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This is for a newbies or beginners , for those who wanted to have idea online ,on how to post strategical and have client, its gives idea on how to use the facebook tools, so that one can think on what business to put up. or post on facebook, it is applicable for those having physical product to sell and as well as a physical store. For those who doesn't have physical store , it is useful tool to know about. it will help you foresee what is the trending sale or not.

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Facebook has always a good tools for everyone. Its not only for sharing photos with friends and relatives. but facebook now is a big bussiness. everyone wanted a good life style. i mean earning while on vacation, earning while sleeping. or to have a passive income or side income. but there is a rigth way a step. or what they call strategies that facebook provided. but to those who did not know what to do or how. one should learned facebook is not a mere just posting, specially  if you have an online bussiness. this booklet is a tutorial on whats new in facebook. just sharing on what i went through. but i hope you had seen my 3 WAYS ON GETTING CLIENT IN FACEBOOK. THIS VIDEO BELOW IS LESSON NUMBER 4. WHICH IS UNEDITED. AND WILL SHOW YOU INSIDE FACEBOOK. (video is in page 2 click the arrow above).

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Part 3 : if you target the global market, it gives you idea on what bussiness or sideline passive income. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

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