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By Giulia Bennett



How did That Get On My Breakfast Plate?


I decitcate this book to both my teachers Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Mancusso for helping me put this book togather.

One of the healthiest meals of the day is breakfast.  Breakfast, you’ve been waiting for it since the night before. You run down the stairs smelling the toast being toasted.  The eggs frying over a high flame on the stove.  The smell of the maple syrup pouring on the pancakes and waffles, it heavenly. But wait, then you think to yourself where did all this food come from? It couldn't have just fallen from the sky and lands in a grocery store.  I am right? In this book  I am going to tell you how all this food is produced and not how it fell from the sky.


How did all this food get on your breakfast plate?

Now it is time for waffles. Waffles are s long process, even though factories have a lot of machines and big tools to help make the process longer. Waffles come in so many flavors like blurberry, chocolate chip, cinninom, red velet and buttermilk. They also come in many shapes like they 're sometimes round, square, retangle and so much more. So now it is time to tell you how it is made. 

5. A picking drum needled to poke holes into the waffles bring it up with it.   The needled automatically go inside the drum then the waffles fall onto another conveyor belt.  

3.Once the batter is ready it is poured into the pan. The batter is stuck on the pan.  The waffled rotate a few times so the batter gets in every little  crease.  

 1. This is how they are made, water canola oil and liquid cane sugar are put into a huge tank.  The dry ingredients are now put in a baking powder and the flavors: blueberries, chocolate chip, buttermilk and etc…One tank could make 360 waffles!

How did the waffles get on your breakfast plate?

6.The conveyor belt narrows so the waffles are put into a plastic bags.  At the end of the conveyor belt there are boxes.  The waffles go into the box, they seal it up! 

4.The waffles are put onto another conveyer belt which leads to a large gas oven. 

7. then they are delivered to your local grocery store and put in the frozen foods section beacuse these wafflwes you can just pop them in a toaster and you have a waffle.

2.While batter is getting mixed up a non-stick sprayed one the pan.  




Pancakes .. mmm come in some many different flavors like chocolate chip, strawberries, blueberries and etc. Pancakes almost have the same process with making the batter, grilling it , packaging it up and getting delivere to your home. Another thing, pancakes are delicious so that is why I am going to tell you how they are made in a factory.

2. They pump  liquid into the bulk tank and they mix it up.  Liquid ingredients included eggs, water, sweet cream, soy bean oil and flour.

3.Once the batter reaches a consistency which is great, an employee takes a sample and tests it to make sure it is okay.  The employee puts the batter on a ramp but at the middle of the ramp there is a wall which prevents the battery from going everywhere.  An employee lifts the wall up.  The batter comes down it.   At the bottom there is another wall which does the same job.  The batter has to stop at the certain number so  the consistency, it  can be good to go.

1. To make the batter, workers in the factory put salt, baking powder and dried buttermilk .  All those ingredients are put into big tank to get mixed up.

How did those pancakes get on your breakfast plate?

4.The liquid gets sucked up, it squirts out 10 centimeters out onto a conveyor  like a water gun.

5. The pancake batter is squirted onto a grill which is also a conveyor belt. The grill one side of the pancake.  It grills one side of the pancake at 750 times per minute. 


6. Once it is done grilling, a spatula picks up the pancake and flips it over to the otherside.  Once it is done the pancakes are on a conveyor belt.  The conveyor belt leads to a freezer which is 28 C. 

9.They are then, delivered to your local grocery store.  


7.The pancakes are still on the conveyor belt  and they put into plastic bags. 

8.  Then pancakes are put into boxes.  

Now I am going to tell you how strawberries are produced! Strawberrries are not as long of a process because you farming the srawberries, sanitizing, shorting then packaging. Even though the peocess is not as long it very hard work to do it. Let's not forget strawberries are really good. let’s see how they are made.



How did the strawberries get on your breakfast plate?

1.  Strawberries are grown on a plant. The strawberries  are watered with 1-2 inches of water daily.  

5. to give it a quick rinse. The strawberries are sprayed with chlorinated water to sanitize the strawberries like hand sanitizer!

8.The berries dumped onto a scale where they could be weighed for packaging. 

 4. No longer in the water the strawberries are put onto a conveyor belt

9. The strawberries are dropped into a bag where you would open it at home.

2. WHen it comes to harvest season farmers pick the strawberries.  When the strawberries are picked they’re  blades on the (buckets which the strawberries are put  into)cut the leaves off.  

