Why are we talking about gender transformative approaches? Mobility as a human right and a missing link to achieving the SDGs An update on the situation of girls and women in Afghanistan, How can we help? Access to Higher Education for Refugee Women: How Can We Help? South to South Collaborations to prevent violence against women and girls – in collaboration with Womanity Foundation Access to Higher Education for Refugee Women: How can we help? – in collaboration with CH for UNHCR

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2021 Panels, Screenings & Workshops Fundraising 101 Workshop Mar Feb Jan Jul Aug Panel: Education in time of Covid Screening With ICRC Panel: Sexual Violence in RDC Institutional Fundraising Workshop Fundraising Clinic Screening: Road to Vrindavan Panel: Gender Equity through educating girls Transforming the food system: food mapping Panel: Gender Transf o rmative Approaches Apr May Jun Food System Food Waste Panel on Mobility with WBR Panel: Women and Girls in Afghanistan Panel with UNHCR Panel with Womanity Sep Oct Nov Dec Workshop Project Management

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2021 GW Community Events Feb Jan Jul Aug Informal Virtual Lunch Apr Jun Sep Oct Nov Dec Virtual Lunch Playfulness Supporting our Project Circles Mar Virtual Lunch Curiosity Virtual Lunch Empathy May GW AGA Member Engagement Evening Geneva Apero Zurich Apero Supporting GW projects Autumn Project Circle Evening Year End Sale 4 member book clubs held in 2021

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Giving Women support is provided by our diverse and engaged membership on a voluntary basis. Through Project Circles, members offer their time, expertise and skills to the selected projects. Mentorship We provide an opportunity for the project owners to articulate concerns and challenges that they are facing in a safe and caring space. We then accompany them in a process to define how they can address these concerns and challenges. Strategic Development Projects we work with are often at a cross-roads where they need to re-evaluate their strategic direction and strengthen their organisational structures.! We help in this process which helps them to grow and become more sustainable. Fund Raising Strategy Giving Women does not provide funding or fundraising services to any of the projects we support. We do, however, help our projects to optimise their fundraising strategies and activities. Impact Evaluation Core to any social impact driven organisation is a strong monitoring and evaluation process. We encourage the projects to go through tried and tested processes to help them develop a robust monitoring and evaluation process essential for donor reporting and assessment of the project’s impact. 13 A Project Circle (PC) is a group of Giving Women members who collaborate to support a project sourced, screened and presented at a Giving Women project evening.

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Our Ecosystem & GW Partners Convenient Company A Contoso Expensive Affordable Company C Company B Company D Inconvenient Company E xxxxx

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GW 2020/2021 Projects She Guides Media Matters for Women Sierra Leone

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Project Selection Process Timeline 2021 Feb Apr May Jun Jul Sept Oct Nov Dec Autumn Project Circle Evening – Projects Present Public Call for Projects Deadline for all Motivational Letters Jan GW decided not run a Spring 2021 round to focus its attentions on existing projects that needed more attention because of the pandemic Aug Deadline for all Application Forms Evaluation of Shortlisted Projects Projects Selected

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Project Circles Overview Selection Process Project Circles •  Focus is Women & Girls in Need •  We make a call for projects •  Projects asked to complete the GW application form •  2 stage selection-final projects undergo an in person deep evaluation •  Projects presented at members only Project evening •  GW members choose a project they want to join and offer their time, skills and experience to help other women. Project circle Support •  Objectives achieved •  PCMS provides support to Projects Circles throughout the cycle •  GW templates and tools to support SWOT analysis, Theory of Knowledge , Monitoring and Evaluation •  Regular Tutorials & Training Workshops offered The Project Circle has achieved the objectives set together with project owners The Project is stronger and more sustainable bringing hope and autonomy to women and girls

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Project Circle 2021 The Lotus Flower empowers vulnerable women and girls so that they are safe, have opportunities to learn, are given the tools to become financially independent and have the freedom to speak out and lead change. GW has been supporting The Lotus Flower with: a) Organizational support through knowledge-sharing b) Network expansion c) Fundraising strategy d) Governance e) Input on brand-building and PR opportunities 18 Project Owner Taban Shoresh (CEO) Kurdistan, North Iraq The objectives of their Girl Power Program are to support and encourage girls to complete their education, educate girls and boys about sexual, reproductive health and create and cultivate gender equality.

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Project Circle 2021 Grassroots NGO in Tamil Nadu region of India, operating an orphanage and farm, supporting women networking on health issues (esp. TB) and helping the transgender community. GW has been supporting Blossom Trust with: Assist us in reinventing ourselves after 26 years of operations along the lines of: 1. Develop a 5-year strategy to leverage the orphanage and farm supporting operations (land & agro-training) 2. Help us rethink our Fundraising Strategy 3. Communication strategy, with Social Media 19 Strong female leadership She is the recipient of the 2002International Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Lifeby the World Women’s Summit Foundation (WWSF), Switzerland. She is currentlya delegate of NGOs in Developing Countries for theUNITAIDboard in Geneva, aboard member forTheInternationalUnion Against Tuberculosis andLung Diseasein Germany and a member ofThe Global Coalition of TBActivistsin India.

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2021 Project Circles Outcomes Strategic Direction •  Re-Mobilize their teams with Capacity Building •  Knowledge sharing •  Support new Governance for efficiency and sustainability Awareness Raising Communication •  Media & Social Media coverage •  Rebranding & PR opportunities •  Partnerships Funding Strategies •  Financial reporting Impact reporting CSR •  Identify Grant Donors and financial ecosystems •  Pitching Technique •  Documentation GW Project Circles offered a safe and caring place where Project Owners were able to openly discuss and re-evaluate

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Past GW Projects 20XX Presentation title 21

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33 Projects + 37 Projects 30 Projects 29 Projects 2 Projects 21 Projects 43 Projects GW 51 Projects 2012-2021 Our Top 10 SDGs

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JOIN US Learn, build and apply new skills and best practices in the management of social benefit organisations Offer your professional diverse knowledge, expertise and experience. Open your network and gain access to other Giving Women’s amazing networks Create awareness on challenges faced by women and girls Access to a network of women involved in hands-on effective philanthropy Directly support and work with carefully selected Giving Women Projects by joining a Project Circle Unlimited access to educational workshops and events on philanthropy and women’s and girl’s empowerment

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Our Ecosystem & GW Partners Convenient Company A Contoso Expensive Affordable Company C Company B Company D Inconvenient Company E xxxxx

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Meet Giving Women Operations Team in 2021 Kathleen Holmlund Operations & Communication Manager Ana Salac Communication & Design Consultant Hellen Hipsagh Operations & Finance Support Volunteer Isabela Marchi Events & Communication Volunteer

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Meet Giving Women Executive Committee Jullie Wynne Executive Committee Member Presentation title 26 Tanya Murphy Executive Committee Member Noemi Nagy Executive Committee Member Elianna Sabbag Executive Committee Member Riswana Soundardjee Executive Committee Member Elizabeth Kalman Sarkis Executive Committee Member Manuela Balm Treasurer Ruth Szabo Vice Chairwoman Barbara Wetsig-Lynam Chairwoman Atalanti Moquette Founder

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Summary & References Please access Giving women’s website for more information and please follow us on LinkedIn Vimeo etc

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Contacts Atalanti Moquette Kathleen Holmund!    T:+41 22 310 89 3 5