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Welcome to the 1st Weekly GIO Leadership Team Newsletter

I wanted to formally introduce myself. I know I have met or spoken to many of you on the phone or via email.  My name is BJ Ostrum and if you are wondering what the "BJ" stands for it is  Barbara Jane.  I only share that info with friends because  NO ONE calls me that other than the nuns in school or my father when he is trying to make a point.  

A little background on me: I worked for the Health Division for two years as Office Manager of the Hagerstown location. I was the Project Manager for the big office move of 2016.  I managed all vendor relationships for the office including contracts and procurement which resulted in big cost savings measures for our division.  I coordinated all meetings and events, team schedules, BCM plan, HR information, and managed /submitted all invoices to AP.  I was the Be Well Coordinator for the office. In this role I handled all of our meetings flu clinics, wellness expos and started many health initiatives on my own.  These new programs were recognized by the state and we received the Gold designation as one of the Healthiest Places To Work in Maryland.

Previously, I worked in the trade show and convention industry working on the operations side of  registration and exhibitor services.  I also sold promotional products and shirts and worked as a social media consultant.  I attended Towson University on a full dance scholarship and performed professionally  until an injury ended my career. I returned to school and received my Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership.

I live and work from my home in Fairplay, Maryland where my co-workers consist of my husband and three children (18,13,8) and an overweight Goldendoodle  :) 

I look forward to working with you and growing a top notch organization!


BJ Ostrum-Assistant to John Combs



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As you know, employees follow leadership’s example. To create change and build our division, our leadership team must be the champions of knowledge sharing, transparency, and engagement. The Corporate Marketing and Communications Teams have standardized templates, fonts, and images in place but it is our job to communicate for consistency.  We need to be their champion and advocate.  It has to be a collaborative effort.

We have some wonderful tools to support company-wide conversations and if we utilize them properly, employees inherently become better at their jobs. Upon improving horizontal and vertical communications, we may receive more feedback from employees and they will most likely be encouraged to continue to share ideas.

Soon enough, the results will speak for themselves but to ensure change takes place, we need to make sure that we are participating and inspiring our teams to do the same.



How would you describe your team?

What is your role?

What are the roles of your different team members?

Do you have an updated list of your team members?

What are the major projects you are working on?

Do you have an updated Distribution List in Outlook for your team?

Bottom Line: You need to be able to explain what projects your direct reports are working on.

Andres Sadler - CEO of Global Business Services

John Combs-Global Infrastructure and Operations

Ensures that infrastructure and application operations perform to agreed SLA's

AJ Lang- Global EVP & CIO

First impressions count; we all know this. We only get one chance to make a good first impression. Perhaps in person, your charm and use of language can camouflage your faults, but in the online world your first impression is made with your face – your profile picture.  Profile photos can be used very effectively in the company to connect your workforce and make people aware of who it is they are working with at any given time. The benefits of a connected workforce are great and visually stimulating your staff will certainly help maintain strong collaboration and team work

In a way, the picture you choose to display defines you as a person and your reputation, and as a leader it becomes crucial to have the right picture to portray the right image. Just as you would be careful to avoid spelling or grammatical mistakes in your emails, the picture you post needs to be just as well thought out.  

There is no reason, today, for people to not have a profile picture – or worse still, a picture that suggests you’ve just come home from painting the town red or watched cartoons all weekend..   It is 2017 and yet some people still have photos that look like they were taken with a Polaroid.  Although your favorite cartoon or picture of an animal is special to you it does not scream: Professional Leader!

Think of this: would you go into your first face-to-face interview looking the way you do on your LinkedIn profile and be confident you made the right impression?

Please share the links below with your teams so we can all be one!






We will be starting a newsletter that will be sent to our entire division but I need your help! Each week we will be introducing one of the leaders in our organization in a "Getting to Know You" format. Please complete    this survey at your earliest convenience.  Please feel free to share this with your teams to complete as well!

I will also be collecting any accomplishments your team has had for the week as well as any pictures from events that were held at your offices. Please share any of this information via MS TEAMS under "Newsletter" so I don't have to edit through hundreds of emails to find the most updated information.