10 .The machine heats up and seals the bag.  It is put onto the final conveyor belt .

6.The employees with an eye of an eagle will pick out a berry if it has any bruises or spots.  

3.The strwaberries are dumped into a bucket of water.  The water has chemicals in it so it can get all the dirt and potentially creepy crawlies too!

11.Then it goes on to a truck to grocery store so you can eat the delious strawberries!

7. The strawberries are sorted by how small or now large the berry is. They are put onto a conveyor belt once again.  

Now it's toast. Toast is a long process because the wheat has to grow which could take a long time. First you have to plant it then, water  it and a few months before harvest season. Then you have to make the bread. Also you have to make the butter which is a long process to abou t the same amount of steps. Before I keep on giving away how toast is made before get to presention let's go on.   





How did that butter get on your breakfast plate?

1. First a big truck goes to the dairy factory to pick up 30,000 liters of raw milk.

8.Then it is put back into the churn to churn it again with salt. Once it is finished, the butter is split and  put into 2 milling machines.

5. Once it is mixed it is transferred into a churn to churn the buttermilk.  They put 1500 liters of buttermilk into the churn!

4.They  take out the buttermilk and put it into a bulk tank. A bulk tank is a big tank used in a lot of factories.  There are mixers inside  the tank where mixers stir to maintain consistency.

2.The raw milk is placed in a huge tank on a truck.  It goes into a vast factory.

6.Then a worker opens  a drain which provides the creamy clumps to come out.

9.The butter is packaged up into individual wrappers.

3. At the factory they put what is called buttermilk into a big churn with the raw milk.  Buttermilk was the liquid that is usually abandoned when factories churn butter or any diary.


7.The butter is transferred into a container.   A worker  pours 14 kilograms of salt into the containers.  Imagine 4 gallons or jugs of milk.  That is how much salt there is in butter.

 10.Four sticks of butter is put into 1 cardboard box  and then it  is delivered to your supermarket.


Then Guess how much salt is in one stick of butter.. 95mg!

3.Then workers  add salt, sugar, flour, olive oil, yeast and a little water. Once it is all mixed the dough is left in huge containers for  2-3 hours. It is left there beacsue the yeast makes dough bread rise.

2. Once it comes to the harvest season they pick the tall grains.  Then the grains are transported into the mills which grinds up the grains to make flour.

4. Once the mixture is made it is left there so the yeast could do it's job and make the dough rise.

1.the workers plant the grains and water everyday.

How did that bread get on your breakfast plate?



7.It is flattened like a pancake. The dough is rolled to the exact size.  The bread falls onto a conveyor belt that has a containers. Once the bread dough is in the containers, the conveyor belt moves into the oven which is 255 degrees.


5.THe bread is now on a conveyor belt and there is a hole and the bread squezes thorugh while, there are knives on either sides of the hole and it cuts the bread into a roll.

6.At some point the bread gets to a stage where the dough is rolled and is sprinkled with flour. The dough does not stick during the production.

4.Then once it has risen to really tall it is put onto a conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyer belt there is a hole where the bread comes out of.  On the wall  of the conveyer belt there are knives so every time a piece of bread comes out the knives automatically chops the pieces of bread  up.  The bread drops onto another conveyor belt.

8.At this point a vacuum sucks up the bread.  The bread is shot out like a bullet from gun onto a rack.  The bread is chilled.

11. It  is sealed up and delivered to your local grocery store.

Bread Countiued...

9.Once the bread is chilled it is put onto a conveyor belt

10.The slicer slices 65 loafs per minute.  The bread is put on another conveyer belt where it gets packaged up.

Now that it is time for that delious maple syrup that melts in your mouth when you eat it mmm....Maple syrup is pretty long process because it goes through a lot tests to make sure it is okay for us to eat. Also did you know that Canada is known all around the world for their maple syrup? They even have a maple leaf on their flag, the leaf comes from a maple tree and that is where maple syrup comes from.



Now that it is time for that delious maple syrup that melts in your mouth when you eat it mmm.....  Also did you know that Canada is known all around the world for their maple syrup? They even have a maple leaf on their flag, the leaf comes from a maple tree and that is where maple syrup comes from.

