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Charitable gifts that support the work and ministry of Hope Centre Ministries!


2014 Gift Catalogue

Gifts of Hope

Gifts of Hope

People enjoy giving and receiving meaningful gifts.  A charitable gift is a donation made in someone's honour and then given to them as a present.  This catalogue is filled with ideas to help you choose gifts that support the spiritual care of individuals who live with disabilities.  We invite you to browse through the various ways in which your gift giving can significantly impact the work of Hope Centre Ministries.  We also invite you to spend some time learning about our ministry through the initiatives that are highlighted.  All charitable gifts will be recognized with a charitable receipt as well as a special gift giving card that has been hand made by an individual supported by Hope Centre Ministries.

Hope Centre Ministries exists to celebrate the gifts and uniqueness of individuals who live with disabilities and support them in their walk with God and their faith community.


As a charitable organization we rely on donations and the support 0f local congregations.  As a ministry we offer spiritual care in 3 distinct ways:


  • Support for individuals through programs
  • Support for families
  • Support for churches as they seek to provide spiritual care for the individuals with disabilities that are part of their fellowship

We ALL have gifts, they differ!



If you would like to support Hope Centre Ministries with your Christmas giving, please download an order form and submit it along with your payment.  Contact us to arrange to pay through paypal.




Sunday evenings we gather for a time of worship, learning, prayer and fellowship.   Some individuals consider this their church, for others it is an extension of church--much like a small group.  We are a faith community that supports one another and shares the love of Jesus with each other.


Your gift of $75.oo supports 1 weekly meeting of worship group.


Your gift of $100.00 supports transportation for one month for all individuals who rely on the HCM bus.

Weekly Worship

Connecting with peers and participating in fun, creative, hands-on Bible stories is something we love to do.  Currently we have two groups-- one for age 35 and under and one for over age 35.  These groups provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to increase their social circles, explore and nurture their faith and experience love and acceptance.


Your gift of $15.00 provides all that is needed for 1 month of Bible study for 1 person.


Your gift of $300.00 provides all that is needed for 1 month of Bible study for all participants in both programs.

Bible Studies

Everyone, regardless of ability has been created to serve and has gifts to share that bless the larger community.  This is an important part of everything we do.  At Christmas we collect for and assemble 100 gifts for Indigenous Family Centre, at Easter we collect for and assemble 100 Easter gifts for children in Winnipeg's North End and throughout the year we make home-made laundry soap and package it as individual loads for Siloam Mission.


Your gift of $10.00 provides hygiene items for 4 Christmas gifts for IFC.

 Your gift of $15.00 provides a spring gift pack for 6 of the Easter gifts.

 Your gift of $20.00 provides the ingredients for 75 loads of laundry.

Outreach Projects

Retreat weekends are an opportunity to remove ourselves from the busyness of city life and "retreat" to Camp Arnes. In this setting, several connections are nurtured.

  • Connection with God through worship and workshops
  • Connection with others through fellowship activities and camp activities
  • Connection with creation as we spend time enjoying the outdoors...even in the rain.

Your gift of $125.00 provides volunteer support staff for 3 individuals


Your gift of $500.00 provides wheelchair transportation to/from Camp Arnes.


Once a month parents of children with disabilities gather for an evening of sharing and prayer.  The heart of this group is to be a place of mutuality and safety; a haven where parents can come along side one another, share faith, pray for each other, learn together and support one another by pooling resources.


Your gift of $50.00 provides resources for the Parents Resource Nook.


Your gift of $150.00 supports 1 monthly meeting.


Family Supports

Hope Centre Ministries provides training and supports for churches.  We offer a series of workshops aimed to encourage and equip those in ministry as they seek to include members who live with disabilities.  In addition to workshops, we host a large interdenominational conference that highlights inclusion in faith communities.  Another initiative we are working on is providing resources for church libraries.


Your gift of $35.00 provides a resource package for 1 pastor.


Your gift of $25.00 provides a resource package for 1 Sunday School teacher.

Church Connect

The following resources are available through Hope Centre Ministries:

  • Helping Kids Include Kids with Disabilities by B. Newman...................................................$30.00
  • Autism and Your Church by B. Newman..$30.00
  • Body Building: Devotions to Celebrate Inclusive Community by B. Newman........................$12.00
  • Circle of Friends Manual by B. Newman....$20.00
  • Be Good to Eddi Lee (children's) by Virginia Fleming.......................................................$8.00
  • Dancing With Max by Emily Colson............$15.00
  • Sun Shine Down by Gillian Marchenko.......$15.00

Available for Purchase

We have an assortment of one-of-a-kind gifts made by individuals connected with various Hope Centre Ministries programs.


A beautiful framed ceramic/glazed heart........$50.00


A bookmark-- glass beads/shepherd hook......$5.00



**Also note that all of the gift cards for charitable gifts are also hand made by individuals.


Gifts of the Heart


If you would like to support Hope Centre Ministries with your Christmas giving, please download an order form and submit it along with your payment.  Contact us to arrange to pay through paypal.




If you want to support HCM with charitable gift giving this Christmas and want to pay with cheque or credit card please complete an order form.


We extend a special thank you to Anthony Mark Photography for capturing so many wonderful moments of ministry this year.  Pictures used with permission.


On behalf of everyone at Hope Centre Ministries, we want to wish you a very blessed Christmas!

Thank you for your support!