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Cyber bullying 

Melissa gets very frustrated that she doesn't make the cheer-leading team , but her bestfreind make it . Melissa gets very mad at her friend and she makes a fake profile and cyberbully her friend . Her friend gets very mad and abuse herself , also thinking about suicidal thoughts . 


Josh has a to write a 5 page essay about sports . But Josh has football practice after school , so Josh chooses to copy and paste a essay about sports . 


Works Cited/References

Josh has to choose between an essay or football practice. Instead Josh copy and past an essay online.

Melissa is mad she didn't make the team but her friend did. so she decides to take it out on her friend.

I think the girl who got cyber bullied would commit succide.

I think Josh would get suspended from the football team .

It would affect the girls mother and also her family . Also the friend that bullied her , it would make her feel bad.

Josh would affect his football team because he is suspended from the game , also one of the key players

Melissa could commit suicide.

she could get into a conflict with the friend 

also she could run away.

Josh could've missed practice and ran next day.

he could've did project on time .

he should've did the work

For cyberbullying I would suspend the girl 

For josh I would suspend him from the team

I found an article that relates to Melissa . It was about a girl getting cyber bullied by her mother . the mother didn't mean harm . she just wanted her to know how people where . also the girl killed herself.

I found an article that relates to josh . It was a teenager , he was lazy and he forgot to do his homework. so he copied of his friend paper. they both were on the football team so they both ran after practice.