How did that maple syrup get on your breakfast plate?

5. You know how our parents say double check your homework. This is what the workers do. They check the maple syrup once again, to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

1.In the winter time the workers drill holes in maple trees .The hole size of  an egg. 

6.Then a nitrogen barrier preserves the delicious flavor and okay the color.

7.Then it goes on a conveyor belt where they’re  bottles at the end. Then maple syrup is poured into the bottles which are then, labeled and  shipped to your local grocery store.         


2.There is a vacum pump that pumps maple syrup into a bucket.the bucket is transferred to the warehouse where the maple sap is made.

3.It goes through a pressure filter to take out the imperfections. Those filters have special chemicals to take out all those imperfections.

4.They then, store the syrup in big barrels

First up on your plate are the eggs.  Eggs are filling for a hungry belly in the morning. The eggs take a very long time to make, produce, package up and deliver to all your homes! It is not like the chicken has the egg, then it gets clened up, packaged and delivered to your local grocery. So that is why I am going to tell you how it got to your house.

3.While all the eggs are still on the conveyor belt farmers check the eggs so he/she can look for bruises or spots.  If the eggs have any imperfections, those eggs are put into a carton with the other eggs that are icky.

How did those eggs get on your breakfast plate?

6.Once the eggs are finshed they are put onto a conveyor belt which leads packaging and stamping.


1.The chickens are raised on a farm. The farmer feeds

the chickens nutrient dense seeds like gummy vitamins! 

7.   Then they stamp the egg with the company name on it. They then, are put into cartons.

4. At this point all the good eggs are chilled. Once the eggs are chilled the eggs  are put onto another conveyor belt to be tested. Let’s hope they do not get an F! 

2. After 5-7 months the chickens lay their eggs. The laid eggs are put onto a conveyor belt which leads to the production room like how luggages get sent on the “conveyor belt” from the plane to the baggage claim.

8.Once that is finished they are shipped out to all the your local grocery stores.




5.  The test is really to see how strong the eggs are. There are metal rectangles that tap on every single individual egg. But, not so hard that it breaks the egg just very lightly. 

In America, most people put maple syrup on bacon to make it more flavorful.

3 usesof maple syrup in the world.



In Italy, they maple syrup as a flavor for a cookie called a biscotti.

In Japan, people use it as a sweetner for coffe alternative of sugar.

This is a ham, egg and cheese on a waffle. I bet your mouth is watering!

How to make it :

1) Take a waffle a put it on a pan to let it toast.

2) Put a picece of cheese on the waffle and flip it over.

3) Flipp it back over and Take an egg and crack over the picece of cheese but do not flip over.

4) Take ham and cut it up into mini slices, then  break  the ham into littler bits and sprinkle over top of of the egg.

5) Now flip the waffle over , once it is cooked your waffle is reaady.

This waffle is almost like  cannoil because it has the cream filling in between each layer of waffle. For this recipe you do need batter.

How to Make it:

1) Put aleast two in the toaster.

2) Once those are ready put them aside.

3) To make the filling you will need the following:

- 1 1/4 cup of whippping cream

-1/4 cup powdered sugar.

Insrtuctions on how to make the fillling:

1) Put all ingredients for the filling in a mixing bowl

2) Beat the cream and powdered sugar until it is stiff.

3) take one waffle and put your filling into  a plastic bag cut the tip and squeeze on the waffle do the same for the rest of thew waffles.

4) the last step is to take powdered sugar abd sprinkle a little bit over the waffle.


This is PB and jay waffle sandwhich!

How to make it:

1. Toast 2 waffles.

2. Once they are ready spread the peanut butter on one side.

3. Then spread the jelly on the other side.

4. Put it togather and you have it a PB and jay waffle sandwhich.

3 waffle recipes

Now your plate looks like this.

 Now your full and know how food is made.  You ate everything from carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins C , protein, grains and much more! So now you can thank the farmers dairy producers, egg farmers and regular farmers.  If you eat this food you can grow tall and strong and become a farmer, dairy producer, egg farmer and you can even work in a factory too!Now your full and know how food is made.  You ate everything from carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins C , protein, grains and much more! So now you can thank the farmers dairy producers, egg farmers and regular farmers.  If you eat this food you can grow tall and strong and become a farmer, dairy producer, egg farmer and you can even work in a factory too!