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One day Emily was camping with her dad. They when't for a walk after lunch. When Emily saw a bird on the ground she  when't to look at it.  When she looked back at the path her dad was gone.

Emily whent looking for her dad and found his hat on a tree branch.  There is  a note inside of the hat that says"Dear Emily I am ok you need to go back home right away and tell mom that I am lost in the woods with no shelter and only 5 breakfast  bars".

Emily ran straight home and told her mom the story and her mom was very scared  for Emily's dad being out in the woods alone with no shelter and a very low food supply.

Emily's mom called the cops and filed a report about Emily's dad being in the woods alone and with almost no food. the cops said they would come right way.

The police sent out a search crew to look for Emily's dad. The leader of the search party called the sheriff and said,   "We think that we found his coat and gloves on the ground, and there is a fire that has been dead since ten minutes ago before  we got here".  Emily's mom and her jumped up and down  in glee.

The next day the cops called and told them that there dad is in the hospital because Fank the dad lost a lot of blood from trying to start a fire he cut his arm with his  knife trying to cut up wood.

Her dad was still past out from the blood loss in the woods.He was was hooked  up to a tube with blood going into his arm.

A week later Emily's dad came home and said"lets not go walking without telling each other were we are going so that this doesn't happen any more". Emily was so happy to see her dad alive with his blood back to the normal amount.