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Gerani luxury villa
Location: Gerani, Rethymno
Reference: VRA169
Size BTA: 320 sq. m.
Plot size: 4032 sq. m.
Swimmingpool: 36 sq. m.
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 4
Construction: 2007
Furnished: Yes
Price: 650.000
2.5% brokers’ fee + expenses not incl.
Kreta Eiendom s.a was established by Ellen Hansen
in 2002, and has rapidly become one of the most
reputable property developers on the island. The
main office is located in the old town of Rethymno on
the north coast.
For over a decade, Kreta Eiendom has helped hun-
dreds of people turn their dreams of owning a prop-
erty on Crete into reality. Please contact us for refer-
ences from our customers.
It’s easy to fall in love with this wonderful island, as
it has so much to offer. Whether you are looking to
acquire a new permanent residence, a holiday home
or just make a solid investment, there’s no better
place and no-one more experienced than Kreta Eien-
dom to help you achieve your goal.
We look forward to being at your disposal to help
you find your dream home on the beautiful island of
Responsible property consultant
Ellen Hansen
General Director
Ellen Hansen
Mobile: 00 30 6973349000
Office nr :0030 28310 21430
Kreta Eiendom SA
Arkadiou 1
Rethymno, 74100
Crete, Greece
Welcome to Crete....a better quality of life...
Gerani is a small, typically Cretan
village with crooked lanes.It
stands on a hill above a smalll
bay, some 7 kms west of the town
center of Rethymno on the island
of Crete.
Two times per day a public bus
serves the village. From the motor
highway below the village hourly
public bus service to Rethymnon
and Iraklion as well as to Chania.
The small swimming-bay below
the village has a peddled beach,
a tiny fishing-port, a small church
and a popular taverna.
Just 5 kms west, is one of Crete`s
most beautiful sandy beaches.
Welcome to Gerani ...
The perfect home to enjoy the beauty of Crete...
Gerani luxury villa is an well appointed villa with amazing sea views.
This property with panoramic views is located on a 4,032 square
metres plot with 320 square metres of living space.
A colourfull relaxing atmosphere….
On the main floor, there is a large living room with access to spacious
outside patio with swimming pool. There is central heating and
cooling under floor system.
Fully equipped kitchen ….
There is a modern fully equipped kitchen, with all the modern facilities
and a dining area with fire place.
The property consists of 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. There is a nice
feature such as a cozy winter garden/green house - ideal for relaxing
and reading.
6 Bedrooms and 4 Bathrooms…...
The basement has 1 bedroom with attached bathroom and kitchen.
It can be used as quest or maids house. Garage and storage room.
Bedrooms with sea view...
Privacy in picturesque surroundings...
The villa is suitable for holiday rentals....
Rental rates for the villa in 2014 :
The villa has an estimated annual
Income of 90,000 Euro.
Price per week:
Off Season: 1,820
Low Season 2,100
Mid Season: 2,800
High Season: 3,500
The villa has been approved by
the Greek Tourist Authority
and holds a valid EOT licence.
Only properties that hold a
current EOT licence are legally
entitled to be rented out to
tourists in Crete .
In many countries when purchasing a property, a
lawyer is responsible for the drafting and the
registration of the sales contract. In Greece however
we have a separate legal profession known as
‘Notaries’. A notary is responsible for drafting any and
all legally binding contracts. Buying a property in
Greece cannot be completed without their
The notary fee is calculated in most cases at 1.6 %
including tax and the ‘Land Registry’ fee is calculated
at 0.475 - 0.575 % plus 23 % VAT respectively. The
notarial fee decreases as the amount of the
transaction increases.
On properties where the Building Licence was issued
before January 1st 2006, real estate transfer tax is
charged at 3,09% of the price.
On properties where the Building Licence was issued on
or after January 1st 2006 and the seller is a developer-
contractor, taxation of 23% of the purchase price will
The legal fee is a matter of agreement but it is usually
1% of the property price or a minimum of 1.500 euros
plus taxes.
Additional expenses when buying a property...
Property Details :
Location: Gerani
Municipality : Rethymno
Reference: VRA169
Size BTA: 320 sq. m.
Plot size: 4032 sq. m.
Pool: 36 sq. m.
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 4
Floors: 2
Construction year: 2007
Price: 650.000
Expenses: 34,577
Total price: 684.577
Expenses include:
Notary, Registration Fee
and Transfer Tax.
The expenses are subject
to change calculated on
the final sale price.
Expenses do not include:
Lawyer’s fee 1% and 2,5%
agent fee calculated on
the final sale price.
EOT license.: Yes
Annual income:
Plan Drawing for top floor...
Plan Drawing for basement/main floor
Buying property in Greece is different than in many other parts of Europe, but is certainly
not difficult. Kreta Eiendom’s personal service includes guiding you through the whole
purchasing process and beyond.
The simplest way to buy property as a ‘Non Resident’ in Greece is through ‘Power of
Attorney’. As all buyers are required by law to have legal representation when
purchasing real estate, you will need to retain a lawyer whether you chose to use the
power of attorney process or not. If you don’t already have a lawyer we can assist you in
finding one.
We recommend that you chose the Power of Attorney option as it allows the whole
purchase and construction process to be completed quickly and simply in your absence.
Your lawyer will be able to open a Greek bank account in your name, obtain an
obligatory tax number (AFM), make payments on your behalf and deal quickly and
efficiently with any paper work pertaining to the purchase and construction of your
To instigate Power of Attorney you simply need to complete a form with your personal
details and provide a copy of your passport(s). The Power of Attorney will need to be
stamped by the Greek Consulate. If you don’t have a Consulate in your local area we
will inform you of a simple alternative procedure when the time comes.
