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All About Jacob Sartorius!!!!

By:Giada DeCapio


Welcome back to the Andrea and Giada show where we guest star famous people!“He is a guy who blow up on vine with his famous anti-bullying video”. Please welcome Jacob Sartorius (applause).so tell us what new."My fans are amazing and are there for me every day and now it's all about the music so that's what I'm focused on," Jacob exclusively said to the talk show  "There are songs on the EP that people will be surprised I'm singing."    Image result for jacob sartorius



Tell us about yourself.So everyone called me Jacob growing up, and when I was seven and actually able to understand everyone has a middle name then I found out it's Rolf Jacob Sartorius. That's my dad's name, so it's cool because it was passed down the family tree. It's not something I ever wanted to hide, I just didn't think it was a big deal. I just go by Jacob and that's what I've been called, my family calls me that. If you want to call me Rofl, that's cool I've had some people do that and I'm just like okay, I kind of like that, it doesn't matter," he shared.


                                    what he likes to do on                                           his free time 

So tell us what you like to do on your free time.  Well I like playing basketball and going to the gym. I also like spending time with my family.



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On twitter he has over half a million followers as of 2016 – a number which is constantly increasing-.On YouTube, Jacob has over 1 million subscribers, while over on Instagram, there are almost 4 million people following him, as of 2016.OnMay 3rd 2016, he released his first single, ‘Sweatshirt’.  In just one year, he added 6.4 million Instagram followers, he became a “Top 5 profile” on with 12 million followers and he added 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His anti-bullying video/vine would be looped 15 million times.


                  social media 

At the age of 8, I started taking acting lessons and began pursuing roles in community theater year-round. I quickly realized my passion for making people laugh and smile and brought my positive energy online, turning social platforms into stages and amassing a highly engaged and super active audience of online supporters. I was also inspired by Justin Bieber


  • Fav color is dark blue

  • He has asthma

  • He has a step-brother whose name is Kaylor

  • His first Vine was on August 2014

  • He is homeschooled

  • He got his braces off February 2016

  • He has a cat named Josie

  • He is right handed

  • He is in 8th grade

  • He used to be shy





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