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A fun children's story about honesty.

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George Goes To The Movies 

George the old freckled giraffe decided on a sunny Sunday that he wanted to go the movies. His wife Martha wouldn't take him so he made the journey on his own.

When he got to the theatre he had so many movies choices he couldn't decide on just one to see! He finally picked a movie titled "The Zookeeper". He watched with intensity and was engaged throughout the duration of the film. As the ending credits rolled, George did not want to go home. He did not feel that his satisfaction level matched with what he had spent on the ticket. 

George also ordered some snacks while he was at the theatre. 

He thought to himself, "who would notice if I just walked into another movie"? So he did. George went to one movie, after another, after another. He saw a comedy, a romance, a horror film and everything in between! While sitting enjoying his last movie, George got a call from Martha. She asked, "Why aren't you home yet?". As to which George replied, "I am enjoying a few more movies than what I planned on." "Well, honey I hope you had enough cash to pay for all of them!" Martha responded. "You could say that." George chuckled. 

As George ended the call with Martha and finished up his final movie for the day he started reflecting on his choices. He thought about how much all those movies he just hopped into would've actually cost him. In watching the young giraffe sweeping up popcorn, George realized what he had done was wrong.  With his head hung low he walked to the attendant at the admission counter and asked, "May I pay for all the movies I just hopped into?". As to which the attendant replied, "Sir, didn't you only see The Zookeeper?". "No", George replied saddened, "I attended six other movies without paying." Knowing that he was in the wrong, George handed over the money he owed and told the attendant he was very sorry and hoped he would be allowed back. The attendant looked at George and said, "Thank you George for your honesty, you are welcome back anytime as long as you pay".  

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