If you would like further information regarding the benefits and procedures to obtaining a
Power of Attorney please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please note that the majority of legal documentation pertaining to property transactions
is in Greek. Although a verbal translation is always provided, any official translation of
such documentation will be at the buyer’s expense.
”By using Kreta Eiendom in the legal process of buying
a property, the transaction will be far easier than you
imagine. We simply take care of everything!
Property Buying in Greece...
When owning a property outside of your own country, there are certain practicalities that
need to be considered. General maintenance and repairs, cleaning, tax declarations
and payment of bills to name but a few. With these practicalities in mind, and the ever
increasing demand for high quality after care services, Kreta Eiendom formed its own
p r o p e r t y m a i n t e n a n c e c o m p a n y : A l p h a t o O m e g a ’ .
Professional, experienced and with good local contacts to professional tradesmen, the
company has gone from strength to strength. Having security, peace of mind and a
reliable service enables the clients of Alpha to Omega to relax and enjoy their time on
the island knowing that their property is in good hands.
If you would like more detailed information regarding the trustworthy and personal
service that Alpha to Omega can provide, please contact us.
Property rental
As a holiday destination, Crete remains ever popular as it offers the perfect mix of sun,
sea and sand along with the fabulous local food & wine that really make a great holiday.
If you do not want to manage the renting out on your own, Kreta Eiendom s.a offers a
complete package of services that takes care of everything from A to Z.
”All this means we can provide you with a
trustworthy, personal service that guarantees
you less hassle and more time to enjoy
your home in Crete."
After Sales Service...
Distances from the Villa :
Rethymno Town : 7 km
Chania Town : 55 km
Beach: 2.5 km
Shops : 1 km
Taverna: 1 km
Chania Airport : 60 km
Heraklion airport: 88 km
Location: Gerani , North-Rethymno
Land of the gods and the island of dreams, Crete is
steeped in history, myths and legends dating back
thousands of years. Ancient monuments and
architectural treasures blend with modern day
structures creating a warm Mediterranean atmosphere.
Everything you’ve ever imagined a magical place to
have and more can be found on this wonderful island.
Exciting night life, archaeological wonders, spectacular
scenery and unique vegetation, the list is endless. With
a lower cost of living than the rest of Europe and an
even lower crime rate, Crete is a very attractive place
to be!
The largest and most southerly of all the Greek islands,
Crete has over a thousand kilometers of spectacular
coast line. Long sandy beaches, hidden coves and far
reaching peninsulas, surrounded by the Ionian Sea to
the north and the Libyan sea to the south, Crete is one
of the most fascinating and diverse places in the world.
Divided in to four counties; Chania, Rethymno,
Heraklion and Lasithi, each county of Crete has a
character of its own. As you travel across the island, the
rolling landscape and breath taking scenery may
change, but the warmth and friendly hospitality of the
local people always remain the same. They open their
hearts and their homes, eager for you to share their
culture, learn their traditions and sample their cuisine.
Family unity is an important part of life here, revolving of
course around the kitchen table!
Due to the consistently good climate, agricultural and
live stock farming are still the most common industries.
Fruit and vegetables are grown all year round. This
produce, together with their world renowned olive oil
create some of the tastiest and healthiest dishes you will
ever enjoy. No wonder Cretans have one of the highest
life expectancy rates in the world!
Why Choose Crete...
A lot can be said about Crete,
but keep in mind
that the ultimate experience
is to come and discover
it for yourself...
A lot can be said about Crete,
but keep in mind
that the ultimate experience
is to come and discover
it for yourself...
Rethymno was carefully chosen by Kreta Eiendom, not
only for its beauty, but also for its location. Situated in
the heart of the island, Rethymno is within easy reach of
Chania, Heraklion and the un-spoilt south coast. There’s
something for everyone and we’re certain you won’t
be disappointed.
With the White Mountains to the west and Psiloritis to the
east, the prefecture of Rethymno is the most diverse
and mountainous of the four counties. Flourishing
valleys and wonderful ravines meet rocky coves and
sandy beaches. The natural beauty and greenery is not
only astounding, but in many ways unique. The fauna
and flora include over two hundred species of plants
and trees that cannot be found anywhere else in the
There are forty thousand inhabitants residing in
Rethymno County. The city itself is the third largest on
the island. Rich in history, the old town was almost
completely rebuilt during the Venetian occupation. The
Venetians of course were not the only ones to occupy
Crete. The Romans, Arabs and Turks to name a few, all
invaded at some point until 1913 when Crete officially
joined Greece.
Today the Old town of Rethymno still retains its
aristocratic appearance. Venetian, Byzantine and
Turkish influences are clearly visible throughout the
narrow streets. Arched doorways, minuets and stone
steps are common sights, with the beautifully preserved
Old Venetian Harbour and prominent Venetian Fortress.
Shopping is a must in Rethymno, we’re sure that you will
find something to purchase in a city that sells just about
everything from leather bags and shoes, to herbs and
spices, clothes, souvenirs and so much more. Apart from
shopping there’s always something happening,
Rethymno has so much to offer and the island as a
whole has even more. As a famous poet once said
‘Crete is not a place you leave, but a place that you
return to.’
Rethymno You’ll Never Want To Leave...
Please contact us to arrange a private consultation
to discuss your plans for your future dream
project here in Crete....
Kreta Eiendom SA
Arkadiou 1
Office phone: + 30 28310 21430